Harry forced a smile on his face as he waved goodbye to all his Hogwarts friends. He was in no way what so ever looking forward to another summer with the Dursleys, Especially when he had been so close to never having to see them again.

Harry had just finished his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in which his godfather Sirius Black had been pronounced a free man. No one had expected this seeing as Peter Pettigrew, formally known as Scabbers, had escaped. This however changed when just a few days later a very exhausted looking Crookshanks plopped down by Hermione's feet with a half dead rat in its mouth. Upon the discovery (and reviving) of Pettigrew and the handy use of veritaserum Sirius Black was, almost, immediately released. Harry would be with Sirius right now had it not been for Dumbledore's request that Harry stay with the Dursleys until he was seventeen.

It didn't matter to Harry though who figured nothing the Dursleys could do to him would be able to make him lose this blanket of euphoria that hung over him; could it?