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Days feel like weeks,

Yet time stops altogether.

Sweat trickles down her cheek,

And pins long brown feathers.

Clenched teeth hide defect,

With swirling colors of pain,

And feelings of affect,

Of those who pity in vain.

An unwanted breath,

The blood of a lass.

As the chill of death,

Is waning in pass.

The flaws of a person,

The mistakes of a human.

Succumb and worsen,

Due to one man's acumen.

One despised name,

Two grieving souls,

One hidden flame,

Two different goals.

A choice has been made,

A road has been chosen,

A love has been betrayed,

And one future frozen.

Thanks for reading my latest poem, Forks.

hope you liked it. I personally, was especially proud of the ending.

-Dahlia w/ Evie and Ava