The Shadow

By: Burning Blood

Summary: When Moka injects Tsukune with her blood instead of giving him vampire powers it awoke something in his very soul something not seen for centuries a shadow that walks in the light.

Chapter 1: The Rise of a Forgotten Shadow

Youkai Academy, the most prestigious school in the entire world. This school merits itself on its accomplishment in allowing its graduates to leave its walls and become upstanding citizens in the outside world. Yes Youkai Academy is one of the top schools in the entire world…and most don't know of its existence. This academy was built and hidden from the outside world by three Kings so that Youkai may live and prosper in the world of humans. While inside these walls all students are required to stay in human form and are not permitted to fight. No human was to ever know of its existence and should they discover it they were to die a horrible death. This school is the center of all Youkai education, but also the birthing ground of greatness.

Deep within the bowels of the school a major misconduct was happening as we find two students staring down each other as four others watched bleeding. The first student was Kuyou, a Kitsune bearing four flaming tails and a cocky smirk. He was the leader of the School police and one of the most powerful Youkai in the Academy.

Standing across from him was a rather frail boy wearing light green slacks and black shoes. His body was covered in slight burn marks and blood poured from the cuts on his body. The boy had wild brown hair and warm chocolate eyes. This boy was Aono Tsukune, the only human to make it into Youkai Academy and live. Kuyou smirked menacingly at the frail boy.

"Don't you see Aono it is your fault all of this is happening you, a human, in a school built for monsters? It is your fault that these people are going to die down here." Tsukune's heart stopped as those words passed the fox's lips. 'Is that true is all of this because I stayed here instead of leaving…' Tsukune looked around at his friends all lying there covered in their own blood. Gin, a werewolf of the highest caliber, was lying there covered in burns taking an attack meant for them. Kurumu, a succubus of insurmountable talent, sitting there bleeding because she came here after him. Yukari, a genius witch that stood at the top of her class at eleven years of age, was in no better condition then Kurumu all because of him. Finally his eyes fell onto our favorite little vampire. Akashiya Moka, a Vampire that held her true self locked behind a silver Rosario that she keeps in place around her neck. '…I'm sorry Moka-san if I wasn't here you wouldn't even be in this situation…' Tsukune thought his eyes gaining a dark look. Tsukune turned to look at Kuyou and gained a determined face.

"Kuyou…you said this is all my fault…if that is true then punish me and leave them alone…they knew nothing…I'll take what ever punishment you deem fit just leave them alone." Tsukune yelled making the four-tailed fox sneer. His sneer quickly turned into a sinister smile as an evil thought crossed his mind.

"You say you will take what ever punishment I deem fit am I correct Aono?" Kuyou said in a very business like voice. Tsukune nodded ignoring the rest of the newspaper club as they pleaded for him to stop. Kuyou chuckled menacingly as he say the boy nod.

"Good then your punishment…is to watch as all of your friends die! Starting with that pink haired bitch." Kuyou yelled and sent a blast of white-hot hell fire from his tail. Everything seemed to slowdown for Tsukune as he saw the fire start to approach Moka. Tsukune took in every detail of his pink haired friend. His eyes stopped however as he saw fear in her emerald eyes. 'No…this is all my fault…Moka is going to die because of me…I can't let that happen…' Tsukune though to himself as time returned to normal. Without thinking Tsukune moved.

"NO!" Moka yelled as she watched as the flames aimed to end her life wrapped around the body of another. Moka looked up at the face of the one who saved her to see two warm chocolate eyes and a kind smile on the face of one mortal being.

"Tsukune!" Moka yelled as Tsukune fell forward the fire put out by the sudden amount of wind. Moka couldn't believe it…Tsukune just risked his life for her…again, and now he was dieing because of it. Moka caught the falling boy and held him close to her chest. She looked down at Tsukune's face as she held him to see him smiling up at her.

"Don't die…Moka-san" Tsukune whispered allowing the sound of metal grinding against each other to echo throughout the room. Moka looked as the Rosario, the only thing keeping her vampire powers in check, fell from its chain and into the dieing arms of Tsukune. Everyone watched as the explosion of power surrounded Moka. 'So this is it…this is the power that turned hair to silver and eyes to red…this is the power of a super vampire.' Thought Kuyou as the power died down showing a very different Moka still holding Tsukune in her arms her eyes never leaving him. As the power coursed through her veins her body changed to accommodate the sure in energy. Her hips grew wider and her bust grew in size. Her hair turned into flowing falls of silver and her eyes turned to burning pools of blood.

"Why…why did you do it…you fool I would have survived…you're a human do you keep forgetting that…with this amount of damage you are sure to die." Moka said concern showing only slightly in her voice. Tsukune smiled up at the silver haired Goddess.

"I couldn't live with myself if I had let someone hurt Moka-san when I could have stopped it…vampire or not you are precious to me…" Tsukune said making all sound stop. Moka stared at the boy who had again risked himself for her safety. Everyone watched as Moka's dipped her head down and sank her enlarged canines into Tsukune's throat. Seeing this action Kurumu couldn't help but get angry.

"What the hell are you doing Moka he's hurt enough already so quit sucking his blood!" Kurumu yelled in anger and confusion. Moka raised her head after finishing and walked over towards Kurumu and Yukari and set Tsukune down beside them. Moka turned a very serious eye towards the two female Youkai and glared.

"Keep him safe I injected my own blood into his body so it should heal him…however it may also have other side effects." Moka explained as she turned and faced the raging Kitsune that had attacked her.

"You dare attack one such as me…you are not worthy…know your place." Moka said lashing out with a kick that made Kuyous head spin and crash into the wall behind him. Moka flipped her hair out of her face as a malicious laugh entered every ones ears.

"Haha…hahahaha so that is it…that is the power of the elite monsters…how pathetic…and to think I was actually scared of you." Kuyou said in an excited voice. Moka glared at the flaming fox that was standing before her not even harmed by that attack. Kuyou rushed forwards and slammed his paw into Moka's stomach knocking her back into the wall blood slowly running down her chin, but it didn't stop there oh no things were about to go to hell in a hand basket. The only warning of the next attack Moka had was the feeling of something furry wrapping around her ankle before it happened. She was lifted up and slammed into the floor repeatedly blood from her body leaked slowly down her chin.

Tsukune watched through half lidded eyes as this happened. 'Stop…please stop Kuyou…Please I have to stop him…please.' Tsukune's world stopped and his eyes could only focus onto Moka's pained face.

"What is it that you wish for boy be specific what is it that you want?" A cold and emotionless voice said as Tsukune watched as Moka's face contorted in pain all because he couldn't do anything. As Tsukune stared at this the voice asked again.

"What is it you wish for boy be specific what is it you want?" The words rang inside of Tsukune's mind. Tsukune's eyes never left Moka's face as he answered.

"I want to be strong…strong enough to save even Moka-san from what ever danger we may get into in this academy and afterwards…I wish I could save Moka-san." Tsukune's words were strong and determined causing the voice to chuckle.

"Nothing is ever free boy. What are you willing to give up to save her boy?" The voice asked with a certain sinister quality to it. Tsukune didn't even hesitate with his answer.

"Anything. Anything you want is yours." Those words made the voice give another emotionless laugh.

"Even if you have to stop being human?" The voice asked again.

"Anything." Tsukune responded with even more conviction making the voice hum.

"Hmm…So be it…" The voice said as time seemed to speed back up. Kuyou stopped as did everyone else as they felt it. Power. A dark power that seemed to pulse out of Tsukune's body.

"You will release her…you will step back into the center of the room and you will apologize for the transgressions you have made against the people in this room, and then you will bow down and beg for Moka-san's forgiveness…" A cold and emotionless voice echoed through out the room. Kuyou sneered at the boy and growled.

"Oh really and if I don't?" As those words left his mouth everyone felt an explosion of power. Unlike Moka's who you could feel the power and nobility in it, this power held no nobility no this power unlike Moka's noble crimson energy this power was black as pitch. Gin, Kurumu, and Yukari felt slightly skittish as the power enveloped them. Kuyou felt alone as if everything and everyone he had ever cared for had left him. Moka however felt warmth, she felt the gentle caress of a loved one, and the warmth of a familiar setting. Everyone's eyes were drawn towards the source of the power only to stare in amazement as the veil of power faded. Standing between Kurumu and Yukari they saw a human shape covered in what would appear to be pure darkness and shadows.

"You still haven't done as I have asked, release Moka-san before you bring punishment down upon yourself." A deep and emotionless voice said through the darkness. Kuyou growled at that but didn't get much farther as he felt himself get thrown back into the wall. Kuyou quickly gathered himself and walked out of the dust. As he broke through the cloud of dust he saw Moka being held by what appeared to be Tsukune with three very different changes. The first was the power he was emitting. Second, was that his hair was now stark white. And finally was that his eyes instead of the warm chocolate brown they were before now they were pools of pure darkness Iris, cornea, and pupil all solid black. Tsukune squeezed the silver haired vampire to his chest. Leaning down Tsukune whispered.

"It's okay now Moka-san you did great, but this is my fight now so rest and save your strength the other me and myself would not be able to bear the thought of loosing you…either of you." Moka looked up into those pools of darkness and couldn't help but widen her eyes. This action made Tsukune chuckle.

"Surprised Moka-san? Didn't think you would ever see a Rouge alive did you?" Tsukune said and chuckled again when he saw her shake her head.

"Well to leave Moka-san speechless quite a feat if I do say so myself." Tsukune said making Moka growl and lash out with a kick only to hit air. Moka was confused until she felt two strong arms wrap themselves around her from behind.

"Stop…save your strength…you have given me a lot of your blood and should you continue to use your demonic energy you could very well injure your self more." Tsukune whispered in her ear again. Now to all those who were watching, this would be an extremely cute sight an awakened Tsukune holding a released Moka was something people couldn't just not call cute. However like in all my stories they are fates bitches.

"Stop ignoring me!" An aggravated voice yelled. Tsukune just looked out of the corner of his eye as he watched Kuyou run towards him at, what looked to him, extremely slow speeds.

"It seems we will have to continue our talk in a minute Moka-san, apparently I must attend a fox hunt." No one except Gin saw exactly what had happened after Tsukune disappeared however the screams of pain stated that Tsukune was doing something extremely painful to Kuyou. Everyone watched as Tsukune reappeared three feet away from the now bleeding form of Kuyou. Tsukune crossed his arms over his chest and smirked.

"All you must do to stop this is do as I had asked. Apologize to those here that you have attacked and beg for Moka-san's forgiveness after that we will take our leave and not bother you again if you do the same." Tsukune said in a bored voice drawing a growl from the fox.

"Never I come from a proud race and family I will never beg for forgiveness." Kuyou said making Tsukune glare those black eyes of his, sending a shiver down the foxes spine.

"Pride…is that your reasoning…let me tell you something fox…a proud death…is…still…death…so if you wish for this to continue then so be it." Tsukune explained and then he disappeared and the screaming continued. It was not long until Kuyou couldn't take it anymore.

"I'M SORRY NOW PLEASE STOP!" Kuyou yelled making Tsukune stop and appear three feet away from the bleeding fox.

"Good that's one thing out of the way now for the next part." Tsukune said making Kuyou nod and proceed over towards reverse Moka. Dropping to his knees Kuyou grabbed her hand and said in a very business like manner.

"I'm terribly sorry for the way I had acted I had attacked a lady and for that I beg of your forgiveness." Now to Kuyou this seemed like the correct action to do because this is what he was taught however he knew something was wrong when he heard.

"And Strike three." Kuyou turned his head towards Tsukune to see him leaning against a broken pillar arms folded with three fingers up.

"First strike, you're touching her. Second strike, you peeked up her skirt when you knelt. Final strike…"

"Know your place you chauvinistic pig." Tsukune watched as Kuyou went flying into the wall again by Moka's roundhouse kick.

"…you made it sound like the only reason you are asking for forgiveness was because she was a lady." Tsukune said and then walked over towards Moka just in time to catch her as she lost her balance. Tsukune chuckled at the girl in his arms and said.

"Come on lets get you into a bed before you are hurt." Tsukune teased. Moka growled at that but didn't say anything. On their way back towards the dorm with only Tsukune and Moka, Tsukune having sent the other to girls off to the infirmary saying he would hate for them to get hurt even more because they didn't get their wounds treated. Tsukune smiled down at the half asleep half pouting Moka in his arms.

"You know you look cute with that pout on your face." Moka glared at Tsukune and said.

"Shut up if I wasn't so drained I would show you your place as well Rouge so don't push it." Tsukune chuckled at her threat.

"Oh I have no doubt about that Moka-san." Tsukune said making Moka growl.

"Don't mock me!" Moka yelled causing Tsukune to smile down at her.

"I'm not, seriously, I have no doubt in my mind that should you be at full or even half full capacity you would very likely wipe the floor with me as if I were some half deranged ogre…however that is only because of your knowledge of your powers." Tsukune said causing Moka to raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow at that.

"And what does that mean?" Moka asked in a very commanding way causing Tsukune to chuckle.

"It means that should I learn how to use my powers to the fullest even you would have a hard time beating me just as I would have a hard time beating you, after all…our species use to be the greatest allies of the dark world." Tsukune explained making Moka again raise an eyebrow.

"You mean you have no idea on how to utilize your powers?" Moka asked very seriously. Tsukune returned the raised eyebrow and said.

"I didn't have ten to fifteen years with a parent to teach me and up until a few hours ago I was human with dormant Rouge genes so no I don't have any idea on how to use my powers or even what they are besides that I could turn my demonic energies in speed and agility that exceeds even a werewolf's." Moka let her head drop. 'I was saved by not only a human, but a human turned monster that has no idea even what his powers are… am I that weak?' Moka thought her depression clearly showing on her face.

"No…No your not…if my other self didn't have such strong feelings for you, and taken that hit making you give him your blood, thus awakening me, you would have beaten that fox with one hit however your worry for my other self and your lack of blood messed with your powers." Tsukune said understanding why she would be depressed. Moka's head shot up at that.

"I wasn't worried about you I was just mad that I may never get to taste your blood again that is all." Moka said her warrior facade back in place. The awakened Tsukune sighed as she said that.

"You know he hears everything I do, right? Unlike you and your other self who want not to be part of the other, my other self and I don't mind the fact that we share this body seeing as we gain something from sharing it. So unlike you who will be weakened because your want to be separated from your inner self I will not only grow stronger, but also it seems I have to convince him to stop this foolishness with you as it seems you don't care." Tsukune said in a bored voice. Moka glared hard at the man that was carrying her.

"What do you mean by foolishness?" Moka asked making Tsukune glare right back.

"Why do you think this boy stayed in this school? Why do you think he hasn't been drooling over Moka like every other guy in this school? Why do you think he gave up the chance to bed a fucking Succubus for god sakes? Are you really that dense?" Tsukune ranted making Moka glare harder. Tsukune strengthened his glare as well.

"He does all of this because of you…you and your other self. Do you realize how hard it is for a boy our age to control our hormones let alone when a half naked succubus is on top of us releasing her charm? How about the thought of a human staying in a school built for monsters where his life is literally on the line everyday just to see the two of you? How about when he actually has to control himself from doing anything to the other Moka-san not even a simple hug because he knows you also share her body and that you might be offended by it and he doesn't want either of you to hate him…for an elite monster your not very good at deducing things." Tsukune said the last part with a smile and continued to carry her towards the dorms. Moka stared at the face of the awakened Tsukune as he walked.

"Is that why he didn't try to run away?" Moka asked making Tsukune raise a white eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Tsukune inquired making Moka turn her head away from him.

"Is that why he didn't run when he saw me…I always thought it was strange that out of all the monsters who had run at the very sight of my form a mere human had stood there not even flinching." Moka explained drawing a smile into Tsukune's face.

"Yes and no." Tsukune answered slightly cryptically. Moka looked at him expecting him to explain.

"Well is it why or not?" Moka said aggravation showing in her voice. Tsukune looked down at her with a soft smile.

"Like I said yes and no. Yes because to him you were Moka-san whether you were the fun and beautiful girl who he attends school with or the graceful and gorgeous fighter that saves his ass you are still Moka-san. No because well he was actually kind of stunned by your beauty." Tsukune watched, as a light blush seemed to come to the super vampires cheeks. Quickly suppressing the blush Moka sighed.

"I suppose I need to apologize am I right?" Moka asked making Tsukune smirk.

"For what being pushed away by humans most of your life not only making you hate them but also not having much social interaction meaning you couldn't deduce feelings very well…if you apologized for that I'd never speak with you again." Tsukune said causing Moka's head to shoot up only to see two chocolate brown eyes staring back at her.

"I don't hold it against you for what you have said Moka-san so don't worry about it…after all we are here." Tsukune said and flicked his head forward. Moka turned only to see the door to her room.

"But how I thought that boys weren't allowed higher then the first floor especially after dark." Moka asked in amazement.

"I am a Rouge I can by pass any barrier with little trouble…how did I know ugh…" Tsukune said and then raised his hand towards his throbbing head. As he did this he raised Moka's head along with it causing her head to come to rest with her face buried into his neck. Sniff 'That smell that sweet addictive smell now with that underlay of dark power…so strong…so sweet…I want it…I need it' Moka thought and bared her fangs. Tsukune was brought out of his thought on how he knew that barrier ability when he felt two thin fangs pierce into his neck. Slurp Tsukune watched out of the corner of his eye as for the first time since he had met her the released Moka was feeding on him.

"What are you doing Moka-san?" Tsukune asked allowing some of his body to be controlled by his other half. Moka released his neck and smiled blood slightly smearing her lips.

"I am doing what I should have done from the very beginning I am feeding and taking what is mine." Moka said with certainty. Tsukune jumped slightly at this but did nothing else.

"What do you mean taking what is yours?" Tsukune asked nervously. Moka smiled at Tsukune and ran her long tongue along her soft pink lips taking the blood from earlier away.

"You belong to me now Tsukune-kun remember that, and show me that you are worth being belonged to and maybe, after you convince the other Moka of course…maybe I will allow you to claim me as well." Tsukune laid her down in her bed confused seeing as he didn't remember opening the door. "You're welcome." Ah well that explains it. Tsukune smiled at the vampiric beauty that lay in the bed before him.

"Maybe Moka-san…now get some sleep you will need the rest after all you are still drained after your fight with Kuyou so good night." Tsukune said and turned away from her. Moka watched him red eyes blazing slightly as he walked towards the door.

"And where will you be going my little Tsukune?" Moka asked a slightly seductive quality to her voice. Tsukune looked back at her confused and slightly nervous.

"Umm to my room?" Tsukune answered more of a question then a statement. Moka gave off a sad face at that.

"But what if I get attacked during the night I'm already to drained to fight." Moka said drawing a smile from Tsukune. 'What the hell is going on? Moka-san would never say something like that?' Tsukune thought to himself but decided to play along.

"Ah come on drained or not you're still a super vampire you should be able to take out anyone that comes after you." Moka's face got a little sadder, however on the inside she was proud her reputation preceded her.

"But what if they come with water it will sap my energy and I won't be able to fight back." Tsukune hesitated a little bit at that. 'Seriously what the hell is going on Moka-san would never do this!' Tsukune yelled into his head only to get a slightly emotionless chuckle in return.

"Yo…you'll be able to dodge it I'm sure." Tsukune said slightly nervous. This time Tsukune saw a small tear roll down her cheek as she said.

"What if they have a Rosario and they seal my powers." Moka watched as Tsukune's shoulders sagged in defeat and thought. 'Got you.'

"Moka-san would you like for me to stay here with you while you sleep?" Tsukune asked watching as she nodded missing the light smirk that was showing on her face. Moka had to stop herself from growling as Tsukune pulled a chair up beside her bed. 'Damn it.' Turning her eyes towards him.

"Tsukune you could sleep in the bed with me if you want." Tsukune gave a nervous smile at that. 'Okay I'll stay here but there is no way in hell am I getting on that bed. Moka-san will kill me when she gets back to normal.' Tsukune thought.

"No no I'm fine." Tsukune said making sure to portray happiness and content in his voice.

"Please I don't want you to be uncomfortable because of me." Moka pleaded with a slight shine in her eyes. 'Come on just a little more.' Moka thought as she saw Tsukune give in for a second.

"No I'm fine really." Tsukune said making Moka growl.

"Alright I'm done play pathetic little emotional Moka, Tsukune you will get your ass into this bed or else." Moka said with finality in her voice. 'Oh so that's your game is it Moka-san? Well game on.' Tsukune thought and smirked as his eyes turning pitch black again.

"Or else what?" Tsukune asked challengingly. Moka sat up in her bed and leaned towards him allowing a slight amount of cleavage show out of her top.

"Or else you will never be able to touch this body again not even a simple hand shake." Moka said with a smirk. Tsukune flinched internally but wouldn't give in.

"Oh really well then…" Tsukune said, stood up, and started walking towards the door. Moka gaped completely surprised.

"Where the hell are you going?" Moka said agitation and confusion showing in her voice. Tsukune smirked and cocked his head back.

"Oh me? I'm just going to see what Kurumu is up to after all I'm sure she would allow me to touch her…" With that he turned around and started walking again smirking as he heard Moka growl behind him. As Tsukune reached the door he felt Moka's power start to rise. Cocking his head towards the right he inwardly smirked as he saw her standing there not even a foot away from him red eyes glowing with power and slight anger. Moka walked forward, turned Tsukune towards facing her, and slammed him against the wall her body keeping him there by being pressed flush up against him. Moka smiled an evil smile and looked him in the eye.

"Apparently you didn't understand me earlier. You. Belong. To. ME! So no you won't be going to see that little succubus whore nor will you be going to see that premature little girl scout. You are going to get your ass into that bed with me right now do I make myself clear?" Tsukune smirked again and said.

"Now why would I do that Moka-san?" Moka gave off a seductive grin and buried her face into his neck.

"Because if you do I may be able to show you your place." Moka said seductively. Tsukune had to suppress a shudder as he felt her moist tongue run along his neck in a slow tantalizing manner. Tsukune suppressed a moan and grinned.

"If you keep that up I just might start enjoying you sucking my blood." Moka gave off a slight chuckle.

"Oh really lick then maybe I should Nip keep this up Slurp." Tsukune couldn't help but let one moan out as he felt Moka's fangs break the skin of his neck and drink her fill. Moka raised her head up and licked the remaining blood off of her lips.

"So then Tsukune are you going to stay with me?" Moka asked teasingly. Tsukune sighed but gave off a slight smile.

"Yes Moka-san I will stay with you tonight…after all you still haven't shown me my place." Tsukune said with a smirk. Moka smiled and lay down in her bed holding Tsukune's form close to her side. 'That is right Tsukune, you belong to me now like when you become strong enough to prove your strength I will belong to you my friend, my fated one, my blood partner, my Tsukune.' This is how it all began this is how the monsters began to rise from their hiding place in the academy to their throne as most superior. It all started with the rise of a forgotten shadow.

A.N. Okay I'll admit for a bit i thought I was finished I mean completely I stopped writing, stopped reading, and everything else however I finally got a kick in the ass and am Back so I'm rewriting the Shadow as well as working on all of my Naruto stories. I hope you like this as the first time I wrote it it wasn't structured very well and I believe that this will be alot better.