A/N: This is a Kirby Super Star Ultra/Hoshi no Kaabi crossover, set in the show's universe but with several characters from the games. Please R&R – this is my first Fic in years so my writing is pretty rusty. Don't be afraid to be snarky though, as constructive criticism will help me improve.


Nova drifted quietly through space.

The being appeared to be comprised of a variety of odd debris and machinery. His appearance was not unlike that of a giant pocket watch, with a large, golden "face" and two enormous, pale blue eyes. Framed around his face was a blue and gold sun design, behind which various machine parts seemed to jut out in random places. Among the parts were some disturbingly familiar objects such as a clock, a pendulum, and a weathervane. Behind him, four large engine clusters shot the white hot flames that powered him through space.

The unusual celestial body had been orbiting silently through space for millenia. Although sentient, he would always lay dormant unless summoned. Being comprised of largely mechanical parts, Nova was of course not a natural comet . How he came to be is a mystery, but he had been a part of the galaxy for as long as anyone could remember.

Nova laid asleep, eyes closed as he drifted through space quietly. He was slowly moving closer to the planet Popstar due to the direction his orbit had taken. His form was dwarfed by the yellow, star-shaped planet.

Suddenly, he shuddered – the gears began to whir, the clock began to tick. An enormous, pale blue eye cracked open, tiny bits of ice and debris falling as the comet stirred to life once again. Nova's internal systems had awoken him, though as his large eyes scanned the empty space around him he could see that it was not because he was summoned. He lapsed into silent thought. He had not been raised for any reason, what was the cause? Slowly, the gears within him turned as his large form began to rotate in place, scanning the area. As he did so, his pale eyes caught sight of something unusual in the distance… a blue dot.

"Wow, look at that big yellow thing!"

Meanwhile, on the planet itself, the creatures living in Whispy Woods were beginning to gather in a clearing to witness the odd scene above. Among them were several Poppy Bros. The two looked nearly identical, one dressed in green and one blue, with innocent faces and large, black eyes. Marx, a purple jester-like creature with an oversized hat and shoes, stood amongst them.

"Is it a second moon?" one of the Poppy Bros. wondered.

"Of course not, dimwit." Marx snipped. "It's the comet, Nova."

"Really?" One of the Poppy Bros. wondered aloud. "He isn't usually in the sky. Why's he here? Was he summoned by someone?"

Marx was silent for a time, before his interest diverted to something else in the night sky. His eyes grew wide in fear.

"I don't know," Marx said slowly, "but he should get moving."

"Why?" one of the brothers questioned.

Marx gestured towards the object that had drawn his attention. From their viewpoint, it was a beautiful sight – a tiny, blue comet streaked across the black sky, leaving a long trail of silvery blue in its wake.

"Ooooh" the Poppy bros. murmured softly to themselves, "How pretty…"

Marx turned to look at them incredulously. "Pretty, eh? Well that 'pretty' thing is heading straight for Nova!"

"What?" The Poppies exclaimed as the gravity of the situation slowly dawned on them. The two began to cower, holding each other as they looked up.

"They're going to crash into each other!" they cried.

Meanwhile a Waddle Doo ambled over before folding its small arms, closing its eye as it sniffed at the group.

"Why are you guys worried?" the red Waddle Doo asked in a high pitched, raspy voice. "It's Nova. Did you forget how powerful he is? He'll blast that thing to bits before it can even come close."

Marx tore his gaze away from the sky to glare at him. "His power doesn't matter at this point! The comet would splinter into a bunch of smaller rocks which would still be hurtling towards him in the same direction, with the same force. No matter what Nova does he will get hit, unless he can move out of the way in time."

The Waddle Doo's eye opened in surprise at his theory being debunked so quickly.

"Well, he could just blast those bits to bits too…" he sputtered, before quietly joining the others in watching what will happen.

Marx didn't respond smugly as usual – he barely heard the Waddle Doo's response. All eyes were trained on the blue comet hurtling towards Nova.

The second Nova's blue eyes locked on the small object, his system began to run calculations. His vision zoomed in on the speeding rock, deciphering what the object was and the path of its intended trajectory. It was not long before the numbers told Nova that he was in great danger – his internal system was right to rouse him. The comet was enormous, roughly 1/3rd the size of Nova himself, and was on a dead on collision course with him. Even worse, Nova could tell that moving away at his own top speed would not be enough to get out of the comet's destructive path. It was too close.

Nova felt no fear. He closed its eyes, and awaited the inevitable.

The growing group of concerned onlookers on the ground gasped and pointed as the comet flew towards Nova. A flock of yellow Twizzies had come to nest in the nearby trees, quietly twittering to themselves and to the Birdons who roosted beside them. It was far past the bird's bedtime, but the event had everyone wide awake.

"There's no way he can escape. It's going to hit him." Marx said quietly.

"But doesn't Nova watch over us all?" one of the Poppies asked, leaving his brother behind to cling to Marx nervously.

Marx, being quite intelligent, was considered the wisest of the forest, and was quite often pestered by its dimmer residents. The other Poppy clung to the other side of Marx's body, looking equally scared.

"If Nova dies, what will that mean for us down here? Will there be no more wishes?"

Marx growled, shrugging them both off. "How should I know? Jeeze."

The Poppies backed up, and were stammering an apology before they were interrupted by a gasp from the crowd. They quickly looked to the sky to see that Marx's fear had come true - the comet hit. A silent white flash engulfed both figures, spreading out to illuminate the entire sky in silvery white not unlike a flash of lightning, before disappearing abruptly. At first, the forest creatures couldn't make out what happened. For a time after wards, the sky was too clouded by debris to see anything. Marx squinted, eyes narrowed as he scanned the horizon frantically.

"Nova…? Yes, that's Nova!" Marx shouted. "I see him! …Sort of."

Everyone's eyes strained at the sky to see what appeared to be Nova – but all they could make out were a few tiny, golden pieces.

Nova could feel his body being ripped apart as the comet impacted him. There was no pain; only a sense of wonder as he watched bits of his own body go spinning off into space. He could feel the thud, the heat of the impact, the immense pressure of his insides being ripped apart... then nothing.

In time, his system was able to weakly start up again. His large, blue eyes began to open, the light behind them dimmed out so that they appeared as dark, semi transparent holes. Although greatly weakened, as Nova became more aware he could feel that he was still functioning. He ran a diagnostic to access the damage. A sizable chunk had been taken out of him. Various remnants from the impact floated in space, forming a sea of debris that was a mixture of his own body and the remains of the comet. His core had survived, a testament to the powerful metals that made up his massive body. However he was missing parts of his protective golden shell, revealing much of the underlying framework to the cold vacuum of space.

Nova began to repair himself. He closed his eyes as the few remaining working gears began to spin. Slowly, parts of his mechanical innards began to cluster around the broken parts of his outer shell, sparks flying as they began to restore what metal had been lost.

Despite the major impact, everything seemed okay with what remained of Nova. However, there was a destructive force inside of him. One that, like Nova, had been awakened at the first sign of the dangerous impact. While Nova himself looked to the comet with dread, the tiny force deep within him looked to it with joy. It had been fighting for its freedom for eons, and now that the clockwork comet that was his prison had been damaged it finally had a chance to break free once and for all.

While repairing, Nova suddenly felt a sharp disturbance within him not unlike when a creature of flesh and blood feels a stomach ache. His eyes widened as he realized what was causing it, and all repair work stopped on his wounded body to keep the destructive force imprisoned. His gears began to spin blindingly fast, whatever mechanical parts he could muster trying to close up his weak spot as he spent what little power he had left to contain the force within. However, the comet impact had rendered him too weak.

A powerful blow was dealt to Nova from the inside, weakening him further. Too damaged to control his gravity, Nova 's huge body drifted to its side. His back engines shut down entirely, and he began to freely rotate in space. Nova's now dim eyes rolled to the back of his head as his already weakened framework was continually assaulted from the inside, blow after blow. The imprisoned creature within Nova grinned, sensing his longtime captor's weakness. With one final strike, a tiny white form shot out from the seared wreckage that was Nova's body. It rocketed away from the remains of the battered comet, heading straight for Popstar.

Life in Dreamland began as usual. The sun rose to the chorus of thousands of birds, spreading its gentle, orange rays over the countryside. The Cappy residents of Pupu Village began to stir, awaken, and go about their business. Police Chief Borun headed to his office after a breakfast of coffee and donuts with a yawn. The village had been in peace for so long that he, for the most part, had nothing to do at his job aside from stepping in on the odd petty crime every once in a while.

Today, he discovered, would be different.

As Chief Borun lifted the keys to unlock his office door, he realized his keys were shaking slightly. A dim rumble was heard in the distance. He looked up at the sky, which was slowly fading from pale yellow sunrise to the blue of day. The sky was gorgeous, with no traces of bad weather - there wasn't a cloud in sight.

"Strange," he muttered to himself as he fiddled with his keys, "Could've sworn I heard thunder."

He entered his office before flopping down on his old chair, munching the remnants of the morning's doughnut idly as he began to flip through the morning paper. He had hardly begun to read the first page when his phone began to ring. He picked it up to hear a terrified Mabel on the other line, screaming incoherently.

"Easy, Mabel", Borun said soothingly, holding the phone away from his ear to spare himself the hysterical screaming response on the other line. After a pause, he gingerly put the phone to his ear again.

"What happened?" Borun asked.

"It's horrible," Mabel wailed. "My shop is ruined, ruined! It's a miracle that I'm still alive! Something from above destroyed it, all I saw was a flash of light. This must be a rogue demon beast – Nightmare has returned!" She wailed, before devolving into unintelligible sobs again.

"Hold on, Mabel, I'll be right th- sorry, hold on. I have another caller."

Borun put the hysterical fortune teller on hold, switching to the other line. He answered the caller with a hesitant "Hello?"

The voice of a familiar young male answered.

"Borun, its Tazo." The voice said, sounding more stable than Mabel's but still obviously shaken. "My store has been destroyed. I had arrived early to oversee a toy shipment when –"

Borun's phone began to beep, indicating that yet another caller was trying to reach him, than another. "Hold on, Tazo, hello? One second, miss…hello? Hello?!" The poor officer was being bombarded with calls.

Suddenly, an impact happened nearby to him with a loud boom. Borun's office shook from the noise, papers flying everywhere. He was thrown off balance from the blast, clinging desperately to his desk as the impact rattled his entire office violently. As soon as it subsided he abandoned his desk, leaving the still ringing phone behind, and dashed outside. Borun stepped out of his office cautiously, looking up to the sky. A bright, scythe-shaped beam from above was flying towards him. The surprised policeman ran out of its path and dived for cover, just in time as the office behind him took the hit and erupted in a fiery ball of flames.

Borun was sent flying, the blast of energy knocking him a few feet. His body was tossed like a ragdoll before it hit the ground, tumbling along in a roll before slowing to a stop. He lay on the ground for a few seconds, dazed. When Borun managed to look up, he saw something that could only be described as surreal.

The village he knew had within the span of a few minutes gone from a calm, friendly place to a war-torn hellhole. Houses, buildings and offices alike were destroyed, their remains gutted and burning. People ran through the streets in a panic. Some families stood outside of their destroyed homes in a daze, still in their morning pajamas. The men were shouting, women and children were crying.

As the policeman tried to regain his composure, he heard a high pitched voice shriek "Up there!" He looked up, mouth dropping slightly as he laid eyes on the cause of the village's ruin.

It was a small, round creature with white, feathered wings. It wore a white mask not unlike Meta Knight's except that it was in a cross shape. The mask crowned with curved golden horns, and within the cross hid glowing red eyes. Borun only got a brief glimpse of the creature before it zipped away, flying to another part of town before firing off what appeared to be a series of sword beams onto the helpless village indiscriminately. The village rang with cries of confused and anguished villagers.

"Demon beast!" "Nightmare!" "It's Sir Meta Knight, he's gone mad!"

Borun staggered to his feet, waving his arms about as he walked towards the screaming crowd of villagers. He knew from the sheer scale of the destruction that he was helpless, but as a position of authority it was his job to stay strong for the public in times like these.

"Now, everyone, stay calm…"