Just a one-shot with Alice and Esme.

Esme POV

Alice was sitting in her closet, just sitting, and thinking. I went upstairs to see what was the matter. We were the only ones home, everyone else was hunting.

"Alice honey, are you alright?" I asked, her back was to me.

"Do you wonder why I like fashion and shopping so much?" she asked, not looking at me.

"Well sometimes… what's wrong?" she sounded upset.

"When I was first changed, the first memories I have, I was running through a field, and I saw my reflection in a puddle." She turned to look at me with pain in her eyes that reached down to her soul. "When I saw myself for the first time, I had on a ratty old dress, ripped in spots, and was covered in my own blood."

"Oh Alice..." but she went on, in an emotionless voice that broke my un-beating heart.

"I had this feeling in my head, not really a memory, more like an emotion, that screamed at me I was un-loved, that I could die and no one would even notice. I knew this was true because I did die, and not even my real pairents caired. When I first saw myself, it almost hurt to look at, I thought 'who is so un-loved that no one would care what they looked like'. And that day I made a vow to myself, I would not be that little, starved girl that people pitied, that people felt sorry for…" her voice almost sounded rushed now, begging me to understand.

"I couldn't do anything about how thin I looked, how boney, so I figured that if I had designer labels, and fancy clothes that people wouldn't see that little lost girl, running through the field, no one caring, or wondering where she was. That if she was looked up to, envied even, that she could hide away that part of herself that was still hurting, begging someone to say ' Alice, you are loved, and I care'" she looked down, playing with her wedding ring.

"When I met Jasper, it was like I was a new person, someone who was happy. He understood how I felt, and that I was broken, but he loved me anyway. There was still that little part of me tho, that when I looked in a mirror, that I see that girl in the puddle." She looked up at me, smiling slightly, a little bit of her old spark in her eyes.

"He says he doesn't deserve me, but it's me who doesn't deserve him. He made, and still makes, me forget the little girl in the puddle, but the girl with the best husband on the planet; he helps me enjoy the present, and the future, instead of dwelling on the past. I guess it's silly now, still trying to hide the little girl in the field, but I don't know why, I just do."

"Alice" I said, she looked up, I sat across from her. "You are loved; I don't know what this family would be like without you and Jasper, you are soul mates, every time you to share a look, when you two hold hand, anything, its as if your love for each other flows through the room, making everyone care more about one another. If you knew how much everyone would be devastated if you and jasper left, how much I would be devastated if you two left, the family wouldn't be whole…" I couldn't finish, a shiver went through me just thinking of it.

"Thank you." She said, standing up and reaching her hand down to help me up. I took her hand, getting up also. She looked happier, not completely healed, but I knew she would get there, with the help of her family and her own personal soldier.


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