AN: Okay so I've had this idea in my head for about six months and I'm finally getting it down on paper. One thing you should know about me: I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!! I watch it over and over again. I also think Dean is GOD! lol. Yes I do. Anyways so I'm putting my two obsessions together and making a Twi/Sup. story.


Edward never came back to Forks after he left in New Moon. Bella met Dean, Sam, and John Winchester after about six months after Edward left her. Bella's known them since before Sam left for college. It's now six years later - this is right after John died for Dean- and Bobby has a job for Sam and Dean. It involves the one and only Cullen family. Dean and Sam come to the conclusion that they need help for this particular job, so they call one person that makes all Hell break loose: Bella Swan.

Character Ages-

Bella: 24

Dean: 26

Sam: 22

Dean's POV:

"Bobby?" my hoarse voice asked as I sat up from the creaky motel bed. Sam's head cocked to the right as he looked between his laptop screen and me.

I heard shuffling from the other side of the phone before Bobby's voice piped up. "Dean, I have something for you and Sam."

My interest immediately peaked up, "What?"

"I've got a job." I hoisted myself up off the bed and walked over to the desk Sam was seated at. I grabbed a pen and scratch piece of paper.

"Alright, I've got a pen and paper."

Bobby let out a sigh. "It's not that simple."

"What's not that simple?"

"There are some complications…"

My eyebrow furrowed and I shot a look at Sam. "Go ahead and explain then."

"Well, it deals with a family of vampires," my shoulders squared instantly. "But they're good vampires. They call themselves 'vegetarians' or something like that. I met them once or twice before and they're 'leader', Dr. Carlisle Cullen called me yesterday. They're in trouble… and I owe it to them."

"What do you mean 'you owe it to them'?" I asked as I sat down in the chair across from Sammy, I had a feeling this was going to be a long conversation.

Bobby let out another sigh, "I was on a hunt and I got in a compromise and they saved me. I can't help them myself otherwise I wouldn't be asking you two to do this… but they need help."

I scratched my head roughly as I thought it over. "What is it that's coming after them?"

"It's a species of Werewolves, the Doctor called them Children of the Moon. Normally they could handle them, but they have a few people on their sides."

"What other people?" I asked.

"He didn't specify… are you in?"

I let out a sigh and then gripped the pen tighter. "What's the address?"


"Why did you agree to this again?" Sam asked as he glared outside the window of the Impala.

I rubbed my forehead with my left hand as my right gripped the steering wheel. "It's for Bobby… plus it's a job, and we have no leads on Yellow Eyes."

"But its Vampires…" Sam let out a groan. Vampires… We hadn't come across vampires since Bella. I sighed. After what those vampires did to her Sam and I both loathe them. I felt my hands clench around the steering wheel so hard that they were becoming numb. I wish that I could get my hands on that asshole for just one minute. Just one minute is all I need. I'd have that bastard on his knees begging for mercy for what he did to Bella.

"Yeah its vampires, but it's for Bobby." I replied uneasily as I pulled up to the house that held the vampires.

After shutting off the engine I followed Sam closely as he trudged up the porch steps. Before either one of us could knock on the door it was wrenched open to reveal a black haired pixie looking girl. "You must be Dean and Sam Winchester, please come in."

Sam and I both walked in to a room that looked like it acted as the living room and it held six vampires if you didn't count the one that let us in. The pixie girl moved to go sit between a blonde guy and a big burly man with short curly brown hair. All the vampires seemed to just look at Sam and me for a moment before a blonde man that looked to be in his late twenties stood up.

"Hello, I'm Carlisle Cullen. Bobby sent you?" he asked and his British accent surprised me a little.

Sam nodded and shot a look at me. I motioned for him to speak, "I'm Sam and this is my older brother Dean. Bobby called us and told us that you needed some help?"

Carlisle nodded and then looked back over to the rest of the vampires. "Yes, but how about I introduce you to my family before we get down to business." I nodded as I placed my fists into my leather jacket's pockets. Carlisle motioned for a woman with light brown hair that looked about the same age as him to come forward. The woman immediately walked over to him and placed her hand in his, "This is my wife Esme Cullen." Carlisle then pointed out to the big burly man. "That is Emmett and his wife Rosalie," he pointed to the pixie girl who opened the door, "Alice and her husband Jasper," after that he sighed and then pointed to the bronze haired vampire who was staring at us intently as if he was trying to read our thoughts. "And that is Edward."

"Yeah it's nice meeting you all." I said and then turned to Carlisle; he was obviously the one in charge. "Now, what is it that you guys can't seem to handle?"

Carlisle cleared his throat even though vampires didn't have to. These vamps were sure weird. "Alice," he called and she stood up and shot Sam and me both soft smiles.

"I have visions of the future and I saw the Children of the Moon coming for us, usually we can handle their attacks, but something was different this time. This time they had a man with yellow eyes and two men and a woman with coal black eyes. At first I thought those three were just vampires that needed to feed but then… well then I saw the black smoke… Well anyways they came into our home and attacked us. At first it seemed like we were winning but then we couldn't kill them." Alice sighed and shot a look at the vampire named Edward who was still glowering at us.

"Well anyways… I told Carlisle about the vision and he called Bobby thinking that he could help… and you know the rest." I nodded tensely and looked over at Sam to see him staring at the floor with a calculating look. He's in geek mode, great.

Sam sighed and turned to look at me, "You don't really think that Yellow Eyes would come to kill a bunch of vampires, do you?"

I shrugged and thought it over. "It may be possible. When has Yellow Eyes ever done anything in pattern?" I asked.

"True, but I mean what would his reasoning be?"

"I don't know. What I do know is that we're going to need back up…" I replied and Sam scratched the back of his neck as he thought over who we could call.

"Yeah, and who would we call, hmm?"

I shrugged again and just as I was about to say something the Edward kid spoke up, "Why can't I hear either of your thoughts?"

I raised both of my eyebrows as I took in all the shocked vampires, "Do you usually hear people's thoughts?" I asked. "I mean because that's a little weird. I can deal with the visions, but mind reading," I shuddered at the thought. I don't think there was anyone that wanted to hear what I was thinking…

"I hear everyone's thoughts… Well except…" he trailed off looking pained. I looked over at Sam and he shrugged at me and then motioned for me to continue with what I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted by the leech.

I scratched at the healing wound on my arm where a ghost had thrown me into a window. "We can call… uh-" I cut myself off as I thought of who would be able to deal with Yellow Eyes. Only one person came to mind and as I looked up at Sam I knew he was thinking the same thing.

"We can't do that Dean." He said firmly and I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, she would kill the vampires not save them." I laughed at the thought. "But then again, she's the only one that I really trust with this besides Bobby. Who knows maybe she'll agree… We could always give it a shot."

Sam shook his head, "I never thought of you as suicidal Dean. That is until today." I laughed and pulled out my phone and dialed Bella Swan's number.

"Well it must be my lucky day!" she laughed as soon as she answered the phone. "What do you know, it's the one and only Dean Winchester."

All the vamps in the room froze on spot and the crazy vampire that thinks he can read minds whispered, "Bella…"

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