I had a craving. I knew I shouldn't have gone out by myself, especially at one in the morning on a Friday night, but Jasper was sleeping and Edward and Emmett were working upstairs on a new song. I needed ice cream and the store down the block was open all night.

After I found what I was looking for, I made my purchase, thanked the cashier, grabbed my quart and left.

As I walked, I could feel someone behind me. At first I didn't think anything of it, probably psyching myself out for no good reason. It was just my imagination playing games with me.

But, as I kept walking, I realized it wasn't just my imagination.

My heart rate picked up, my palms started to sweat as I tried to make my feet move faster with anxiety sinking in over who was behind me.

I heard the clicking of their shoes and the loudness of their breathing. There were no streetlights and it was dark, but I could see shadows of the form that followed me.

I started walking faster realizing that I wasn't just paranoid, there really was someone following me. The faster I walked, the faster the footsteps moved. I began to panic, knowing that I had put myself in a very dangerous situation. I should never have gone out by myself! What was I thinking? How hard would it have been to go up and get Edward or Emmett to take a walk? God I was so stupid!

I grabbed my cell out of my pocket and dialed Edward's number praying to God he would pick up as I kept moving as fast as my legs allowed. At least he would know where I was if something happened, which by the feeling in the pit of my stomach, there was definitely something about to happen. My fingers were clammy, shaking with every button I pushed, knowing that someone was indeed behind me and that we were all alone.

As my shaky thumb pushed send, I felt arms wrap around my waist, fingers digging deep into my hips, jerking me into the dark alley. I cried out, dropping my bag and cell phone on the sidewalk as a large hand clamped over my mouth to silence my screams as my attacker pulled me further into the darkness. I tried to kick my legs and shift my body out of his grasp but he was too strong, and I wasn't going anywhere.

My back was to my attacker, so I couldn't see who it was. My entire body trembled not knowing who it was or what they were going to do to me. I hit my head back against him, hoping that if I hurt him he would release me, but I only made contact with something hard, his chest. He was tall and I did no damage.

I was thrown hard against the brick wall of my apartment building, knocking the wind out of me. As I tried to catch my breath, I looked up to meet his eyes. I felt myself backing up into the building wall, obviously unable to go anywhere, but so terrified I was willing to try. His eyes glared back at me, full of repulsion and disgust.

"Where's your boys now, Isabella?" He screamed at me tightening his fingers over my throat. "I'm going to make you pay for every time you sicked your dogs on me. It was you!" he yelled shaking me with force. "You brought this all on yourself, and now you're going to pay!"

He slapped me again and my head crashed into the building once more. I could feel something warm seeping into my eyes, and I closed them so I wouldn't have to see his face any longer. I felt my shirt ripping, his hands feeling my chest, pulling and squeezing as he went along. It hurt and I was sobbing with pain, but knew the sooner he did it, the sooner he would leave. He kissed my lips and along my now exposed collarbone before making his way down my chest.

Numbness crept over my exposed body.

I swore to myself this would never again happen, and here I was, back where it all started.

I felt him going for my pants and knew it was almost over.

I kept my eyes shut and waited.