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After a couple of hours Alice and I left the coffee place and headed home.

"Thanks Alice, for the whole saving me. I really appreciate it.

"No problem Bella, I'm your best friend it's what I do."

"Do you want to come in for a little bit, technically we're still suppose to be in school."

"No I'm going to pass I have some explaining to do to my parents on why the school probably called about my absence."

"Dang I forgot about that, maybe mine were still at the hospital and weren't home if the school called."

"Maybe, oh hey tell me how the whole Edward thing works out."

"Ok sure Alice, I'll see you tomorrow." I walked in the house and thankfully it was empty. Dumping my bag at the end of the hall I headed for the kitchen to see what I could snack on until mom and dad got home. While walking, I turned my phone back on to see that I had six missed calls and five text messages all for Edward. Sighing I listened to the messages all of them pretty much saying the same thing, Bella please call me back we really need to talk,the texts weren't much different. It was about 3:30 so I knew Edward would be back from school soon. I really wanted to get this conversation over with but at the same time I was scared for some reason. A couple of minutes later I heard the front door open, thinking it was Edward I started my prepared rant.

"What the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea what could happen if people found out? How could you do this to me?" I was rounding the corner when I realized that it wasn't Edward that entered the front door but my parents along with granddad swan. Crap!My dad was the first to speak.

"Well nice to see you to Bella, but what are you doing home so early?"

"Uh… I… um…." That's as far as I got, when Edward came through the door.

"Uncle Charlie, Aunt Renee, Granddad Swan, hey your back from the hospital. So how is everybody?" Edward asked his voice a bit nervous.

"Well granddad is doing much better but the doctors say they still don't exactly know what's wrong with him, just that he needs to take it easy and not get stressed or overexcited."

"So Bella why are you home early and why were you yelling like that?"

"I ….um…umm." I stuttered out.

"Bella was not feeling well at school and I went to get her, I might have made a fuss when I went and got her." Edward covered for me. Thank youI mouthed.

"Well that was really nice of you Edward, Bella that was a really nice thing that Edward did, you should not be yell at him."

"Sorry Edward."

"Ok kids we're all exhausted from the hospital, so were going upstairs to take naps before dinner, do you think that you guys can keep yourselves entertained until then?"

"Sure dad, mom, granddad and you go on up we'll be fine." I said finally finding my voice. After they left I turned to Edward.

"Come on we need to talk." Edward nodded and followed. I lead us to the forest behind the house, just far enough away to where no one could see or hear up, we didn't need witnesses if I hurt him.

"Ok you've got five minutes to explain what the hell you were doing in my English class."

"Should you really be this mad at me since I just covered for you? I mean if I didn't you would have been in a whole lot of trouble." He tried to joke. I didn't find it funny.

"I appreciate that, but the fact remains that you were at my school as my new creative writing instructor! What happens if someone finds out? What if the principal finds out or Mr. McCarthy? Huh what then!" I was pretty loud at this point.

"Clam down Bella everyone that needs to know knows ok, the principal, as well as Mr. McCarthy though I just call him Emmett." He added with a slight chuckle at the end.

"Are you insane? How could you do this without talking to me first? Isn't it enough I'm forced into marrying you?!" As soon as the words were out of my mouth I wish I could take them back the look on Edwards face was heartbreaking." Edward I'm sor..." but he cut me off.

"Bella you're the one that asked ME ok don't think that for one second that I'm the one to blame for this! The reason I took the job so that I could get to know you better. You're always at school so I thought that if I saw how you interacted with people your own age I could get a feel of how you've grown up. I've been gone for four years. Things change, people change. When I told Emmett about the marriage he suggested this. I went along because he had a point all I remember about you is the little girl in pig tails that would follow me around. I didn't get to know the young women you've became, so sue me for wanting to get to know my future wife!" he was pacing still fuming for about ten minutes before he calmed down enough to actually look at me.

"Bella I know neither one of us wants this marriage but think of what this would mean to granddad. He's sick Bells and this is what he wants, granted I really wished he didn't want this, but it's all we've got to give him so please can you please just accept this? I promise that no one will find out." I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head. He heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ok now that that is settled, when are we going to tell our parents and granddad not only about the engagement but also my job?" Edward asked.

"Well um I guess we can tell them at dinner."

"Yeah I guess that will work."

Meanwhile back inside the house


"Charlie." I yelled

"Yeah dad?"

"Do you think they bought I?"

"I don't know dad, we'll have to wait and see. Dad just a quick question, what are you going to do if this marriage idea of yours goes through, are you going to pretend to be sick forever or what?"

"Well when this marriage goes through I plan on making a miracle recovery, that way I get to play with my great grand kids!"

"Wha..What who said anything about grand kids!"

"Well of course there will be grand kids. You don't expect them not to have kids do you?"

"Yeah I did but not anytime soon!"

"Well why not they'll be married and it's not like it's a crazy idea, people that are married have kids it's only natural." I mean come on the man thinks I don't want great grandkids he's got another thing coming.

"Yeah but the wife is usually older than seventeen and is out of high school preferable college!" Charlie yelled.

"Fine I'll give them till she graduated college but not a moment after! I want to see and play with my great grandkids before I really die."

CPOV (Charlie's)

He must be crazy! It's one thing to have our kids married but grand kids? Maybe the old age is finally getting to him. All I know is that I'm not saying a word to Renée or Esme they would not take this well maybe not even Carlisle. Ugh can this situation get any more complicated? I really hope not.