"Where are we going?" Fang asked me.

We're currently flying over a place that I officially deem the middle of freaking nowhere. It had very dry patchy land for as far as the eye could see. We're flying in the crystal clear blue morning sky right now. Fang is once again questioning my motives. I don't mind though. Its one of the ways that helps me keep what little sanity I have left.

"Well I haven't seen my mom and Ella in a while so I thought that we would visit them for a little while." I said peering at him through the hair that was whipping around my face annoyingly.

"Are you sure that's safe after what happened last time you saw her?" he peered back at me through his shaggy black hair that was covering most of his eyes.

"They know not to go after the same person twice. Besides that's even more reason to go. We might need to keep an eye on them." I said doing a quick 360 and head count.

Fang just shrugged we flew along silently for a while, both of us lost in thought. Besides even if we needed to say something we didn't actually have to speak. We can sort of read each others minds, just not in an Angel way.

"I like your hair." Fang said looking straight ahead not moving an inch. I wasn't sure if I actually heard him but he glanced at me once.

"Thanks." I said and tucked a stray strand behind my ear. "I like yours too."

Looking down I began to remember the familiar layout of the trees and brush. It was the woods that were close to my mom and Ella's house.

"Land here." I ordered my flock and we began to descend.

After walking a few miles through the woods, with many complaints from Nudge about her hair, we made it to my mom's house. There were a few more plants in the front so I figured that she was starting a garden.

We walked up to the front door step and rang the doorbell waiting for an answer. A few moments later Ella appeared at the door.

"Max!" she said and we embraced in a hug.

Embraced in a hug? I'm starting to scare myself.

"Hey Ella! Is mom here?" I asked.

Ella went around and hugged all the members of the flock. It was quite funny when she just shook Fang's hand after past incidents with hugging him.

"Oh yeah. I'm sorry. You guys can come on in." she said after she realized that we were still standing on the front porch and Iggy was about to have a spaz attack from being out in the open and not knowing what's happening.

My mom, upon hearing our ever silent arrival, ascended the stairs. "Max!" she said and it was déjà vu. Like Ella had she only shook Fang's hand and I smirked at Fang who shot me a death glare. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well I missed you because I haven't seen you in a while." I said being completely honest. It really is a luxury having a mother.

She smiled. "I missed you to but Ella and I actually won't be here all week. We're going to a family reunion."

"Oh well we can leave and come back if you want." I suggested looking at my second in command who gave me one nod. That's Fang for you though.

"No no. There's no need. You guys can all come with us. I'm glad you came when you did though because Ella and I were just going shopping for outfits to wear." she said and I groaned while Angel and Nudge bounced so high I was afraid that their socks would come off.

"What do you guys think?" I said turning to them. On the inside I was really sort of excited to finally meet some of my blood relatives.

Angel and Nudge agreed while Iggy and Fang shrugged and the Gasman attempted to copy them with a whatever look.

"Well looks like we'll take you up on that offer. I have my Max Ride card still Mom so I can pay for our outfits." I said.

"Well let's hop on in then. We need all the time we can get because it lasts a week and each day has a theme. The first day is formal and I'll explain everything from there." she said and groaned. Great. 7 days worth of shopping to do. This was gonna be fun.


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