The Shadow

By: Burning Blood

Summary: When Moka injects Tsukune with her blood instead of giving him vampire powers it awoke something in his very soul something not seen for centuries a shadow that walks in the light.

Chapter 4: Won't We

In the dark of night a large yellow piece of metal came rolling down the abandoned path that lead to the greatest and most unknown school to have ever existed. The piece of metal came to a stop in front of an ominous scarecrow. The scarecrow was dressed in a ragged suit with a jack o' lantern for a head. Around it's neck hung the bus schedule, and if anyone were to read it they would find it strange to see the bus arriving at such an odd hour. As the bus rolled to a stop, the door opened to show a man dressed in a blue suite and a hat that shaded his eyes from view. A large cigar stuck out of his manic grin as he turned towards the scarecrow.

"On time as always Bus driver." A warm and jesting voice spoke from behind the scarecrow. The bus driver flicked his hat up to show two solid white orbs that glowed with an eerie light along with the smoldering ember of his cigar. The bus driver couldn't help but chuckle as the owner of the voice stepped out from behind the scarecrow. Standing in his usual prim and proper uniform was one Aono Tsukune.

"I see you're still here boy. Not been scared away yet?" The bus driver asked with a sinister quality to his voice. Tsukune smirked at that and chuckled.

"I have found my reason to stay Bus driver whether I'm scared or not." Tsukune responded making the driver smile widely.

"That is good boy hold onto that reason. You'll need it in the future, and next time you need something you could have made it at a more reasonable hour." Spoke the old bus driver as he pulled out a long velvet box out from behind him. Tsukune smirked and reached out towards the box.

"Yeah well thanks for waking up and getting them for me. These will really come in handy." Tsukune said as he grasped the box. Knealing down Tsukune opened the velvet box and smirked. Sitting inside of the box were two daggers wrapped within two leather sheaths. Taking hold of the leather sheath he pulled the blade free from it allowing the back of the blade to lie against the side of his forearm. The blades were solid black as if the blades were stained in tainted blood. The handle of the blade was wrapped in ray skin and came out of the blade at a ninety-degree angle. Taking hold of the other blade he pulled it free from its sheath as well. Tsukune smiled after giving it a brief inspection as well. Taking hold of the handle of each blade Tsukune spun them in his grip until the blade of each dagger rested gently on the outside of his forearms. As Tsukune gave the blades another inspection he noticed something. Through the dim light of the morning Tsukune saw Kanji written on the curve of each blade. On the blade in his right hand it had the word 'Shadow' and on the left the word 'Creed' was printed. Looking up at the bus driver Tsukune gave off a confused look.

"I never asked for this." Tsukune said looking up at the old bus driver. The white eyed man smiled and stood from his seat. Tsukune raised an eyebrow as the old bus driver leaned against the side of his bus and lit another cigar.

"Let me tell you a little story boy. Long ago, long before this school was even thought of, youkai use to live in conjunction with the human race. Each people had his or her own land and rules to follow. In the Mediterranean we had the humans. Their advances in technology, war, study was astounding. They were able to move objects that even the strongest of vampires would have trouble moving simply by doing simple equations. In Romania the vampires were gaining power under Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. The vampires, who at one time were separated into several warring tribes, were finally together under one rule. The snow women ruled the Arctic Circle, the kitsune ruled the Ring of Fire, however one species stood out above all else. Centered here on the Islands of the pacific were the Rouges. These were beings of amazing Agility and Guile. The Rouges have the ability to read the emotions radiating off of a person, by pass any barrier without any trouble, walk as if on air, disappear into the dark on a whim, and convert their demonic energies into speed and agility that surpasses even the moons children. These beings were feared for their power, yes there was no arguing that, however everyone also respected them, even the king of the night respected the Rouges…" The old bus driver sighed and took a long drag on his cigar. Tsukune raised an eyebrow at this.

"Okay they were respected for their power so what?" Tsukune said drawing a chuckle from the old bus driver.

"Oh no boy their power is not what made the Rouges respected…it was their creed." The bus driver explained making Tsukune gain a confused look.

"Creed…what creed?" Tsukune asked causing the man to chuckle again.

"A mans own mind he wish to keep, for broken hearts a man does weep. For some murder's but a ball, but not till tears of darkness fall." The old bus driver chanted sending a shiver down Tsukune's spine. Taking a look at the blades Tsukune stayed confused.

"A mans own mind he wish to keep…for broken hearts a man does weep…For some murder's but a ball…but not till tears of darkness fall…what does this mean?" Tsukune asked in but a whisper drawing a chucle from the old bus driver.

"A mans privacy is his own and should be treated as such…to trick the person you love into returning those feelings is a sin of the heart…and tears of pure darkness will fall when the heart over powers the mind…that is what it means…" The old bus driver said making Tsukune to grip the handles of his blades tighter. Looking up at the moon that still stood high in the night sky Tsukune smiled.

"The Rouges sounded like an amazing people…" Tsukune said making the old man smile.

"That they were boy…that they were…" The bus driver said as he stepped back up into his seat. Tsukune didn't get to respond as the bus door closed and the bus drove off. Looking in the distance Tsukune couldn't help but chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Tsukune almost jumped out of his skin as a familiar silky smooth voice floated through his ear. Turning towards the voice Tsukune gave off a nervous chuckle.

"Hey Moka-chan…what are you doing up so early?" Tsukune said while nervously scratching the back of his head. Moka looked down at her feet and scoffed a shoe.

"I woke up and you weren't there…so I got a little scared something happened to you…then I found your note about training your powers…and I you know…hoped I could help." Moka said in a quiet voice. Tsukune gave a soft smile to the girl.

"I would love that Moka-chan but first…you might want to change out of your pajama's." Tsukune said teasingly while pointing to the girls pink pajama's with little black bats in flight. Moka looked down only to realize he was right she was only wearing her night wear. Giving off a neon blush Moka nodded her head.

"Come here let's see if I can get you back there without getting you seen in your night wear." Tsukune said with a slight chuckle. Moka blushed brighter but stepped closer to him. Kneeling down in front of her Tsukune cocked his head back and smiled softly at her.

"Come on get on my other half says he'll get us there in no time." Tsukune explained with a light smile. Moka nodded and stepped closer to him. Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist she almost fainted when she felt his hands on her thighs. Looking back at her Tsukune blushed.

"Umm Moka-chan I'm going to have to move my hands up a little farther or else you might fall is that alright?" Tsukune said with a nervous stutter in his voice. Moka nodded but hid her face into his back. Moka couldn't help the slight feeling of arousal as she felt Tsukune's hands slide up her thighs towards her luscious and perfectly shaped ass. She couldn't help but be a bit disappointed as his hands stopped right under her ass the only thing touching it would be the edge of his thumbs.

'Goodness…why am I acting like this…if Tsukune found out I liked this what would he do…would he keep going or would he think of me as easy…I don't want Tsukune to think of me like that.' Moka thought completely embarrassed.

'Damn it you're doing that thinking thing again aren't you?' A cold and calculated voice resonated through out the pink haired girls mind.

'What do you mean?' Moka asked slightly offended by her other half's words.

'Oh please you could throw yourself at the boy completely naked and shove your vagina in his face and he wouldn't think of you any less.' Her other half said condescendingly. The blush showing on Moka's face after what I. Moka had said seemed to light up the night and heat up Tsukune's back.

'Wha…what I would never do that.' Moka yelled inside of her mind.

'I know that you fool. I was just making a point. Tsukune will never lower his opinion of you. Are you really so stupid?' Inner Moka asked in rhetoric. Caught up in the moment Moka couldn't stop herself from whispering.

"I'm just…scared…what if now that he has powers…what if Tsukune doesn't want or need me around anymore…" Moka was beyond surprised when she came to a sudden stop and two strong arms wrapped around her. Looking up at who was holding her she saw the warm chocolate colored eyes of Tsukune staring lovingly at her.

"Never…never assume that I won't need you around Moka-chan…I need you here by my side…powers or not…I can't stand the thought of being alone in this school." Tsukune said portraying all of his emotions to her. Moka buried herself in his chest.

"You aren't alone, what about Kurumu-chan and Yukari-chan?" Moka asked nervously. Tsukune tightened his grip on Moka-chan and buried his face into her hair.

"They could never take your place Moka-chan, no matter how much they wish to, they could never replace my Moka-chan." Tsukune said tightening his grip again as he felt wet marks appear on his shirt.

"Are you okay Moka-chan?" Tsukune asked worried as he felt the girl's silent sobs. Tsukune's eyes went wide however when he was tackled onto his back into a hug.

"You…you have no idea how much that means to me." Moka whispered into his chest as silent sobs racked her body. Tsukune held her close to his chest and softly stroked her hair.

"What do you mean?" Tsukune asked worried for the girl in front of him. Moka looked up from his chest tear framing those beautiful green eyes of hers.

"When I was younger I went to a couple human schools and…and everyone hated me…no matter what I did I always felt different and that no one would ever want me…so when you said that…I just…I just…Oh Tsukune!" Moka yelled and buried her face into his chest again. Tsukune hugged Moka as tight as he could.

"You don't ever have to worry about that Moka-chan you aren't alone anymore…you have me…for as long as you wish to have me." Tsukune whispered gently into her ear. Moka smiled into Tsukune's chest as his words wormed their way into her ears to warm her heart. Nuzzling her face into his chest Moka sighed in delight making Tsukune give off a loving smile.

'Is she really so important to you?' An emotionless yet confused voice echoed out from the back of Tsukune's mind.

'Of course you should know that seeing as you are a part of me.' Tsukune answered back while silently stroking Moka's pink hair.

'That is true however emotions are new to me so I really don't understand what is going on.' The voice answered back again void of emotion.

'I see well hopefully you will get to experience a whole variation of emotions by the time we get our little pet project done.' Tsukune answered slightly pitying his other half.

'Yes however to accomplish this little project you have to be much stronger then you are now so after you get Moka-chan into more decent clothing lets get to training before class starts huh?' His other half said feeling Tsukune's pity.

'Agreed however if someone were to see Moka-chan like this…I would probably have to cut their jugular.' Tsukune said only slightly joking.

'That's my boy.' Both of the Rouges inwardly chuckled at the slightly gory joke.

"Moka-chan you might want to let me up so that we can get you into some new cloths, and so that we can practice with my powers." Tsukune whispered to the pink haired girl on his chest. Moka blushed a bright red at that but nodded. Again crawling onto his back Moka couldn't help but be disappointed when his hands stopped right under her ass.

Tsukune took off into a full sprint towards the girls dormitories not noticing as his hands slipped back and onto Moka's ass. 'Oh my god…he's touching me…it feels so good…his warm hands on my rear…oh I hope we don't reach the dorms too soon.' Moka thought to herself.

'Dear goodness girl all he's doing is touching you on your covered ass. What are you going to do if he were to ever have sex with you?' Inner Moka asked surprised at her out personas thoughts. Moka blushed bright Neon red after that.

'Oh now I can't help but think about it…I feel so naughty…I'm so happy Tsukune-kun can't read minds...' Moka thought embarrassed at her own thoughts.

'Hmm you know you would like it…the feeling of him sliding your cloths off of your body…his fingers leaving trails of hot fire as they move closer to his prize. You would love it as he laid light kisses down your neck and into the valley of your breast kissing his way down your stomach towards your neatly trimmed core.' Inner Moka narrated hoping to gain a rize out of her outer, goody goody, self. Moka couldn't help the wet spot that appeared in her panties and kind of hopped that Tsukune couldn't feel it as she unconsciously ground herself into his back and hands.

'Oh gods please stop…if Tsukune found out I was thinking like this he would never speak to me again and…and then I will never get him to love me.' Moka inwardly whispered not wanting her thoughts to become reality.

'So you do admit that you love the boy do you?' Inner Moka asked with a slight sinister quality to her voice.

'Of…of course I love him…Tsukune is…my most precious friend and…and I would do anything for him.' Moka said with conviction, although slight nervousness.

'What about going to meet Father?' Inner Moka asked with a slight smirk.

'What are you crazy bringing a boy home to meet Father? Tsukune would be dead before we knocked on the door!' Moka exclaimed in horror.

'Not anytime soon of course however the year is going to end soon and during the break I for one would like to show father who we chose as our blood partner.' Inner Moka said nonchalantly.

'Blood Partner! Tsukune and I aren't…I mean surly he doesn't…don't get me wrong I want…I mean ah I don't know what I mean.' Moka explained her mind not able to form a full sentence.

'You try and deny the fact that you want him as your blood partner?' Inner Moka asked slightly confused knowing her outer selves feelings.

'No it's not that it's just…what if he doesn't like me enough to be my blood partner?' Moka asked nervously drawing a sadistic smirk from her inner half.

'Well then we will just have to make him then now won't we?'

A.N. For all those who have read my story before you know why this is so short for all of those who haven't then this was just to throw out a little about Tsukune's plan and to move things along a little.