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Chapter 16

Eldridge opened the door to Harry's room scanning it quickly before his eyes came to rest on his target. "Miss Granger." He called out hoping to get her attention however she didn't so much as glance at him instead choosing to continue staring straight ahead. "I really do need to speak with you. So if you wouldn't mind stepping out into the hallway with me I would appreciate it."

Still Hermione's gaze remained fixed on the form of her broken friend lying in the hospital bed. "No." The word came from her mouth soft and strong as she refused his request.

"While I can understand you are going through a lot right now." He paused momentarily at hearing Hermione's scoff but quickly dismissed it and pushed forward. "I trust that you understand how important it is that we receive your statement Miss Granger."

Again without so much as a glance at the intruding Auror. "No."

Eldridge was visibly surprised at her flat out refusal to help but was quick to shake it off his gaze returning to one of sympathy. "Due to your proximity to when the incident occurred your testimony could be vital to our case." Eldridge paused considering how far he was willing to push the poor girl after all she was probably in shock from watching the horrific attack on her friend, but deciding that the truth was more important than upsetting her he quickly pushed forward. "Especially if doesn't make it."

Hermione squeezed her eyes shut and wrung her hands in her lap obviously fighting a battle in her mind. Opening her eyes and letting out a sigh she fixed her gaze back onto the hospital bed and quickly replied. "My answer is still no, Harry will tell you when he wakes up."

"Miss Granger, what if he doesn't? The longer we wait the harder it will be to catch him, and if we wait for him to wake up and he doesn't-"

"Stop." Sirius growled out from his place beside the bed his hand gripping his godsons firmly. "Just stop."

Eldridge swallowed hard, forcing back his own feelings for the sake of his work, sometimes he hated his job. " please I am just doing my job."

"What could possibly be so bloody important that you think you have the right to come in here and say he is going to die?" Sirius eyes darkened as he looked down on Harry's small frame his voice low as he pushed back his overwhelming anger. "Besides from what I understand she was stuck in the closet. What is it exactly you want to know? How many coats he has?"

Hermione looked up from her twisting hands to a very obviously upset Sirius than to the affronted Eldridge. It seemed he wasn't quite used to the victims family being so against him. He noisily cleared his throat before returning Sirius' glare. "Her testimony would be essential due to the slats on the door that had granted her a partial view of the room that was assaulted in."

Then all at once it was Sirius turn to be surprised he turned his gaze onto Hermione his face quickly contorting to portray confusion and hurt. "Do…do you…know who…who did this?" His sentence was drawn out each word seeming as though it took great amounts of thought to make it past his lips.

Hermione chewed on her lip as she thought it over she looked from Sirius and then back to her twisting hands. "Yes, but-" She was quickly silenced by Sirius leaping from his chair and advancing on her.

"You mean to tell me, you know and you haven't bothered to tell a soul who this bastard is?!" Sirius' eyes were alight with rage, his voice shaking as fury gripped his being.

Eldridge had suddenly found his way completely into the room working his way right next to the two, hoping to intervene should Sirius get violent. "Now , why don't you settle down she has been through a lot today I am sure she will tell us now that she has had a chance to collect her thoughts."

"No I won't!" Hermione shouted drawing both of the men's attention back to her.

"Why the hell not!" Sirius yelled back his grey eyes piercing into hers.

"Because it isn't my story to tell, and Harry deserves the right to tell people himself."

"Harry may never tell anyone anything ever again due to these monsters you are protecting!" Sirius spit each word as though they were poison on his tongue.

Downright furious didn't even begin to describe the feeling that was coursing through her veins. "I would never" Hermione began her voice low, her body shaking as she barely managed to control her rage. " never protect people who would do this to a child, but neither would I take away the childs chance to free themselves from the people."

Sirius growled as he took a step towards Hermione before glancing back at the bed where his barley alive Godson lay beaten and broken. He quickly spun away from Hermione his hands fisting into his hair as he let out a scream of frustration before bounding towards the door his body quickly transforming to that of a large black dog as he raced down the hallway the sound of screaming patients and nurses trailing behind him as the scrambled to jump out of his way.

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