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"Young prince! Princess!" a panicked voice called out. "Your Highnesses, please stop hiding! Your father strictly prohibited any more of this foolishness during your lessons!" A female satyr crossed the room in a flurry, nearly turning it inside out as she frantically searched for her student. Hooves clacking across the marble floor, her dress dragged behind her as she exited the chamber in favor of searching the one next to it.

"...Brother, we should not have hidden from her. Father will be upset," a young voice whispered as a small head popped out of a chest in the corner of the room. White-blonde hair gently caressed her shoulders as delicate golden eyes peered about the room. Easing herself out of her hiding place, she was careful not to make a sound as she tried to find her sibling's hideaway.

"Come now sister, you sound more and more like that tutor each day." Jumping down from the canopy of the four-poster bed that occupied the room, a boy that appeared the male version of his sister smiled brightly when he saw her jump. "Did I scare you sister?"

"Of course not," she said in what she hoped was a firm tone. "You shall have to try harder than that Nuada."

"As you wish," he grinned. "But now we have to hurry before the old goat catches us."

"And what makes you think that I won't tell her where you are? After all, you were the one who suggested hiding from her."

"Because, dear sister, you have already participated with me in this… foolishness, I believe is what the satyr called it?" Nuada said with a knowing smirk on his young features.

"Why do you always have to play so dirty?" she pouted.

"Come now, that face doesn't suit you at all," he laughed. "You look like our human gardener when he sees the rabbits eating in the garden."

"No I don't!"

"Oh yes you do," he taunted. Suddenly hearing the sound of hooves speedily come their way, Nuada took his sister by the hand as he began running through the many corridors of the palace.

"Nuada! We should stop before we get into any more trouble!" Nuala insisted as she was pulled along with him.

"And where would be the fun in that?" Gasping for breath, the two siblings twisted and turned around every corner as they tried to evade their pursuer. When they finally lost her they sat behind a screen leading into the library, both attempting to quiet their laughter.


Suddenly, Nuada jolted out of the dream as a cold drop of water from the rusty piping above fell on his features. Shaking his head, the fallen prince attempted to recall as much of the dream as he could. It had been so long since a good dream had come to him. Cursing underneath his breath when he felt the last remnants disappear, he simply stood from where he sat and turned to where Wink was undoubtedly waiting for him. Tonight was the night where he would join together the final two pieces of the crown of Bethmoora. The other piece had already been retrieved from the filthy humans that had been selling it.

He personally made sure that they were taken care of.

Gazing up at the neglected building that now housed his family and servants, Nuada clenched his spear tightly in his hand. "My sister," he murmured darkly. "These days have changed greatly indeed for us."

And with that, he entered the building.