This scene takes place during the episode "Full Circle." The Time Lords have just summoned Romana to return to Gallifrey, and she is upset by the Doctor's actually consenting to take her.

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Romana was lying on her bed with her hand supporting her chin.

There was a knock, and the Doctor appeared at her doorway. He cleared his throat, and then said, "Do you mind if I come in?"

Not moving from her spot, Romana said, "The Time Lords want me back." She fought back the tears forming in her eyes. Why did they have to find us? We were having so much fun together, and they've ruined it... they've ruined everything.

"Yes. Well.. uh..." He stumbled over his words as he came into the room. He mindlessly picked up a book that he spotted lying on her sofa. "You only came to help with the Key to Time." And I remember it well. I didn't invite you; you forced yourself upon me. I suppose then that it's only fitting you should leave without my wanting you to, either. He opened the book, though he only pretended to read it, and wandered further into the room, keeping his back to Romana. He didn't want to look at her, couldn't.

Romana suddenly sat up. "Doctor," she said. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life on Gallifrey... after all this!" She waved her hand, symbolizing all of their adventures, the TARDIS, all of time and space at their fingertips, their remarkable friendship. After all you've opened my eyes to, you're just going to send me away like this? It's not fair. Please don't make me go. We can run. They'll never find us.

"Well... you can't fight Time Lords Romana," he said, as though reading her mind. He still flipped through the book, distancing himself even further from her.

She stood up and walked over to him. "You did... once." She had looked up all of his files, read transcripts of his trial and other dealings with the High Council, and even asked Leela about him before she left for the Doctor's TARDIS. She would never just go traveling with some random stranger across time and space before knowing at least a little about him first, even if she was commanded to assist him. Come on, Doctor! Where's the man I've grown to admire? I've seen you match wits with dozens of troublesome figures, but you're afraid of your own people? What did they do to you, Doctor?

The Doctor raised his head, but still wouldn't turn to face her. "Hmm..." he grunted in acknowledgment. Yes, I did fight them once, when I was young, brazen, and foolhardy. "...And lost." I've lost so much. You can't understand. You may have come a long way since I first met you, but you're still so naïve in a greater sense. I fought against them all, and squandered my happiness. I'm an exile, a renegade, destined to wander the galaxies alone... always alone. I may pick up the odd companion here or there, but they leave, as you will now. And they've never understood why I do as I do, why I never stay in one place for too long, never fully open up to anyone, never ignore the Time Lords when they call upon me for help... Not you, not Sara Jane, not even my Susan...

"Well," she said. "There's nothing more to discuss then. We have to go." I'll miss you, Doctor.

"I'm afraid so." You'll move on, find your own life. Like all the others. You don't need me. You'll be spectacular on your own. I only hope that, perhaps, every so often, you'll look up at the stars and think of me... of us... I'll miss you, Romana.