Nest Building For Beginners

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Summary – She had always been mesmerizing to him, but never moreso than now. She wasn't just glowing, she was shimmering and he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Author's Note – This is about the last of my half finished one-shots, which means I probably have to bite the bullet and post one of my longer fics. I promise this one shot is actually one-shot length for a change. ;) It's kinda light and fluffy and not overly deep but I just wanted to finish something happy (and I wanted to get the HSM page number off 666 so it was an incentive to finish. ;)) I hope you all enjoy anyway and let me know what you think.

He awoke as he felt a cool breeze over his bare shoulder and instinctively groaned and readjusted the sheet over him before preparing to cuddle closer to the warm body beside him. His eyes flickered shut again as he tightened his grip only for them to snap open in confusion as the warm body he had went to sleep holding had seemingly transformed into a pillow at one point during the night.

He sat up and glanced at the clock only to find the glowing numbers saying it was 2.50 in the morning and he groaned again as he sank down and rubbed his eyes. He was beyond tired but as exhausted as he was, he refused to go back to sleep on his own. He had slept alone for more than a week and now that he was home, he refused to spend another night without her beside him.

It didn't take long for all thoughts of sleep to leave him as he climbed out of bed and pulled on a pair of jogging pants before he padded out of the bedroom door, ignoring the boxes stacked in the corner, the paint cans not so discreetly hidden under the hall table and the ladder hiding under a wall coloured drape in the lounge as he went in pursuit of his girl.

In actuality he didn't have to look very far as he quietly walked down the hallway to see the familiar dark curls bent over a book in the kitchen as she bit her lip and measured something into a cup whilst humming softly before she would mumble something, stroke her small bump and then giggle quietly before turning back to her book and her measuring with all seriousness again.

To Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez was the most perfect sight on this or any other planet. In every incarnation – be it work Gabriella, play Gabriella, dressed up Gabriella or anything in between, he was always mesmerised. Never had he thought that he would witness a more intoxicating sight than seeing her in every guise – until Gabriella Montez fell pregnant with his child that is. Her already jaw dropping beauty and hold on him seemed to be pushed to a whole other unhealthily addictive level as he watched her body change to accommodate the child they had made together. The whole thing about pregnant women 'glowing' had always seemed ridiculous to him until he had watched it happen himself and now, finally, he could understand where the phrase had come from. She carried herself different, smiled more and just omitted this aura that told everyone how content she was with her life with him. With their life together.

He had never seen anything as fascinating as watching her 'nest' as they tried to put their new home together, and gleam with pride when she would get lost in the fact that they had created a baby together. Watching it happen, and getting lost in the process, he couldn't help but feel that saying she was glowing was doing her a disservice – it didn't say enough. She sparkled, she radiated, she shimmered – she did so much more than simply glow.

His utter addiction to his girl had been secured long before when they were back in high school, but it had reached an almost dependency now and that was what caused him to lean back against the wall for a moment and observe the love of his life doing whatever she was doing.

"You know, you could be a good baby and just crave the pizza, or even better, how about some fruit salad so mommy doesn't end up the size of a house in comparison to the pretty girls at daddy's games?" she sighed as she wrinkled her nose before giggling madly and clamping a hand over her mouth. "No, okay – no pizza! You know, kicking me is not going to make the food magically appear. I know, you really can't help it – it's just genetics making you just as stubborn as your daddy when it comes to food, baby..."

He took his cue and walked over to her quietly before wrapping his arms around her from behind and placing a kiss on her neck. "Now now, Ms Montez soon to be Bolton - when have you known me to turn down pizza? And for your information, even if you were the size of a house you would still be prettier than any girl."

"Ah, but you have to say that," she smiled as she leant back in his embrace. "You know better than to insult a hormonal woman."

"I really don't have to say anything," he countered as he kissed her cheek. "Seeing you in my shirt, mere hours after I have seen you out of my me, any man would kill to be me right about now."

"You are such a suck up," she smiled broadly as she turned around in his arms and wrapped her arms round his neck. "Thank you though. Did I wake you up? I am so sorry. We were trying to be quiet..."

"You were quiet. I actually didn't even notice you were up until I realised that instead of cuddling my beautiful, soft, warm fiancée I was actually hugging a pillow instead," he responded with a smile as she traced his cheekbone with her soft fingers, running her finger softly under his eye. Since their reunion a few short hours earlier the pair of them had found it hard not to do this, to touch, and feel and memorise everything they had missed in the days previously. "What are you doing up?"

"Your son was hungry," she said whilst rolling her eyes playfully, making sure he knew that her exasperated tone was only used in jest. "And he insisted on kicking me until I got up and fed him. He's as demanding as his daddy sometimes."

He chuckled as he placed his hand on her small bump, never taking his eyes off her. "Well we can't have mommy getting beat up any longer, can we? What are we eating?"

"The baby wants Chinese food," she pouted as she turned back to her cook book and the counter full of items she had been appraising. "Sadly, we don't own any Chinese food and our cook book asks for ingredients that we don't own so I'm trying to improvise," she risked a glance up at him and gave him a hopeful smile. "You know if you would tell me where you've hidden my car keys..."

His eyebrow rose as he looked at her abashed face as she trailed off, knowing that there was no chance of her getting her car keys back until after the baby was born. Gabriella had been prone to fainting and light-headedness with the pregnancy and although the doctors had assured them that it wasn't anything to be overly concerned about at this stage it was something that they were all trying to monitor. Needless to say the first thing he had done when they had come out of the doctor's office was to confiscate her car keys. The thought of her driving and blacking out left him no other option - he could not lose her so if that meant he, or their friends, were her personal chauffeurs or errand boys for the remainder of the pregnancy then so be it.


She sighed and shook her head before leaning in and kissing his shoulder before turning back.

"No," she muttered, her tone not hiding how much she begrudged the concession. "I know it's dangerous to everyone who would be on the road with me, and knowing my luck I would faint and run over this little old lady and then get some serious bad karma unleashed,'s just kinda annoying that the baby wants Chinese food and it's like the one type of food that I don't know how to cook. And when I suggest pizza he starts kicking me..."

"Babe, if you want Chinese food I can go..."

"No," her eyes widened as she turned around and shook her head. "God, no! I don't want you going out at this time of night. Have you any idea what kind of maniacs are out at this time of night? Do you have any idea what the murder rate is in New Orleans? It's way higher than it is in Albuquerque."

"Yet not higher than LA, and I lasted four years there without getting killed when I went for food."

"You're a daddy now," she said as she shook her head, dismissing his amused tone. She really did worry too much but he knew better than to mention that to her with the amount of hormones flying around. "You don't get to be reckless by going out at 2am anymore."

Her tone was definite, leaving no room for argument and although he could see the smile playing on her lips at being able to use the 'Daddy card' he still squinted an eye and wondered if she had grasped that she was, just moments ago, considering going out herself. "Well, you're a mommy and weren't you just thinking about how you would go out to get your own Chinese food if you could drive?"

She nodded her head as though it were obvious. "Yeah, but no one would rob a pregnant and hormonal woman. I mean 99% of criminals aren't that sick. Besides, I have a much lower profile than you, Wildcat so I really doubt anyone would notice me too much," she said simply as she turned back to her book and tilted her head to look at it, completely missing the incredulous look he had on his face as he tried to work out that sort of logic. She really was too trusting sometimes. Most people would think a beautiful, sexy, tiny pregnant young woman would be more at risk than a guy, but she just didn't see it that way. "Hey, you should go back to bed as we may be cooking for a while and you have been working way too hard recently. Would you like a drink before you go back? I could heat some milk..."

He shook his head and repositioned himself behind her, his arms wrapping around her, holding her snugly against him as he kissed her head. "The pregnant superwoman is talking about people working too hard when, I believe she is not only organising our house, going to work with small, demanding children, helping Sharpay set up her store, listening to all the 'advice' our mothers are giving us and trying to mediate the latest Taylor/Chad drama but also trying to, sneakily, decorate the baby's room when she doesn't think I notice as well as looking after her lucky bastard of a fiancé who really, really doesn't deserve her. You, Beautiful, need to start looking after yourself more so how about you go back to bed and I look after you for once?"

She sighed and leant back in his embrace, her hands coming up to clasp his, their fingers interlocking naturally. "You always look after me. Everything always feels better when you're with me."

He placed his lips against her neck and kissed her, holding her tighter to his body. "I know. That's why I need you to start looking after yourself more – if anything were to happen to you..." he closed his eyes in response to the pain even the thought of it caused him. "I want you to just concentrate on looking after you and our little kick boxer in there. Work, me, our friends, the apartment, our parents...none of that matters."

"I know that, but it's just...I'm nest building. I just want everything to be perfect and for everyone to be as happy as I am so that everything is perfect when the baby is born," she whispered. "I don't want you to have to come home to boxes, paint cans and chaos. This is an important year for you in terms of establishing yourself on the team and I just want you to be able to relax when you come home and not deal with the new house insanity as well as a hormonal, needy woman. You get more than enough stress at work and with fans and press and I don't want that for you when you come home."

He took a deep breath and turned her around so he could press a kiss to her lips. She was amazing, on every level she was amazing and sometimes he wished she could see how lucky he was to have her, not vice versa. Any idea that she needed to do this for him to relax and be happy was crazy. "Nothing is more important than you. My day is spent counting the seconds until I get to come home here with you. I want to deal with a hormonal and needy woman, because she is my hormonal, needy woman and I don't want her dealing with all of this on her own."

She sighed and brought a hand to his ear and caressed it gently as he continued, his eyes never wavering.

"And I know that you're 'nest building' and I have no idea what that whole thing entails, but...please, build our nest while relaxing and not by standing on a ladder, or putting up shelves, or painting walls. I am hiding that ladder, and those paint cans before I leave next time because all I want you to worry about is staying healthy. This is our baby," he said as he placed a hand on her abdomen, rubbing small circles. "And I don't have to deal with the restless nights, or the morning sickness, or the 2am Chinese cravings, or getting my internal organs pounded so I think I get off easy if the worst I have to deal with is you crying sometimes or needing me to run to a restaurant to pick up food. I just wish I could do more for you. You have no idea how much I missed you this week," he murmured into her hair. "It's getting so hard to leave you."

"I missed you too," she sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her face into his chest. "So much."

He just held her for a moment and relished in being with her again. He had been away from home with his team for three away games and the trip lasted eight days which was about eight days too long for Troy. He knew it was an occupational hazard, but leaving his pregnant fiancée in their new home during a difficult pregnancy made an already frustrating part of his job even more painful. "Look on the brightside though – by the time the season is over I'll be here for all the early morning feeds and late nights and let you catch up on some much needed rest while I subliminally embed the finer points of basketball and the benefits of pursuing smart girls later in life in our son's brain."

She gave him a teary smile as she reached up and stroked his cheek. "You know, you are going to be such a great dad, Troy. Our son is going to be so, so lucky."

He grinned as he wiped her tears away and pressed a kiss to her forehead, knowing that she tended to get a bit emotional at times, especially when they talked about their upcoming role as parents, or about him being away from home and not wanting to embarrass her about being 'hormonal' didn't make any comment about her crying. "You think I'll be a great husband as well?"

She giggled and nodded as she leant up on her tiptoes and kissed his lips softly. "You will be the best husband."

He grinned at that, and couldn't wait for the day. He had known early that he was going to marry her, so when he was twenty he made it official and proposed. She cried, launched herself at him and kissed him so thoroughly that he almost forgot the question until she murmured yes against his lips. The following year was spent completing their last year of college and planning to go off and get married after it and before the basketball draft, but just as they were planning on running off their parents got wind of it and intervened with the guilt-trip from hell at depriving them of the big fairytale wedding that they deserved as they were their only children. Gabriella and Troy were aiming for something smaller and more intimate, but the image of their mother's crying in tandem meant they reluctantly conceded and so they were here, a year later still engaged as, apparently, according to their mom's, no children of theirs were getting married whilst pregnant as it would look like a 'shot-gun wedding'.

That argument had resulted in Troy and Gabriella planning on reverting to plan A of running off and doing it on their own, but car sabotage fabricated by Troy's father and assisted by Chad who, had somewhat disturbingly, recruited his on-off-on-off girlfriend Sharpay to assist in keeping them stranded in Albuquerque until they conceded defeat and bowed to their parents' wishes of a 'proper' wedding after the baby was born.

"I wish I was marrying you today. Hell, I wish I had married you a year ago like we wanted. Remind me again why we let our parents' guilt trip us?"

"Because your mother spent seventeen and a half hours giving birth to you and mine spent twenty-three and both told us in excruciatingly vivid detail the pain and every disturbing part of the process that was only bearable because they imagined how beautiful our weddings would be and we agreed to give them their wedding to stop them talking anymore."

"We're too nice," he murmured against her skin as he began kissing down her neck. "You know, I honestly can't wait until you're officially mine. Gabriella Bolton..."

"Possessive much, Wildcat?"

"Only with you, soon to be Mrs Bolton." He looked up and smirked at her, not going to deny it as he gave the Berkley basketball shirt she was wearing a gentle tug, highlighting to her that she was wearing his name already. "I just can't wait for the day when the name you're wearing on the shirt is accurate to you."

"You do know that I'm yours in every way that counts already anyway, don't you?" she smiled as she pressed a kiss to his bare chest. "The name just makes it more official. I can't wait for it though."

"I don't know why we can't just jump in the car and do it now..." he mumbled, voicing the idea that he was increasingly sold on.

"Because your mom and dad would kill you, and you have a game in three days and, last but not least, I don't want to look like a whale in our wedding photos – I want to look perfect so you can look at it and be proud that you married me," she whispered, running her hand through his hair as she spoke.

"You have never looked more beautiful," he responded as he leant down to touch her forehead with his. "In fact, I'm starting to think we should have ten kids just so that you look this ridiculously beautiful for the best part of the next fifteen years..."

She burst out laughing then and shook her head at him. "You say that now until I don't fit into my jeans anymore and the hot size zero girls at your games are looking hotter than your frumpy wife."

He frowned at her, she kept mentioning how she was worried about his eye wandering and it was starting to concern him. "You will never look frumpy. Why do you keep mentioning other women?"

She tried to give him a smile before turning back to her cookbook but he wouldn't let her turn as he caressed her face. "Gabi, talk to me..."

"I have issues," she whispered as she looked down. "You know that. You should just ignore me. I'm pregnant, and hormonal and emotionally scarred from childhood," she giggled as she shrugged. "It's nothing."

He sighed and pulled her against him, wrapping her tight in his embrace. Of course she had issues – he should have remembered that. Gabriella's father, well, the man who had fathered her had walked out on her mom when her mom fell pregnant with Gabriella. Her mom had eventually fallen in love with another guy and the guy had raised Gabriella like his own until he had died when Gabriella was thirteen, but the damage had been done with the guy before that. For Gabriella's mother, pregnancy equalled abandonment and despite her best intentions, she had never let go of that mindset in all the years that Troy had known her.

"You know, your birth father was an idiot. Like I don't even have the words to describe what a complete idiot he was."

"I know," she sighed as she held him tightly. "It's just...embedded in my brain because all I kept hearing was why he left, why he left. And my mom doesn't mean to make it worse but you know what she's like and she keeps calling every single day asking if I'd heard from you like she thinks you've fled the scene or something and I don't like shouting at her for it and I know I should let her vent because it's deep rooted issues that I am at least partially responsible for brain is just really lousy at ignoring it sometimes." She groaned, her exasperation at her thinking clearly showing. If he wasn't so concerned then he would have smiled.

"You should really just ignore me and my craziness for the next few months. I trust you completely and I love you and I don't mean to...I..." she looked up at him and caressed his face and gave him a soft smile, letting him see that she trusted him completely. "I'm just so ridiculously happy mom...she keeps acting like the rug is going to get pulled from under my feet and...I know it's stupid, but...sometimes, I get scared because I keep thinking how much better is out there for you, you know some beautiful famous girl and I'm just" she took a deep breath and turned away again, forcing a smile on her face. "So, I'm thinking pancakes and soy sauce with chicken could be considered Chinese, right? I know, it's kinda gross but needs must and all. Remind me tomorrow to take this book with me and stock up on ingredients. Plus, I'm kinda craving smoothies so we need to buy stuff for that as well..."

He sighed and looked at her, her face tinged pink and her eyes downcast as she attempted the subject change even though she had to know that he understood. Of course she was insecure – her entire life she thought that a girl gets pregnant and the guy leaves which combined by the ridiculous paparazzi who had taken to stalking them making their inane comments to get a reaction and her naturally fluxuating hormones due to the pregnancy, it was natural that she was feeling a little vulnerable and insecure. He appreciated her honesty but there was no way he was letting her torture herself over something that she didn't ever have to worry about. He understood her mother's issues – a husband who fled once his wife fell pregnant and who filed for divorce soon after had to leave scars, but he couldn't help but be angry that those issues were getting brought up to her daughter who was having a hard enough time and who was too kind hearted to tell her mother that she couldn't be hearing any of this. Troy leant his forehead against the back of her head and whispered her name, causing her to close her eyes as she leant closer to him. While her eyes were closed he dropped his arm down and proceeded to lift her bridal style, causing her to omit a tiny squeak of surprise at the fact she was off her feet.


"Shhh," he smirked as he leant his lips towards hers and placed a quick kiss to her mouth before pulling back and grinning. "Talk first, eat later."

She opened her mouth to complain, but he shook his head as he walked her over to the sofa, sat down and kept her in his lap, holding her in place.

"But Troy, we're hungry now," Gabriella whined as she looked to the kitchen longingly. "The baby wants food first and to talk later..."

Troy rolled his eyes and reached over to grab his phone and smirked as he scrolled through his phonebook before dialling a number and looking at her. "What sort of Chinese food would the baby like to eat?"

"Chicken with chilli sauce and a side portion of noodles and cashew nuts, oooh and Hawaiian style rice," she said as she reached down and rubbed her stomach, leaving Troy to place the order including food for him and stuff to freeze in the off chance there was another late night craving issue while he was away next time. He hung up the phone and grinned at her as she leant over and kissed him deeply. "I love you. I didn't know anywhere would deliver this late. Thank you."

"Food gathering is kinda in my job description," he smiled against her lips, one hand coming to find the back of her hair. "I found a few places for just such an emergency. We're good for Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican midnight cravings..."

"Mmmm," she sighed as she leant against his chest, hugging him tight while her other hand came and laced their fingers together. "You're too good to us."

He continued to stroke her hair before he spoke again, his voice quiet, but strong. "You know, I am never going to leave you, right? Ever. There is no one in the universe for me apart from you. There is a reason why I didn't date before one registered then, and no one registers now. It's like you're the only one I can see. I don't even know how to explain it to you to make you's has always been you. I don't care if there are a million guys out there who may be better for you than me because I know that none of them are even close to being able to love you as much as I love you. I am never going to leave you, Gabriella. I am never going to cheat on you. You were made for me," he whispered as he pressed a kiss to her head, feeling her tears on his chest as she hugged him tighter. "On every level we were meant to be together. It's that simple for me."

She pulled back from his chest and guided his face down so he was looking at her. "It's that simple for me too. I don't mean to..."

"Baby, I know," he said as he caressed her side with one hand and ran his fingers over her cheeks with his other. "Your mom was hurt and she's kinda regressing a little and you have to hear about it. I know and I'm not angry or hurt or anything, I understand but I just want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. Your dad was an ass, but I'm not that stupid. You and me are forever, Gabriella Montez soon to be Bolton – we're going to get married, and have as many kids as we can handle, and we're going to have a long and happy life together making other people bitch and moan about how sickeningly in love we are."

She let out a laugh then as he lay her down and positioned himself over the top of her, pressing his lips against her jaw. "You know, people already bitch and moan about how sickeningly in love we are..."

He grinned as he looked up at her and nodded. "Meh, they're just jealous. Can't say I blame them. I'd hate us too..."

She shook her head and giggled. "You are so crazy, Wildcat but I guess I love you anyway."

His smile got bigger as he repositioned himself over her, his arms braced either side of her head supporting his weight as he gazed down at her. "If I remember correctly, the way I respond to that line usually ends with us lying naked in a bed somewhere a few hours later..."

"You know, that does sound awfully familiar now that I think about it," she pretended to ponder before nibbling her lip. "You would have thought I would have noticed that trend..."

"You were distracted," he smirked. "It's understandable but at least you are aware of what happens now..."

"You are so cocky," she giggled. "I would normally love to continue our trend, but we don't have time just now, Troy..."

"Oh we have time," he promised as he dropped his head to her ear, kissing down. "After you have had your Chinese food..."

"The baby's Chinese food. I'm only eating it because the baby's hungry. I'm being a responsible mother looking after our child's needs," she corrected with a smile.

"Sorry – my most sincere apologies," he chuckled. "After you have had our baby's food, you and I have a particularly nice, practically new bed all empty in there that we haven't made nearly enough use of in the last week..."

"You know, we made use of that bed four hours ago," she giggled as she looked at him. "You have practice tomorrow and can't go in all tired."

"To hell with practice," he murmured against her skin as he trailed his hand down slowly until he found the base of his shirt she was wearing. "To hell with anything that's not in my arms right now. Basketball has had me for eight days; today is all about my real life."

"I suppose I could be persuaded," she grinned as she reached out and traced his lips. "I missed you so much, Troy."

"I missed you too, baby," he sighed as he lifted his head to look at her, his own fingers mirroring hers and moving softly over her face. "Travelling so much sucks, especially now when all I want is to be with you and the baby..."

She leant into his touch and sighed. "I know it's hard for you, but I don't want you to worry about it." She brought her fingers up against his lips, causing him to kiss her fingertips. "I'm so, so proud of you," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck, tugging his hair gently. "This is what you dreamed of, Troy. Enjoy it."

"I do, I just...I just wish I wasn't away from home so much. I hate not seeing you," he whispered as he brought his hand to her abdomen and rubbed it. "I feel like a jackass for neglecting you both. It's like grounds for divorce if we were married, which we're not because of our parents, but if we were you could divorce me like that." He clicked his fingers for emphasis before sighing. "I just wish I could be with you all the time."

She giggled as she shook her head. "Trust me, you don't. I am teary and hormonal a good proportion of the time just now and I nearly killed the guy at the post-office for ignoring me. If you have to be away from home, this is definitely a good time..."


"I know," she whispered as she stroked his ear softly. "I wish I was with you too, but we knew how this was going to be and I don't mind. I love you and I know you would be here if you could. It would be different if you were missing this to go out drinking with your teammates, or actually being a jackass or something, but you're not. You're missing this because you have to. I am so proud of you," she smiled as she leant forward and pressed her lips to the side of his lips. "And, when the baby is born I will be taking my full maternity leave and we will come away with you on the longer trips when we can, for a few months anyway. This is only for a few years...then you will be home with us all the time."

He closed his eyes, his tiredness about the whole thing getting to him as he leant his head against hers, letting her words; her reassurances wash over him and soothe the lingering worries that he had. He didn't want to be that guy – the guy who listened to his kid grow up over a phone, or who saw his wife every other day. He wanted to be there to see his children's first word, and to give his wife a massage after a bad day, to fall asleep with her in his arms every night. He wanted to be there for it all, and although he knew it wasn't practical, he still wanted it. "I don't know, are you building a nest big enough for you, me and our ten kids?"

She burst out laughing then, causing him to grin wildly as he looked at her trying to vainly put a stern expression on her face as she looked up at him. "Four is the absolute maximum you're getting, Mr Bolton."

He bit his lip as he looked at her, the smirk not leaving his face as he leant down to her ear and whispered. "Fine – probably a good job anyway because I find it hard enough to keep my hands off you at the best of times, never mind when you're all hormonal and horny because you're pregnant..."

She gasped in indignation and slapped him, causing him to chuckle. "Keep up with that talk Wildcat and you'll be lucky to father one more child, never mind multiple more offspring..."

"You say that now," he whispered as he leant close to her ear. "But you know you can't say no to me..."

"There is always a first time for everything..."

"Not for this," he murmured as he began kissing down her neck. "I love you."

Her eyes closed instinctively and she gave up trying to convince him that he was talking nonsense as her hands found his hair and her head tilted back slightly, her soft sigh escaping, causing his smirk to broaden against her skin.

"You don't play fair..."

"Neither do you," he argued back as he pulled back to look at her, his hand winding round her curls as he met her deep brown eyes. "Why aren't we in bed again?"

She just smiled at him as she caressed his ear and lifted her head to meet his lips. Just as they were about to kiss though, there was a buzz at the door and if anything her smile got broader as she omitted a squeak and pushed him off making it absolutely clear that what she desired most at that moment wasn't him, but whatever food was currently available.

"I guess that's why we're not in bed," he chuckled as he sat up, watching her giddy face. "You know, a lesser guy would get a complex about his fiancée being so excited about another guy being at the door when he's trying to seduce her."

"You know you're not a lesser guy though, Wildcat," she purred as she leant close to him, her lips all but brushing his skin before she jumped up and began backing to the door, her teasing eyes never leaving him. "Now come on, soon to be husband and feed your family."

Her faux severe tone caused her to erupt into giggles as she rubbed her bump unconsciously, her face beaming at him in happiness as he could only groan good naturedly. This was what he lived for – not the adrenaline of making a last second basket, or having his name written on ESPN, or having kids asking for autographs. That was all superficial and if it stopped tomorrow, he would get over it. Her smile, her laugh, her...just her. She was everything that would ever matter and although there were things about his life he wished were different, he could hand on heart say that he wouldn't change one thing that had led them to this moment because nothing would be worth missing this.