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Inheritance of the Elves


The night was clear and beautiful. Such a night should have evoked feelings of happiness, not just because of the weather but because of the birth of the newest Potter heir: Charlus Potter. This it was a very sad day, though not everyone knew that or why.

The Potter Magic was dying… Not that anyone knew that little Charlus, perfect in health and mind, was a squib. He would be unable to perform even the most simple spell; neither would his children for no decent pureblood woman would deign to marry a squib no matter his last name.

The family went to bed that night happy. His mother, exhausted from his birth, looked on him and smiled. His father gently took him from her arms and smiled as well before placing him in his bassinet next to their bed. Content in their lot in life both slipped off to sleep.

Not long after, the house became quiet. Each occupant down to the lowest house elf was abed. All save for one.

A slight woman, the midwife, opened the door to from the nursery to the Master Chamber and crossed quietly to the sleeping babe. Right now there was nothing wrong in his world. Around three, though, people would start to look at him expectantly, waiting for the sparks and flying toys. When that didn't happen they would say he was a late bloomer, that there was nothing to worry about. But by seven, the whispers would start.

If anything hadn't happened by his tenth birthday, he would be shunned. His friends would vanish because their parents didn't want the associate with 'his kind'. His father would try not to act different, but he would be unable to hide his disappointment in what his son was. His mother cry when it was confirmed, asking what she should have done differently.

It was best to save them all the pain. Gently, the woman lifted Charlus out of his crib, smiling when he opened his eyes to glare at her for moving him. She tip toed back across the room to the nursery and laid him down next to another baby, her own child traded for the Potter's son. A changeling child.

The woman pulled a crystal vial from her pocket and gently rubbed a small amount of pale yellow potion on the brow of both infants. The air seemed to shimmer around them and, between the blink of an eye, there were two identical babies in front of her.

Carefully she picked up her son, and carried him pack into the other room. After laying him down in Charlus's crib. Bent over him she brushed the hair back behind her pointed ear, before leaning over the rest of the way to kiss the boy good bye.

"I'll miss you, little one. But this is for the best, they will take good care of you. I promise," wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, she kissed his forehead one last time before returning to the nursery for Charlus.

She wrapped the child in a warm blanket and silently made her way downstairs and out the servants entrance. Once to the edge of the property she turned back to see it one last time. Tears welled in her eyes as she turned her back on the house and disapparated.

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