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"Maaax!" Nudge whined. "Your hogging all the cookies."

I stuffed a cookie into my mouth and scooped 3 more delicious home made, melt in your mouth, gooey, chew-y, chocolate chip cookies into my hands. "To bad." I managed to say around my cookie.

This was one of the major perks of living with my mom. She always had cookies ready and on the table. And when I say always, I mean always.

But of course there are tons of ups to living with my mom. Like the fact that I'm living with my mother. And Iggy and Ella get to see each other everyday. It's really cute to watch them interact as a couple now. Their always holding hands or kissing, or Iggy always has his arms around her waist. My mom was very opposed to them showing this much PDA but Iggy managed to convince her that he was worthy of her daughter, much like Fang had.

"Max, the phone is for you." My mom said.

I smiled at her and took the phone from her hands while putting my cookies in my sweatshirt pocket. "Hello?"

"Max!" Casey screamed into the phone.

"Hey, what's up? How's your mom doing?" I asked grimly.

"She promised, no matter the risk, to stop working for the School." She answered. "I told her that that still doesn't change the fact that I'm leaving after graduation."

I slightly frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that. As much as I don't like your mother, Casey, I think you should try and work things out with her. I know what it's like to go without a mother and it isn't easy."

"Well I still have 2 years to make that decision." She said something to someone in the background. "Hold on. I have someone who wants to talk you."

"Cookie Monster?" Nessa spoke into the phone. After she found out about my obsession with my mom's cookies she started referring to me as "The Cookie Monster". "Guess what?"

"You dyed your hair green?" I joked. "She died her hair green?" Nudge screeched behind me. I waved my hand at her and dismissed her.

She laughed. "No. I moved in with Casey."

"Why? I thought you had it good with your parents?" Nudge's eyebrows pulled together at this.

"Well…we were having problems." I inquired. Next to me, I heard Nudge sigh and leave the room frustrated. Serves her right for trying to eavesdrop.

"Problems like me and my mom left my dad." Silence on both ends.

"Sorry doesn't even begin to cover it." I whispered into the phone. "Who else knows?"

Nessa said, "Besides My mom, Casey's mom, me, Casey, and you, nobody. I was hoping you could tell your mom and the Flock."

"Of course I'll tell them." I said. Speak of the devil and he and/or she shall appear. Just as I spoke, Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Angel, Nudge, Ella and my mom all walked into the room simultaneously. Not suspicious at all. I would have laughed but it didn't seem appropriate at the moment.

"Tell us what?" Iggy asked not beating around the bush.

"Nessa and her mom left her dad." I answered while the other line was dead silent. "You still there, Nessa?"

I heard her take a deep breath and mutter a barely audible, "Yes."

Ella and Nudge gasped, while Iggy, Gazzy and Angel stood with their mouths wide open. My mom had a look of remorse on her face and Fang looked…passive but sorrow showed clearly in his eyes as he pretended to bite his nails.

Everyone wanted to talk to her so the phone was passed around and we all whispered our support to the newest member of the Flock. When the six of us were finally finished, the phone was passed back to me but Casey was on the other end telling me Nessa said she was tired and was going to bed. We talked for a few minutes before Casey said she was going to bed too.

Nessa's life was about to get that much more complicated.

So I bet you guys are wondering what happened after my aunt Juli dropped that giant bombshell. Well I made a few jokes to stall for time so I could slowly make my way back to the door, only to find it was guarded by 2 Erasers on the outside. Now me being the incredibly confident person I am, tried to take down both Erasers on my own. That didn't work out all that well though because these were a new type of Erasers. Everything was the same except for the fact the School made them ten times stronger. Plus they were on steroids.

Basically, I got my butt whooped.

So I kicked and fought until I reached the window on the opposite side of the room. In the process, I kind of broke Juli's nose and possibly a few ribs. No real damage done. When I flew out the window and ran over to the Flock and told them what happened, we packed our stuff and we left. My mom drove us back to her house.

I felt really bad about the lack of explanation I gave to Casey, Nessa and Danny so I called Casey a few days later to tell her everything. I told her it was her decision if she wanted to call the police on her. She said that she knew how much we didn't want people prodding us and she didn't want to go to a foster home so she decided not to do anything. However, she was leaving right after graduation and Julianna promised to shut down all of the Schools she knew about.

And now Nessa left her dad for reasons unknown to anyone other than Casey. She had always seemed like a really nice, sweet person without a care in the world. Although, looks can be deceiving. We all have our masks that we wear.

Danny still basically lives at Casey's house, even after he found out about Julianna. He was mad at her for a long time, longer than Casey was, which I found extremely strange. I got over it though. Danny is a good friend of mine but I'm still mad at him for some of the stunts he tried to pull.

The Flock is going back to school now. My mom and I both agree that we want to live our lives as normally as possible now that the School is gone. We'll need at least a high school diploma to get jobs after high school but I think I'm going to make Iggy and Fang go to Junior College but leave it up to them if they keep pursuing their college career. I'm strange that way.

But other than that, my family is as wonderful as ever. Even though Casey, Nessa, Danny and I live hours away from each other, we're still all best friends and talk every night.

What can I say? We're family.

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