Summery~ When Sakura is betrayed by her two best friends she and her family move. Now two years later she is back. How well Ino and Hinata handle the new Sakura? Well Sasuke get his girl bacK? Dose Gaara like Sakura more then a sister? Well there be a love triangle?

Coming Back

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Chapter One~ The Fight

"Ino, how could you?!?" The sixteen year old, pink haired girl yelled at her platinum blond friend. Ino sat on her bed looking at her newly manicured nails as one her best friends, Sakura Haruno, yelled at her. Her other best friend, Hinata Hyuga, sat next to Ino, silently playing with her almost purple dark black over grown bangs.

"I mean you slept with him for god sakes Ino! You slept with my boyfriend!" Sakura cried. It was the sad truth that Sakura said... or yelled is more like it. Sakura had found out from a friend named Tenten that day after school that her best friend of almost ten years had slept with her boyfriend of almost a year, Sasuke Uchiha. She had also learned that her other best friend of five years, Hinata, had been covering there tracks from Sakura for almost three months.

"Would you shut up forehead? You're giving me a headack." Ino wined to her friend while rubbing her temples.

"No, I well not Ino! I have been dating Sasuke for almost a year and you have sex with him! What were you thinking!?!" Sakura yelled.

"Why are you putting all the blame on Ino? It's Sasuke that cheated on you." Hinata said calmly to her friend. Hinata use to have a problem with stuttering her words when she was younger, much to her fathers dislike, but Ino and Sakura had fixed that by the time she was twelve, which is why her father allowed his eldest daughter to have the two as her friends.

"You're taking her side!?!" Sakura screamed at the pale eyed girl.

"Well you can't really blame me for having a bad boyfriend!" Ino yelled at Sakura.

"I'm not blaming you for my bad boyfriend! I'm blaming you both for being bad best friends!" Sakura screamed at them with tears threatening to fall from her emerald green eyes. "You two were like sisters to me! And you slept with my boyfriend Ino!" She yelled at the now wide eyed Ino and Hinata. "And you knew all along, Hinata, and you never even told me! I knew that Sasuke had been cheating on me and I was planning to end it with him when I heard that he had been sleeping with you! With you of all people Ino!" The tears were now falling from her eyes as her two best friends stared at her with wide and watery eyes.

"You know Ino, people would always say things about you. Boys that you had dated would say that you were easy and that the only good thing about you was shown in there bed. Girls would always talk behind your back and call you a slut and a tramp! I was the one that would tell them that they were wrong and that you weren't like that! I was the one threatening those boys that if they ever talked about you that way that again I would beat them to death! And this is how you repay me!" Sakura yelled.

"Hinata, do you know how many people would talk bad about you? They would call you a stupid bitch and say that the reason why you were always so quiet is because you didn't have the brain enough to talk! They would say that no one cared about you! Not even your father or sister or cousin! They use to say that your mother killed herself because you weren't a good enough daughter! I was the one that would protect you from all of those lies! I was the one that would get in trouble for defending you because you weren't strong enough to do it yourself!" Sakura yelled.

"Well I'm not going to do it any more! I'm not going to stop those boys from calling you easy any more Ino! And I'm not going to stop those girls from spreading rumors about you or calling you a slut and a bitch any more Ino, because that is what you are! I'm not going to protect you anymore Hinata! I'm not going to stop people from starting rumors or calling you stupid! Because if this is the thanks I get for doing all those things for the two of you then you can both forget about it!"

"Sakura I didn't know that you-"Ino started to say but was cut off by Sakura.

"I don't want to hear it Ino! I don't want to listen to either of you ever again! Don't bother talking to me anymore because you won't get an answer! In fact, I never want to hear or see either of you ever again!" Sakura screamed at them.

"Sakura!" Both Ino and Hinata said together in shock. It was at this time that Ino's mother came in the room to see her only daughter with tears streaming down her face, the eldest daughter of Hiashi Hyuga sitting next to her sobbing into her arm quietly, and her daughter's best friend Sakura standing in front of them with her face red and tears flowing non-stop from her eyes.

"What is going on in here?" the platinum blond woman asked the three girls.

Sakura gave no answer but ran out of the room still crying.

"Ino?" the woman asked her daughter.

"I'll explain later mom." Ino told her mother in a heavy voice that was thick with tears as Hinata sobbed into her shoulder. Ino heard the door close behind her mother and cried. She and Hinata both cried for the same reasons. They cried for there own stupidity. They cried because they had betrayed there best friend and sister. They cried because they knew that they deserved every cruel word that Sakura and the other people had said. They cried because the had lost one of they very few people that loved them and that showed them warmth and comfort when they needed it. They cried because they had just lost Sakura.

Sakura had returned home only to find her mother and father packing everything into boxes.

"Mom, Daddy? What are you guys doing?" She asked them.

They both looked up from there packing and looked at there daughter.

"Honey," The pink haired and blue eyed woman that was Sakura's mother started. "Daddy's work just gave him a promotion!" Sakura's mother told her with a smile. Her father, Naoko, grinned happily. Her father worked for a very large company and he was one of there best imploys there. In fact, the family was very rich. Her mother was a very skilled doctor and with both parents working all the time the family always had a lot of extra money on them, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT of it. The Haruno family was the third wealthiest in Konoha, right behind the Hyuga and Uchiha families, then before the Yamanaka family.

"Well that's great, but why are you packing everything?" Sakura asked them.

"Well because of the promotion, they want me to go to the head quarters and work there in Suna. We well be moving in about two days so you should go pack all your things." Naoko said quickly to his only child. He and his wife were holding there breath, waiting for there daughter to throw a tantrum about moving away from her two best friends and boy friend, but were both shocked to see that her face didn't change as she nodded and walk up the stairs to her room without saying a word. They looked at each other in confusion.

"I'll go talk to her once were done with this room." Raku said to her husband.

Sakura walked into her room to find large boxes, waiting to be filed with her things. She walked around her room taking her things and neatly packing them into the boxes. She had a far away look in her eyes that would make people know that she was in her own little world thinking of other things.

She stopped and looked around her room after some forty minutes. She had unconsciously packed everything but her furniture and a few pictures. She sat on her bed and looked at them.

She picked up one of the pictures and almost started to cry. It was a picture of her, Ino, and Hinata at the spring fair last year. They were all wearing the same cloths. Sakura was in a red tank top, dark blue shorts, red flip flops, and had her past the shoulder pink hair in a pony tail. Ino was in a hot pink tank top, dark blue shorts, pink flip flops and had her long platinum blond hair in her normal pony tale. Hinata was in a light lavender top, dark blue shorts, lavender flip flops, and had her super short almost purple dark hair the same as always.

Sakura was in the middle, Ino on her right giving the peace sign to the camera and her other arm around Sakura's shoulders, Hinata to her left, she was playing with her long bangs like she always did and had her arm around Sakura's shoulder like Ino, she was slightly blushing as she smiled softly into the camera. Sakura was winking into the camera and sticking her tough out as she had her arms around both Ino and Hinata.

She put the picture down and grabbed another one. This one actually did make a few tears fall. It was the three girls at the beach only a few months ago in the summer.

The three girls were sitting on a picnic blanket that was half shaded by the large umbrella they had set up. Ino was in a dark purple bikini, her hair was in the same style as it all was has been in. She was putting tanning lotion on her pale arms and smiling into the camera. Hinata was in a one piece lavender swimsuit with a white sweater over it. She was reading one of her books and didn't have time to smile as she blushed while looking into the camera. Sakura was in a two piece red swimsuit with the Haruno family sign on the back. She had grown her hair out for Sasuke and it was now mid back. She was eating a grape and had a green one placed in between her white teeth as she grinned into the camera.

She put the picture down and instantly regretted picking up the next one. It was one of the three girls sitting under a maple tree with Sasuke.

Sakura was sitting next to Sasuke with her hair down wearing light blue jeans and a red T-shirt. She had her head against Sasuke's soulder and was smiling like there was no tomarow. Sasuke was wearing a blue sweat shirt and dark blue jeans. His blue/black hair was in the same style like it always was and he had his arms draped over Sakura and Ino's shoulders. He was smirking into the camera. Ino was wearing a purple mini skirt and a purple tube top. She was looking up at Sasuke and smiling at him. Hinata was next to Ino and was looking over at her and Sasuke with a slight frown on her lips. She was wearing a silver huddy and blue jeans and her now shoulder length hair was in a pony tail.

Sakura started to cry over how stupid she had been not to notice all the knowing looks and smiles that the three had been sharing for almost three months now.

By this time her mother had walked in to fined her daughter crying while looking at a picture of her friends and boy friend.

"Sakura sweetie, what's wrong?" Raku asked her daughter as she sat next to her on her now bare bed and pulled her into a hug, letting her cry on her while softly petting her pink hair.

"Baby I know you don't want to move away from your friends and Sasuke but-." She said softly but was cut off when Sakura started to speak.

"S- Sasuke cheated on me!" Sakura sobbed. Her mother's eyes widened. "With Ino!" She yelled. Her mother held her tighter as she cried. "Hinata knew about it and she didn't tell me!" Sakura yelled while crying harder.

That night three girls cried themselves to sleep.

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