The young girl sat under the cool trickling water, slowly breathing, eyes closed. She should have been at her own fourteenth birthday party, but instead she was on what felt like the verge of death where no one would ever find her.

Sean woke up on the hot, sandy shore. "TREVOR?!" He yelled, not getting a response.

"Great, I lost them" he said to himself, until he realized the little glowing blue bird beside him, "Oh, hey little guy! Know where I can get some water?" the bird chirped and flew off, Sean following behind.

"Oh my god, I'm talking to a bird. I must be going crazy" he muttered to himself.

He soon found a small stream of water flowing from rock to rock, so he cupped his hands and had a drink. When he had drunk enough, he stepped back only to notice a girl about his age sitting near the water, holding her legs into her chest.

It made him jump, and she opened her eyes.

"Uh…hello?" asked a cautious Sean.

"You're not real. You can't be….please be real. Are you?"

He observed the frightened girl. Her dirty blonde hair was messily tied up with a slither of rope; she was wearing a dirty, slightly torn up white singlet and camo shorts with hiking boots. He also noticed she had a gash on her leg with dry blood surrounding it, and her face was dirty with minor cuts and scratches.

"Yeah, I'm real. How long have you been down here for?"

Before she could reply, a smile formed on her face as she get up and jumped on him, giving him a tight hug. Tears streamed down her cheek as she replied.

"I've been here for about a week and a half"

"A week and a half?! How did you survive?"

"I-" but he cut her off, "Explain later. We have to go, we need to find my uncle Trevor and Hannah"


And with that, they went on with an adventure like no other, proving they were both completely sane.

Okay, maybe not COMPLETELY sane.