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From the end of Chapter 16: "I'm your Aunt, Bella."


"I'm just going to leave you guys alone for a few minutes," Jake said as he scurried off towards his friends. I wasn't sure if I was relieved he left or worried. Either way I was uncomfortable.

"Come again?" I questioned her.

"I'm your Aunt, Bella."

I hurried to respond, beyond flustered by her revelation. "That's not possible. My mom was an only child."

"Not entirely. I mean, as far as I know she thought she was, but I'm her half sister. There hasn't been any contact from my side of the family though because my mother forbade it. She simply didn't want to ruin anything for anyone, but with her passing came this freedom. The freedom to reach out to the only other family I have, outside of my husband and son that is." She looked at me expectantly as a silence engulfed us.

"Wow, um. Just, yeah, wow. I don't know what to say," my response came, but I'm sure it wasn't what she'd wanted to hear.

"You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know. I mean if you'd like to talk more about it now, that's fine too."

"I don't know. This is kind of a shock on top of another really big shock. You know?"

"I understand. I just want you to know that your grandfather didn't have an affair or anything, so you don't have to worry about that. It's just that he and my mother had a little tryst that resulted in my conception. Unfortunately, when my mother went to talk to him about it, he freaked. He kept saying something about how they weren't meant to be, his parents hadn't picked her for him, and so they never could be together. It wasn't but a day or two later that she learned he was getting married to your grandmother."

"My mother confronted him then and asked how he could have been with her having been engaged to someone else. He informed her that he wasn't set to marry her at the time; in fact he'd never even really met her before. She found this hard to believe, of course, until he revealed that their marriage was arranged. I had no idea that sort of thing even went on anymore, let alone in this country, but I guess it did. Anyways, she vowed then and there never to have any part of him or his life because of all the drama it would cause. She met my father shortly after."

I was stunned into silence. How was a person supposed to react in this kind of situation? It felt almost like I should be on some talk show or something, "Long Lost Relatives Reunited" or some crap like that would be the theme.

"Just know, Bella, that if you'd like to come and stay with me you can. I mean, I'd love the chance to get to know you better, and maybe you could tell me some things about your parents, if it isn't too difficult for you to talk about them. It would be nice to have a little insight into the sister I always wanted to know."

"Thanks for the offer, but I have a place to stay." I didn't want to make her feel like I wanted nothing to do with her, so I added, "I wouldn't mind getting together some time and sharing stories and stuff, though. It would be nice to have someone to talk with about them that isn't looking at me with total sympathy all of the time. I mean you kind of lost them too, even if you'd never really met them."

"Thank you. I'd really enjoy that, I think. I had heard around the reservation that your parents had set you up with a nice family to look after you. It's a good think they had the foresight to do that because most people wouldn't. I think if that had been the case, you probably would have ended up here eventually. Afterall, I am your closest blood relative." She gave me a weak smile.

After that, we talked for a little while longer until I excused myself to go find Jake. He was talking with a couple of his buddies by the fire, but stopped midsentence as I ambled up to him. I was hesitant and didn't want to interrupt. I was also trying my hardest to wrap my brain around recent events. He rose and walked toward me taking my arm and leading me away from the crowd.

"So, how are you doing?"

"Did you know?" I asked. If he said yes, I'd seriously have to rethink our friendship.

"Know what?"

"Don't play coy with me. You know what," I replied, my rage growing.

"I only knew that she was interested in the fact that you were coming tonight, which just came up in passing around my dad. I swear, Bella I had no idea she had news to tell you."

I looked him closely in the eyes trying to gauge his sincerity, a difficult task given the limited lighting. Factoring in his defensive posture, I decided he looked like he was telling the truth, so I let it go.

We walked in silence for a little while longer until he broke in "So, she's your Aunt, huh? That's pretty cool. You still have family around. I guess that means you don't need the Cullens to care for you and you can move out here, right?" It almost sounded like he'd said their name in disgust, and I lost it.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I snapped at him. "One, it's not like legally the Cullens aren't my guardians. Two, what makes you think that just as I'm getting settled into a new place I'd up and move again, even if I did have a choice? And three, what about Edward?"

"Yeah, what about Edward? You shouldn't still have to marry him. I mean you have family around, Bella. I got a little of her back story from the guys while you were busy talking, and from the sounds of things she's knows an awful lot about arranged marriages and the damage they can cause."

"Don't act like that, Jake. Her situation is completely different."

"How do you know? What's to say that Edward won't go through a phase and leave some chick in the lurch like her mom, right before you two marry? Or worse, what if he knocks you up, and then chooses a different girl?"

"I don't have any guarantees of that, but no one truly does, not even the girl who voluntarily marries a guy. Plus, I told you we each have an out if we can find someone else to marry, and we sort of guaranteed our virgin status to his folks. It all seems to be more about marrying young and having someone to care for and support you for the longest time possible. Besides, who's to say if he did falter, that the girl would be like her mom was? Maybe she wouldn't care and would demand to be a part of our lives. Who knows? You know what? Just forget it; I can't talk with you about this anymore right now. I want to go home." I was fuming at this point and am pretty sure he could tell.

"Bella, jeez I'm sorry. I'm being an ass. I really didn't mean to upset you. Of course you know what you're doing. I just feel like I should watch out for you, you know like a sister or something. Please stay a little longer." I couldn't even look in his eyes at that moment. I know he was just trying to help in his own way, but he was seriously pissing me off.

"I can't, Jake. Not right now. Please, I just want to go home." He sighed, but took my hand. We made our way back to the group long enough to say our goodbyes. I plastered an 'everything's great in the world, but I'm just tired' kind of smile on my face. Leah gave me a sad smile and wave then mouthed she'd be in touch, and we left.

The ride back to the house was quiet. I was replaying the day's events in my mind and stewing a little about Jake's attitude. Once at the house, he pulled into the drive. Just as I reached for the door handle he started to talk, but I cut him off, "Jake, listen, if we're going to be friends, then I need you to support me in this. I need someone that isn't linked to this world, this family, that I can talk to. I have to know you'll be there to listen to me bitch or bawl. I have to know you'll share my smiles and laughs. I need to know that you're on my side."

"I am, Bells, I swear! It's just; I'm just such an idiot sometimes. I forget my place. If you need me to be supportive, you've got it. I'm all ears to hear whatever you've got to say at any time."

"I hope you mean it, Jake, because I get the feeling that I'm going to need your ears to listen to all sorts of things that I'm just starting to discover. I can't do this alone, and while every one of the Cullens is great, and Alice's friends seemed nice enough, I could just use someone not tied up in their world that's my refuge."

"I can be that for you, Bella, I promise. And if I can't for some reason, please lean on Leah. She's really cool, for a Mom anyways." He chuckled at his little joke then smiled a big goofy grin. I opened my door, and we said goodnight there because I'd declined his offer to walk me to the door. That would have made things a little too date-like for my taste, and this was the farthest thing from that in my mind. Plus, I didn't know who may be watching and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression. I needed to make it clear to everyone else that what Jake and I had was nothing more than a friendship, and it was a rocky one at best right now.

As I opened the door, I turned and gave Jake a small wave, letting him know I was safe so he could leave. A sound from the living room startled me a bit until I realized it was just someone snoring. I figured it must have been Carlisle, acting the protective father waiting for me or maybe Edward or Alice to get home from a night out. It turned out to be Edward. My approach startled him from his slumber, and he gazed up at me through droopy lids.

"Hey," he breathed.

"Hey yourself," I smiled at him. He was so sweet, albeit a little overprotective waiting up for me.

"So, how was your night?"

"Interesting. I'm really tired right now, though, so maybe we could talk about it in the morning?" He looked a little disappointed at that, but being the sweet guy he is agreed, stood to take my hand and escorted me back to my room.

We walked in companionable silence, me trying to figure out exactly what or how much about my evening I should relay, while he was likely running through possible scenarios in his mind. I felt the need to reassure him that things were still however you could describe it between us and told him so before leaning in to give him a good night kiss at my door.

After a quick clean up and change of clothes, I crawled into bed for the night, and even with all of the thoughts running through my mind, I was asleep in no time.


Watching Bella leave with another guy was probably one of the toughest things I'd ever had to endure. My imagination was running wild concocting all sorts of sordid scenes, and I just had to get out of the house and find a distraction. Fortunately, my mom and dad were volunteering at the senior center for the day, and I offered to tag along. It had been a long time since I'd gone, but whenever I did it was good.

I sat in the atrium playing the piano for a while, something the residents always seemed to enjoy. We'd started volunteering as a family at the center as a sort of holiday tradition, but it became more of a common occurrence when we all fell in love with different residents. As time went on, we'd go just to spend time with them on our own. Each of us had latched on to someone that seemed to have no family or friends coming to visit them. The lady I used to visit, Mary, had passed away a couple of years ago in her sleep.

It had upset me so much that it took a long time before I would return to the center, even with my family. Mary had been a survivor. She'd lived through the great depression, fought for women's rights, and joined the fight for civil rights. She had done all of this while struggling with various health problems which actually caused her to be orphaned at a young age. I don't remember all of the details now, but when she was born with a heart defect her parents abandoned her on the steps of an orphanage.

I thought it was cold and heartless, but Mary explained it was a lot better than the alternative. Medical science hadn't quite caught up to all the cardio knowledge of today when she was born, and a lot of parents in the same position probably would have killed their child off she'd said. It was just the way things were back then as she told it, and I guess her parents felt they just didn't know how to handle it all. After talking with her, I was glad her parents had at least chosen to give her a life of sorts. The doctors couldn't tell how bad things were, but Mary knew she couldn't over exert herself without running into major difficulties. She'd never married because "what guy wants to deal with that," her words not mine, and of course she'd never had any children either.

Her cardio issues caused her to have a weakened immune system so she had contracted various diseases over the years that were harder for her to fight off than the average person. She'd told me all about it at one time because I'd told her I'd been thinking about going into medicine, like my father.

I remember laughing at her when she'd cautioned me about going into anything that dealt with women's health. She'd said I'd have to beat the patients away with a stick, at least all the single women, her guess being there would be a lot of ladies faking ailments just to get in to see me. Of course she'd also said I'd have to watch out for all the angry husbands, or if I took a different route I might have to worry about the gay men! I'd blushed over it all and loved how brash she could be. Thinking about her again put a smile on my face.

After playing until most of the residents around me were asleep or otherwise involved, I headed into the activities room. My folks had come to set up a game of bingo for everyone, so I decided to pitch in with that. When I was little, one of my favorite things to do had been to spin the cage for the numbers and call them out. Remembering this, my father motioned me toward where he had been doing that very same thing upon seeing me enter and then handed me the mic. He said his favorite part had always been playing for the residents, and he took off to rotate around the tables looking for someone that appeared to need his help.

I couldn't help but smile as he and my mom both walked the room, giving each other coy smiles from across the way and talking smack to one another on behalf of their seniors. Then when one of them would spot a bingo, the joy they got in yelling it and getting their person excited to scream it too was just insane. The residents were thrilled at the chance to dig through the prize bin for whatever stuffed toy or candy they found appealing.

When we'd finished the game and the residents had headed off to eat their dinner, we took off as well. I vowed internally to come back soon and maybe even find a new resident to spend extra time with. It would have to be something I thought deeply about though, given the fact that I could end up going away to school and would hate to latch onto someone only to pull myself away soon. My parents repeatedly said how nice it was that I'd come along, and insisted that we should all go as a family for Thanksgiving. I momentarily wondered how Bella would feel about it all and made a note to discuss it with her soon.

I didn't really think she'd have a problem with it, but you just never know. For some people, being in a nursing home is depressing, but for others it's a reminder of how much we need to embrace life as we have it and how to be grateful for all of the wonderful people in our lives. Those people had so much to teach us, and in light of recent events I was even more eager to learn.

While the trip to the center had kept me entertained and distracted for a while, it still wasn't long enough, and when we arrived home, I had to find some way to waste away the hours. I knew that Jazz and Em were busy today. Alice was dragging Jazz off to some cultural fair and Rose had Em doing God knows what, but I'm sure it was something girly that he'd be bitching to me about later. And while I had other buddies from school that I could call to hang out with, I didn't really want to because if I hung with them it sure as shit wouldn't be at my house, and I wanted to be there when Bella got home, even if I didn't know when that would be.

Resigned to the fact that I was basically grounding myself, I grabbed a sandwich and headed upstairs to my room. I decided that if I was going to be stuck somewhere, that was the best place since it kept me out of the parental line of fire, just in case anyone got any ideas. I hid out under the guise of studying and managed to pass enough time until my parents headed up to bed.

When I felt I was safely in the clear, I decided that since they obviously weren't going to wait up for Bella's safe return, I would. I don't know how long I was camped out downstairs, but I know I fell into a fitful sleep. My subconscious registered the odd hum that Bella and I share when we are near one another, jarring me from my slumber. I wanted to ask her everything about her evening, but she seemed exhausted and claimed to be as much, so I settled for waiting until she was ready to share. We walked together to her room where we kissed goodnight, and just like that a peace I hadn't felt since she'd left fell over me.

Back in my room, I let visions of Bella flood my mind, choosing to focus on her reaction to the remodel of her room, and all of the good times we'd shared over the past few days. She was quickly burrowing her way deeper into my heart, and I was more than willing to let her. I could only hope that I had managed to do the same to her. The images wrapped me in comfortable warmth that silenced all my other thoughts and allowed me to drift off to a slumber filled with serenity.


Despite my exhaustion I still awoke far earlier than any "normal" teenager should. I realized that I missed Edward and decided to try and pay him a visit. After a quick clean up, I opened the door to my room and listened carefully for any signs of life. When I was confident that no one else was awake, I scurried up the stairs and towards Edward's room.

I tapped quietly on the door and then let myself in, confident that he wouldn't mind. His sleeping form was a magnet and as it drew me in I wrapped my arms around his torso and curled up. I could have sworn I heard a sigh of satisfaction leave his lips and let out my own too. Closing my eyes and inhaling his calming scent, I drifted back to my dreams.

Sometime later, I felt kisses fluttering all over my face. Edward's smooth voice was cooing sweet accolades to me. Our bodies were pressed up tightly together and as I began to stir under his embrace, he also began to stir against me. I don't think he'd become fully aware of it yet because in my limited experience with him he'd have distanced himself from me before grinding uninvited instead.

As I let my lids lazily drift open, I was greeted by Edward smiling face. "Good morning," he cooed.

"Yes," I smiled back at him. On some minor level I was concerned about having morning breath, but figured I couldn't have been asleep long enough for a new dose to really accumulate, so when he leaned in for a good morning kiss I was more than willing to oblige. "Yup, it's definitely a good morning now."

He chuckled at that and what was likely my drugged out dreamy face. It was the trademark of his kisses.

"So, I thought we could grab some breakfast and talk a bit, if that's okay with you. Maybe you could fill me in on last night?" he suggested cautiously. It was almost as if he feared I'd be angry that he wanted the details I just wasn't willing to give him before.

"That sounds nice. Can we make it just the two of us though? I really don't feel like talking to everyone else just yet."

The smile that graced his lips at my suggestion was all the answer needed. "Okay, so I'll just hop in the shower and get dressed quickly, and then I'll pick you up at your room when I'm done. Sound good?"

"Yeah, that's great."

"Good. I'll see you in about 15 or 20 minutes, if that's okay?"

"Sure, that'll be fine." Fine? What was I thinking, 15-20 minutes to be publicly presentable with him? Yeah, right. I rushed out of his room and to my own, dropping articles of clothing in my wake the moment the door was closed behind me. I was more than thankful for my low maintenance preference in style, but at the same time I feared it wouldn't be acceptable to Edward. Mentally chastising myself for the negativity I hopped in the shower for a quick scrub down and shave of the necessary parts.

It was likely one of the fastest showers of my life. I flung through my clothes trying to find something appropriate to wear, but finding nothing extraordinary I threw on my favorite jeans and light blue chenille sweater. The softness of the sweater just screamed comfort and warmth, but it hugged my body in all the right places. I threw on my favorite pair of tan suede shoes. If I had to categorize them, they're clogs, but I love how they mimic a boot in their front end.

After a quick blow dry of my hair, I pulled the sides back and up, opting for a cross-do over a straight ponytail. It was perfect timing too because just as I slid my clip into place, Edward was knocking at the door.

The sight that greeted me upon opening it was heavenly. He'd thrown on a pair of low hanging black jeans and a smoky gray sweater. It looked to be cashmere and hugged his body in a way that had my fingers itching to just run all over it. I imagined the silky feel of the fabric gently caressing my palms as I glided them all over, perhaps using how soft his sweater looked as an excuse to touch him. Remembering myself, I broke from my stupor to greet him.

"You look great, Edward. Is that cashmere?"

"I think so, although to be honest I'm not that fabric conscious. Alice supplies most of my wardrobe. Normally, I wouldn't have been so forthcoming with that news, but it's only a matter of time before you find out, seeing as how you live with her now too."

"Right. Well, she may choose your clothes, but you," I paused contemplating touching his chest in emphasis, but decided against it thinking it would make me look like some kind of desperate ditz, "have to wear them. My mom used to say that clothes can wear some people, it just depends on the kind of person they are for the determination to be made as to who or what is really in charge."

I gave him a small smile, hopefully exuding the same level of confidence through my appearance as he had with his. Confidence is the key, according to my mother. "If you aren't confident in what you wear; it doesn't matter," she'd always told me. I think she just said it to make me wear some of the hideous things she'd conjured up in one of her phases, but it was good advice nonetheless.

Edward ended up taking me to some little diner nearby. He'd said it had to world's best French toast. They coated it with corn flakes and slivered almonds for extra crunch. It was an admitted weakness of his and would fast become one of mine, too. I'd definitely have to learn how to make it on my own.

Over breakfast we chatted about nothing in particular. He'd filled me in on his time at the nursing home the previous day. I'd been more than surprised to find out that it was somewhat of a routine occurrence for the family, and it made me wonder if I'd be expected to take part in it as well. I'd never been in a nursing home before, but from what Edward had told me this one was really nice. The people sounded friendly, and I was looking forward to spending time with him there.

When he'd told me about Mary, I wasn't at all surprised that he'd admitted to an interest in medicine, although we'd never really talked much about the future. His comments gave me a chance to comfortably broach the subject. "So, is that still what you'd like to do? Study medicine, that is?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I mean, after everything I just told you about becoming attached to Mary and then losing her, I'm not sure I could deal with that on a routine basis. I don't know how my father does it, deals with the loss and disappointment. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and don't know if I'd be able to take the feeling of failure."

"Oh, Edward, you can't really believe that's what a doctor is when they're unsuccessful, a failure? I mean, they were just fighting far greater odds than they could beat. Some things are just out of our hands."

"It's funny, Mary used to say something similar to me when I'd talk to her about death. She'd used that old saying 'the only thing to fear is fear itself' all of the time. She'd said that if there weren't people out there willing to risk everything for a chance at success there would be so many things that this world wouldn't have. I guess it's just a hard concept to grasp, you know?"

"Sure, but that doesn't mean that there aren't risks involved in every aspect of daily life. I mean anything worth having is worth working for, right? And if you really want to be a doctor you should, knowing that it isn't an easy road to take, but then again, there isn't a true easy road. At least you've thought about what you'd like to do with your life. I haven't got a clue."

"Actually, if you don't mind my saying, maybe you should look into counseling. I mean, you seem to have excellent coping skills, wisdom beyond your years, and you're a great listener." He gave me his sexy smile, and that coupled with his compliments caused my cheeks to go crimson.

"I tell you what, I'll think about it. We can work on it together, how does that sound?"

"It actually sounds great. Maybe we could even start looking at schools together, arrange some campus visits for the spring, that kind of thing." Talk of the future left me feeling nervous and excited at the same time. We'd yet to nail down anything, and even if we had something more formal in place, I'd still fear it not working out.

"Listen, it's actually pretty nice today, what with the lack of rain and somewhat warmer temperatures, would you like to take a walk with me?"

"That sounds great. How about we hit up Bogachiel Park for hiking? I often go there to walk around when I need some peace and quiet, or want to think."

"That sounds nice. Actually, I'd like to talk to you about yesterday, but would prefer to have it be just the two of us. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I think I do. Let's go." After a brief argument over who would pay the bill, which I lost, we headed out hand in hand.

The drive to the park didn't take very long and once we'd parked, not needing to pay an entrance fee since Edward had an annual pass on his car, we headed toward to trails. Walking in silence for a short while, we enjoyed the canopy of trees and the lush green that surrounded us. It almost felt like nature was giving us a hug.

Because it was a Sunday and early fall, there weren't a lot of other people around. In fact, since we'd arrived, I'd not seen another soul. Rather than be unnerved by this thought, there was comfort. I could truly just be myself with Edward and spill all the details. When we neared a fallen tree I pulled him toward it to sit, patting the space next to me so he'd know I was planning on talking, and it could take a while.

I decided the first thing to do should be to break the news to him that I'd told Jake about the arrangement. He didn't seem surprised, but worried about the reaction. I assured him that Jake would stay quiet about it, and he'd said he was going to work extra hard at being supportive of me. While I could still see Edward was tense over that comment, I moved past it, figuring I'd given him all that I could.

"The great reveal of the night wasn't me telling Jake though, Edward. There's more."

"What do you mean?"

"It turns out, that my mother wasn't an only child as we've all been led to believe. While I was hanging out with Jake, the mother of one of his friends came over and introduced herself as my half aunt. She said that she was the product of a quick rendezvous between my grandfather and her mother. It was a topic that was off limits to be addressed, but since her mother recently passed away she's decided to reach out. Unfortunately for her, I'm all there is left to contact."


"Yeah, tell me about it. I don't quite know what she's going to want from me, but it seems like she'd like to connect with that part of herself in some small way now that there's the freedom there to do so, and I can't deny her that chance. She even offered me the chance to move in with her, which I of course turned down. But, there's an issue in her knowing about the arranged marriage tradition. My grandfather married my grandmother in an arranged marriage not long after her conception. He had no idea the marriage was coming, and when her mother later confronted him it was decided that she'd just stay out of his life and he theirs. I think she may be a little bitter if she finds out my parents have subjected me to a similar fate."

"You mean our parents, don't you?" he gently corrected.

"Oh, right, sorry out parents."

"Yeah, so Jake and I got in an argument over it after I talked to her. He seems to think that you could do the same thing to me or some other girl somehow, and I fear he may try a little too hard to look for a way out of this."

"Isn't that what we want though? A way out? I don't mean that in a bad way, Bella, I just mean, don't we want a way to make our own decision to be together, without any outside involvement?"

"Something tells me that even if we found a way to get your parents to accept that neither of us wants to marry so young, there will never be an 'us' without outside involvement."

"That may be true, but I'd still like the chance to try. However, I want that opportunity without anyone getting hurt. I don't want to upset you, our friends, my parents, or the outside world in general, but I'm not sure we can have it all."

"We'll just have to find a way to try. For now, we have to take things as they come. We'll stick to our agreement with your parents because we have very little other choice. I mean, I can't very well fight them on this; they've been so kind accepting me into your home, hell into your family is more like it. And well, you, they own you too because of all the things you have thanks to them. Besides, no matter whether a relationship is arranged or not, there's always a call for support. So I guess the plan is: don't go burning any bridges."

"No problem. I have not intentions of making any waves right now. I do however, want to do something at the moment," his eyes were smoldering as he said this.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" I inquired, butterflies building in my belly.

Then he reached up and gently cupped my face in his hands, and just before planting his lips against mine he whispered "This."

Our kiss was passionate and sweet all at the same time. Our lips moved in tandem with each other. Wanting more, I reached around a cupped the back of his head, pulling his into me further. Leaning back against the log, I pulled him down toward me so that our chests were pressed against one another as he lay across me. Licking his lower lip, I coaxed his mouth open and slipped my tongue inside. Both our tongues lavished the other's with licks. There were moans and groans, some mild groping and grasping of teeth against lips and tongues. My heart was pounding in my chest, thrusting upward with an intensity that catapulted it into near separate entity status.

We were both panting heavily and light headed when Edward gently coaxed us apart. He suggested we needed to cool off, citing that while the trail gave an illusion of privacy, it was still a public park, and he did not want to make it a habit to have heavy make out sessions with me where the world could see, saying that I deserved better. As much as it hurt to admit it, he'd been right. So instead, we stood and turned, walking back towards the car, and perhaps a little more privacy. At least one could hope, right?

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