Coming Back

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Chapter Fifteen~ Kisses

The dance is now over and done with, but that doesn't mean that to romance is. Let's go stalk- I mean, see what Hinata and Naruto are up to.

Hinata and Naruto were now walking along the streets of Konoha. They were talking and laughing and enjoying the date as long as they could get away with.

Naruto suddenly went quiet.

"Naruto-kun, w-what is wrong?" Hinata asked him with concern laced in her voice. Naruto gave a small sigh.

"I should probably be getting you home, your dad and Neji will probably kill me if I don't," Naruto told her with a sad grin. Hinata blushed.

"I . . . I'm s-sorry about how my father and Neji-nii-san a-acted toward you before Naruto-kun. T-They are very protective of me."

Naruto grinned at her. "It's alright Hinata-Chan. If it means I can still be with you, then I'll be happy to deal with them all the time," Naruto told her. Hinata blushed and tried to hide the small smile on her face.

"S-So, what d-do you think you'll do a-after high school in done?" Hinata asked him.

"I think I might stay around here for a while. I'm not too fond of going back to Suna and the collage over here is way better."

"W-What will you be going to c-collage for?"

"My dad, he use to own this big business that was practically all around the world, I swear, that thing is more world-wide then Wal-Mart. Anyway, my god father Jiraiya has taken over it while he writes the books that Kakashi reads. I've wanted to take over the business after I graduate collage."

"I see," Hinata said quietly.

"What about you Hinata-Chan?" Naruto asked her.

". . . I don't p-plan on taking over my families company like you Naruto."

"So what will you do?"

"I . . . I wish t-to be a writer, but my father . . . he disagrees," Hinata told him.

"A writer? You mean, like making a book?" Naruto asked her.


"That would be so cool!" Naruto exclaimed. "Jiraiya's books are really popular, don't read those by the way, and I think I might be able to have him help you find a publisher," Naruto told her. Hinata was a bit shocked by the kind offer, but she smiled and nodded all the same.

The two could now see the Hyuga Compounds gates and fell silent as they drew closer. Naruto and Hinata stopped when they were on the front porch and faced each other.

"I . . . I had a l-lot of fun tonight Naruto-Kun," Hinata told him with her blush still intact.

"I did too. I hope that we'll be able to do this again, next Saturday maybe? I could take you to the movies and dinner," Naruto offered her. Hinata blush darkened.

"I . . . I would love to Naruto," Hinata smiled at him and Naruto felt like he had just one the lottery.

"Great! I'll come get you at . . . 6:30 next Saturday then."


He didn't know what came over him, maybe it was how pretty she looked in the moonlight, or how soft her lips looked, or how cute her blush was on her pale face, but Naruto had the sudden desire to kiss the lovely Hyuga in front of him. And he did just that.

The kiss was slow and gentle, but Naruto held Hinata to him tightly and protectively. With that kiss, that very first kiss, Naruto and Hinata where both addicted. They could have spent the entire night like that, but you see, there was this thing called oxygen, and humans needed it. So the kiss ended far too quickly for the two.

"Whoa." The two teenagers turned to see Hanabi and Hiashi standing only six feet away in the doorway. Hanabi was grinning up a storm and had a proud look in her eyes. Hiashi . . . was a different story.

"Boy, you have ten seconds to get off of my property or I will call all of the guard dogs that this family owns." Wouldn't he make a great Father-in-Law? Naruto thought so too.

Naruto decided to take the mans advise and made a mad dash for the gates. "I'll see you next Saturday for our date Hinata-Chan!" Naruto shouted over his shoulder. And with that, the dogs started running.

Luckily, Naruto was only bitten in one hand, arm, and ankle, so he was alright for their date on Saturday.

Now lets go see how Neji and Tenten are!

Neji and Tenten walked threw the park on that fine evening and enjoyed each others company.

"So, do you think you'll be joining the soccer team this summer again?" Neji asked her.

"Of course I am. I've done it every year since we were twelve, why wouldn't I do it this summer?"

"Will . . . most girls who dress like that are too afraid of a grass stain to play, so . . ."

"Hey," Tenten's brown eyes narrowed a bit while she hit Neji's shoulder. Hard. "I'm not like those prissy little princesses like Ino. It's still me . . . I'm just dressing better," Tenten told him.

"I like the way you use to dress better." The words fell out of Neji's mouth before he could stop them and Tenten turned pink when she realized what he had said.

"You . . . You do?" She was almost afraid to ask him.

"Of course I do. I mean, you look great in these cloths, but . . . there not you," Neji explained to her, praying to the lord above that she didn't she the blush on his face.

" . . . I guess there not," Tenten said slowly.

"You never did tell me why you suddenly got the make over."

"Oh, um," How was she suppose to react to that?! 'Oh, I did it in hopes of you finally noticing me' Not an option. "I . . . was hoping for a certain boy to notice me."

Neji felt something in him clench. His heart? ". . . I see. Will, he's a very lucky boy to have been able to catch your attention." He said it so softly, so gently, that it made Tenten's heart stop, if only for the briefest of seconds.

"Yeah, but the thing is, he still hasn't seen me in a different light then the way he did before," Tenten told him, hoping that he might take a hint.

"Then he's a moron."

Tenten glared at him and, with a sudden burst of courage, grabbed Neji's collar, pulled him down, and kissed the long haired boy on the lips. Neji's mind went blank for a second, then exploded into questions.

Did she just . . . Yeah, she did. But why?

After a few second more, he decided, what the heck, and kissed his best friend back with as much longing as she did. Before long, the two separated and looked at each other while breathing heavily.

Tenten swallowed. "Dame right he's a moron. I've been his best friend for years, and he never noticed my feelings for him," Tenten told Neji.

Neji only smiled before pulling Tenten in for round two.

The next day, Tenten was seen with her hair up in buns, no makeup on, plan blue jeans and a brown T-shirt on, and Neji Hyuga, her boyfriend, kissing her.

Aww, isn't that sweet? Now, Lets go find the Miss. Piggy and Dog Boy!

"Kiba, where are you taking me?" Ino asked him as he pulled her along. I don't think he realized how hard it was to jog in heals.

"Come on Ino, it's just over here," Kiba then took a trail threw the woods and a few minutes later, the two found themselves in a clearing.

"Akamaru!" Kiba shouted. A large 'Woof' was heard before a large white and brown dog came running towards Kiba and the slightly scared Ino. "Down boy!" Akamaru skitted to a stop only a foot next to Kiba and Ino, and sat there, thumping his tail against the ground and giving Kiba a dog-like grin.

"Ino, meet my dog, Akamaru. Akamaru, say hello to Ino." At Kiba's words, Akamaru gave a happy bark at the blond girl.

Ino gave a small laugh. "He's very will trained, isn't he?" Ino reached a hand out and petted Akamaru's head. Akamaru leaned into her touch and closed his eyes in content. Kiba smiled at how will the two got along.

After a while, the three had gotten comfortable on the grass. Ino and Kiba sat side-by-side and Akamaru lay between there legs, his head on Ino's lap as she petted him.

"What bread is he?" Ino asked. "I've never seen a dog this big!"

"I'm not sure. My family has been breading him and his family for years, but I've never been told what the name is."

"Wow. How old is he?"

"I've had Akamaru since I was a little kid, he's about nine years old now," Kiba told her.

"Wow. You know, I've always wanted a dog," Ino told him.

"Really? I thought you got everything you wanted," Kiba teased her. Ino gave him and dirty look.

"My mom's allergic to dogs, so I was never able to get one," she explained.

"That must have sucked. I don't know what I would have done if Akamaru wasn't with me."

"Your so lucky Kiba-Kun," Ino told him.

The two fell into a comfortable silence for a while and simply watched the stars.

"Hey Ino?" Kiba asked.


". . . If it was your choice, would you choose a prince to take you to the castle, or a knight in shinning armor to save you?" Kiba was blushing up a storm and took great interest in the grass at that moment.

"Kiba, it's too late for me to choose. A handsome knight who rides a huge dog and saves me from dodge balls has stolen my heart," Ino told him. Her face was a pale rose color, but she was smiling.

Kiba gently grabbed her chin with one of his hands and turned her to face him. He looked into her pretty blue eyes and smiled before he gave her a tender kiss. Ino felt herself smiling into the kiss, she had never been kissed like this. The boys were normally kissing her passionately and wildly, but the kiss that Kiba gave her was loving and gentle. She could definitely get use to Kiba's kisses.

Next Monday, the hearts of hundreds of fan boys in Konoha broke when a new rule was replaced by another. Rule '#8~ If Ino wants a man, even if it's your boyfriend or crush, then you do nothing to stop her from getting him.' Was replaced by, 'No boy or girl will try to get in the way of Ino or Kiba's relationship. If you try, you will be dealt with harshly.'

And that is how the princess fell in love with the knight. Now, Lets go see how Sasuke and Ren are!

"You're sure you'll find someone to drive you home?" Gaara asked Ren. Ren rolled her sapphire eyes at him and nodded before giving him a soft shove.

"Go now. Sakura's in the car waiting," Ren told him. She gave a dazzling smile and Gaara nodded, not stunned by her beauty in the slightest, before walking off. Ren watched as the man of her dreams walked towards the woman of his dreams and drove off in his car with the pinkett next to him. Ren gave a sad sigh, and at that exact moment, heard an identical one come from next to her.

She turned and her eyes widened at the sight of the boy standing next to her. Her eyes met his endless black ones. His handsome face looked surprised as he looked at her. His blue/black hair was styled oddly with it being spiked in the back and his bangs being straight. The boy was at least a head taller then Ren and was handsomer then most of the male models she had worked with.

The two continued to stare at each other for a while longer before Ren broke the silence.

"So my date kind of ran off with the girl of his dreams, mind if I hitch a rid with you?"

"How coincidental, the girl of my dreams just ran off with your date. Sure, come on." Sasuke then led the pretty girl to his car and opened the door for her. Ren slid in and Sasuke got in the drivers seat and started the car.

The stereo started blaring one of Rens favorite songs and Ren couldn't help but sing to the dark melody.

"You like this song too?" Sasuke asked her. He had figured that she was the kind of girl who sang to Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana.

"Heck yeah I do! Who doesn't?" Ren told him with a smile.

"You would be surprised. Not many people in high school like this band." Sasuke smiled at the shocked look on her face. It was something like this- 0_o

And so the two started talking about the other bands that they liked and disliked. Before long, Sasuke was at Ren's house.

"By the way, my name is Ren."

"Ren," Sasuke said as if tasting the name. "I'm Sasuke."

"Nice name."

"Hey, tomorrow do you want to meet up with me at the park?"

Ren smiled. "I would love to Sasu-kun."

Sasuke smiled back. "Great, then I'll see you tomorrow." Before Ren realized it, Sasuke leaned in and gave her a quick peck on her cheek before he got back in his car and drove off into the night. Ren touched the spot he had kissed her and smiled before walking into her home.

The two started hanging almost everyday. They would talk about anything and everything and helped each other patch up the others heart until they were fully fixed up. They later started dating and Ren had fun fighting off Sasuke's fan girls like she did Matsuri. She was later known as the Champion of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Will, at least their happy! Now, lets go spy on the love life of Amaya and Sai!

"Sai, how did you manage to get an entire studio for your art?" Amaya asked him as she looked around the large room that was filled with his paintings and scatches.

"My parents know a guy," Sai told her simply, not wanting to go into details.

"Wow, when did you make this one?"

Sai had invited Amaya to come and see his art studio after the dance, so they were both still wearing their formal clothing as they walked around.

"I made that about two years ago."

"The detail is amazing." Sai watched as the dark haired beauty admired his work and had a small smile on his face. She really was pretty.

"Hey Amaya?" Sai asked her.


". . . Would you like to see my favorite painting?" Amaya nodded her head and Sai gently grabbed her hand and lead her to the back of the large room.

"So what is this painting about?" Amaya asked him.

". . . It is a portrait of a very smart, talented, and beautiful girl who I've recently fallen in love with," Sai told her. Amaya felt her heart go cold at his words. God no, please, not Ino. Amaya had stopped walking and Sai turned to look at her. He gave her a light tug.

"Come on, I promise you wont be disappointed with what you see." Amaya followed after him, but much slower now.

Before long, the two of them came to a large canvas that was covered with a white sheet. Sai smiled at her and walked over to pull the sheet off. Amaya almost closed her eyes so that she wouldn't have to look as the face of Ino, but didn't.

The girl in the painting didn't have blond hair, she had black hair. She didn't have blue eyes, she had purple. Her face wasn't as pale as Ino's either, but was more like Amaya's.

Amaya gasped as she stared at herself. In the painting, she was half turned and she was looking over her shoulder. A smiling was on her face and her hair was being played with the wind a bit. Amaya looked at Sai in wonder. He only smiled at her. He walked up to Amaya slowly.

"Like I said, she's the girl who I've recently fallen in love with," Sai told her. He looked deep in her eyes and brushed a stray peace of dark hair away from her face. Sai couldn't help it; he just simply had to taste those lips.

The kiss was passionate and full of pent up feelings that they had kept hidden from each other. Amaya couldn't get enough of him and Sai was the same. He ran his hands threw her silky hair and she wrapped her arms around his neck to bring herself closer to him. The kiss was a long one, but it ended too soon for both of them.

"I'm guessing that you're forgiving me about the whole 'Leaving-Suna-And-Falling-For-A-Ditsy-Blond' thing." Sai told her. Amaya smirked at him and an evil glint came to her eyes.

"Nope, it will talk a lot more then one kiss to make up for all that."

"How many?"

"Hmm, about a thousand or two," Amaya told him.

"Can I start now?"

Amaya smiled. "Gladly."

Amaya later sent her father a letter telling him about how she would be going to an art collage with Sai after school and that she would not be returning home with Lee and Akio (who cried all night when she found out that her twin was leaving her).

I think that it's a romantic way to tell someone you love them, don't you? Anyway, let's go take a peek at Temari and Shikamaru, shall we?

Shikamaru and Temari sat under a large pine tree in the park and watched the stars that night. They had their arms around each other and were quite comfortable in each others arms.

"Hey, Shika?" Temari asked. Shikamaru looked at her. "What are we going to do when the exchange program ends? I . . . I don't want to have to leave you again."

Shikamaru tightened his hold on her. His pocket suddenly seamed a lot heavier now. Her buried his face into her hair and mumbled something Temari couldn't understand.


"Marphie my," Shikamaru repeated again.

"Shika? Have you finally lost it? What did you say?"

"Marry me." With those words, Temari's mind went blank from shock. Did he just . . . propose?

"Tema?" Shikamaru asked in concern. He was already bright red, and her not saying anything wasn't really helping.

"Are you for real?" Temari asked him, hopping with all her heart that this wasn't just some sick joke.

"Yes, I am Temari. I love you more then anything else, no matter how troublesome you are, and I want you to stay with me forever. Temari, will you marry me?" Shikamaru dug into his pocket and pulled out a ring box which held a diamond ring.

Temari placed a hand over her gapping mouth and tried not to cry. She threw her arms around Shikamaru. "Of course I'll marry you!" she cried out, unable to stop the tears of joy any longer. A huge weight was lifted off Shikamaru and he hugged her back.

"I hope you know that you're stuck with me now," Temari told him. Shikamaru sighed, but the smile stayed on his face.

"Yeah, but I'm alright with that."

"You better be!" Temari pulled away and smiled at him. Shikamaru whipped the tears off her face and grabbed the ring out of the box. He slid it onto her ring finger and kissed it. Temari threw her arms around his neck again and kissed his lips. The two newly engaged couple held each other for hours in a blissful silence.

"I hope Kankuro and Gaara take this alright," Temari said.

"They'll get use to it."

Temari and Shikamaru were married later that spring. Gaara and Kankuro DID come around and were happy for their sister. The girls all cried at the wedding and Sakura shouted that she wanted to be an auntie soon. Even Temari's father came and said that she had made a good choice.

Say it with me now- AWWWWW! Now . . . It's the moment you've all been waiting for . . . it's time to go and see Gaara and Sakura!!!! –Wild cheers in the background-

Sakura and Gaara sat at the cherry blossom tree that they had found before. Silence covered to two friends as they tried to think of what to say.

"Sooo . . ." Sakura said out of no where. She didn't know what to talk about with him, which was odd for the two.

"Did you have fun with Sasuke?" Gaara said his name bitterly.

"Yeah, it was fun, but I would have rather danced with you," Sakura told him, a light blush came to her face. "Um, did you enjoy your dance with Ren?" Sakura asked.

"It was alright, but I would have rather danced with my best friend," Gaara told her. He refused to call her anything else until he was 100% sure about her feelings for him.

"Will, if you wanted to dance with me, then why didn't you?" Sakura asked him. Really, how hard would it have been for him?

"Hello? You already had a date and it seemed like you were enjoying yourself." Gaara's mind went back to the kiss that Sakura and Sasuke had shared and he felt his fist clench.

"What do you mean by that?" Sakura snapped.

"I saw you and Sasuke, you two were all over each other!"

"Excuse me?!" Sakura was now standing and glaring down at Gaara.

"And let's not forget that kiss!" Gaara was standing now too.

"That kiss meant nothing!"

"Sure it didn't, why don't you go back to your precious Sasuke-kun and ask him?"

"Maybe I will!"

"Maybe you should."



Silence came around them as they stared at each other. Sakura wasn't making any move to go call Sasuke, and Gaara didn't want her to.

"Why do you even care if I kissed Sasuke or not?" Sakura asked him. Gaara searched his brain for a good answer that wasn't the truth, but he was never one for words. An idea hit him like a brick to the face and he knew what to do.

Before she knew it, Gaara had grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. Their lips met and they kissed. Fire exploded in both of them and they kissed each other long and passionately. Sakura tangled her hands in Gaara's blood red hair and Gaara pulled her closer to him. Gaara couldn't get enough of her taste, so sweet, and neither wanted the kiss to end. Oxygen roared its unforgiving head again and made the two realize that they needed air in their lungs.

The two stared at each other as they struggled to get their breath back.

"That's why I care if you kiss him or not. I want you to kiss only me, not him or any other man, only me. I want you to be mine," Gaara told her softly.

"Gaara . . ." Sakura kissed him again before continuing. "Gaara, do you have any idea how long I have wanted to hear you say that to me? I love you Gaara. I want to be yours, and you to be mine," Sakura told him. Gaara smiled at her and kissed her lips again, less hungrier then last time and it held more love.

The two continued to share kisses that night and tell each other that they love them.

Gaara and Sakura stayed together all their lives and ended up moving back to Suna so that Gaara could take over his fathers company after her had pasted away. They were married a year after Temari and Shikamaru. Everyone cried at their wedding (Naruto and Kankuro sobbed so loudly that they had to leave the room) and two years later had a child.

Pretty short I know, but still, their together!


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