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Inheritance of the Elves

Chapter 13

An Anticlimactic Battle

The air was rent by a loud pop. Nimbus and the others looked up in surprise and alarm. Together they rushed out of the sitting room and into the kitchen where they believed Kama to be with Harry. But they were gone. Kylan was the first to catch on, sprinting toward the back garden. It was empty.

"They've gone!" Nuvain couldn't wrap her mind around it. She might have suspected Harry as being capable of rushing of with no plan or backup, but Kama was a royal guard! He should know better! He did know better!

Kylan seemed to be the only one who was not surprised by their friends' disappearance. He seemed to have even expected it.

"Why would they do this? And where did they go? We have no clue where they might have taken the twins!" Nimbus was pacing agitatedly. Two the people in his charge had up and left without so much as a by your leave! How was he supposed to find and protect them?

"Because of Saevanna." Both of them looked to Kylan in confusion. He was the only one of the trio who seemed to be calm, leaning against a tree. At their looks he continued, "Kama would not let Harry go through the same thing he did when he lost Saevanna. If anyone would know how to use that bond to find someone, it would be Kama."

"There is nothing to be done then?" Nimbus sighed when Kylan nodded. Damn fools! Well, this was something that could not be undone. There was only one thing left that they could do.

"We must go the Queen." the other two nodded. It was all that was left for them to do. If there was to be any help sent, it was to be done on her orders alone.

Decision made, the three elves bid Taffy and Toffee good bye and good luck, promising to return as soon as they had news. Afterwards they crossed the edge of the garden and spun on the spot, gone in the next instant.


Harry and Kama landed hard on the cold earth. Looking around, he saw a familiar grave yard. Farther up the hill sat a decrypt, old manor house. The air crackled as the tension in Harry grew.

"Where are we?" Kama looked around in confusion.

"Graveyard of Little Hangleton. See that house on the hill? That's Riddle House." Harry tamped down the rage that he felt growing at the sight of the house. He had to keep under control.

Kama nodded and gripped his shoulder in understanding. "Have you been inside before?"

Harry shook his head and Kama sighed. "I guess it the front door then."

Together they slowly moved up the hill towards the house, avoiding various magical tripwires that the Death eaters had set around the extensive grounds.

The slow pace was chafing at the young elf. His mates were in there. They needed his help! He knew, though, that if they set off one of those spells and alerted the Death eaters to their presence then Fred and George would be the ones to pay the price.

Swallowing his rising impatience, Harry continued to climb.


George swallowed thickly, trying to keep what little was left in his stomach down. He looked over to his brother. He was staring sightlessly at the stone wall in front of them. The men that had been in the room with them before had grown bored of torturing muggles in front of the twins. They'd left the room laughing.

That had been two hours ago.

"Gred?" His brother swung his head around to glance at his brother.

"Yeah, Forge?"

"I-" George didn't get to finish his sentence. The solid door of the dungeon swung open with a mighty groan. Death eaters filed in, wands out and trained on their chained prisoners.

"The Dark Lord will see you now." Then the lights went out.

When they came to, the twins were lying on the cold tile floor of what functioned as Voldemort's throne room. George glanced around at the Death eaters surrounding them, sliding his hand over to grasp his brother's hand, squeezing hard.

"You're finally awake. Very rude of you. Not as rude as young Harry of course; he's late. Oh well," A large smile grew on Voldemort's face, contorting his features in the flickering light, "We'll just have to start the festivities without him. Crucio!"

The twins writhed on the floor, praying that Harry would be there soon.


Harry and Kama were standing outside the servants'' entrance, when the younger elf bowed over in pain. His skin crawled and his nerves screamed. The twins were being tortured. His mates were in danger.

Between one second in the next, Harry was changed. Power leaked from his skin, eyes glowing with the overflow. His hair ruffled with wind that no one else felt.

Kama took a small step back at the sight. Power was pulsing off Harry in waves. Turning towards the door, Kama gestured as though he was swatting a pesky fly. The door slammed open into the wall on the other side. It splintered with the force of it. Deep in the heart of the manor shouts and alarms sounded.

Moving in sync, the two elves rushed through the door; Kama following Harry. He stayed at the raven's back, watching as Harry plowed forward through the ranks of the Death eaters and headed towards his mates. The more cowardly Death eaters were flinching and ducking out of the way as they saw the carnage that Harry and Kama were leaving in their wake.

The crowd of assailants thinned as they moved towards the heart of the manor.

At last they reached the doors to what Kama thought might an old ballroom. Harry flung the doors wide and stalked in with tension and rage defined in every line of his body.

Voldemort lowered his wand from where it was pointed at the twins. They writhed on the hard tiles, the excess power of the cruciatus coursing along their nerve endings.

The wicked smile on the dark wizard's face sent the panting elf's blood rushing… power coursing through him and dancing at his fingertips. It ballooned out from his body, whipping around like wind. A storm of power pushed the Death eaters in the room to the walls. Kama, Voldemort, Harry and the Twins were at the eye.

"I'll only tell you once, Tom. Let them go."

Voldemort snarled at his muggle name. "Very well, Potter. I'll let them go. The question is, will you?"

Harry screamed as he felt the dark lord invade his mind. The wizard twisted the elf's rage to his purpose, supplementing it with a bloodlust and desire to cause deep and lasting pain. Harry's arm jerked up. Old spells and crucio's poured from his mouth. Voldemort cackled inside the elf's head.

Kama watched on in horror. Harry's face was twisted with dark glee as he tortured his mates, flaying their skin off muscle and snapping bones.

"Harry! You have to fight it! You're going to kill them!" he roared over the scream of the wind that poured from the other man's skin.

Somehow the shout reached Harry. Buried deep behind the wrath and destructive joy that Voldemort, all Harry felt was unbearable sadness and guilt. The emotions were like a tidal wave that engulfed him completely. He wanted to drown.

The remorse saturated his mind. It forced Voldemort out of his head and followed him down the connection. Harry crumpled over, body hunched and his arms wrapped around his stomach as he gasped for breath through his sobs.

Voldemort, on the other hand, was shrieking. He could feel the ragged bits of his soul trying to fit back together under the onslaught of pure remorse and guilt that the Potter boy was forcing into his mind. But they were two badly damaged to ever go back the way they had been before. And so, they shredded his mind in the attempt. He fell over dead.

Kama tried to push himself through the maelstrom of power to Harry who had collapsed just out of reach of his injured mates. At last he reached him. Kama saw Harry throw him one agonizing look. Then he passed out.

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