Your Gonna hate me for this.

I am SORRRRY! i know this is a stupid, mean, bad bad authors note but i couldnt help it!

You see, i havent updated since the stone age and i feel really bad and guilty, but i cant write till next week (when i go back to my mums house- as all my stuff is in her computer), and this is the only way to make me feel a bit more un-guilty until then. I have some more written on it but i have to watch the movie again and blah blah blah, but i will TRY and post more later on next week. i hope.

Your reviews actually make a difference. Seriously. Becasue if it werent for them, i wouldnt feel guilty.

Well, i still love you all. -Ham xx

p.s. Happy NYE today!

(and Merry Christmas for last week)