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Oh and so we're clearon this, this is going to slowly build into a Bella and Paul ship. I hate that every story I read about them, their rushed because he imprinted on her.

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Btw, Jacob is really not her brother, but no one knows that until later on. He's really Billy Black son, like in the book.

Bella's POV


In my life, all I saw was darkness. It wasn't because I didn't look around or open my eyes to the world. It was because, I was blind. I was born with it. I had a shortage of vitamin A before I was born causing me to live this world without slight. I was used to it, but I didn't like how people made me feel useless. I hated having people fuss over me. That's why I'm now moving to forks. I have to get away from my mom and Phil. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I can't take them acting like I'm five.

"Honey, you know you don't have to go." Renee, my mother cried for the hundred times since we got to the airport.

"I know Mom, but I need a new start where people don't know I'm blind. I have Jacob, he's already told me he was going to help me through school. And I have Neptune." Neptune was the blind dog that Jacob was telling me all about that Charlie got me.

"I know, tell your brother and dad I said hello." I nodded and let out a sigh as I felt her hug me. She grabbed my arm and led me through the airport to the gate. They let her place me on the plane, then she left, but not before talking to someone.

It wasn't until I felt an arm on my shoulder that I knew I had fallen asleep.

"Miss, everyone getting off now." An old sounding lady voice told me. I felt myself blink and I stood up. The old lady knew I was blind because she was the one who my mother asked to help me off the plane. The lady led me off the plane and through the gates. Before I get always the way through the gates, I felt warm hands grab my waist and pull me into a hug.

"Bells! I missed you so much!" Jacob exclaimed into my ear. Loudly I must add.

"Lord Jacob," I pulled back from his hug. "You scared me." I laughed. Even though I couldn't see it I knew he was had a grin on his face.

"Sorry, Bells I tried to hold him back, but he got away."

"It's okay dad," I laughed and turned my head where I knew Jacob was standing and smiled.

"Well let's get you home, I bet you're tried aren't you?" Dad said to me, taking my carry-on bag away from me.

"Not really, I took a nap on the way here."

"That's good, now we can go out and get some supper." I turned to where I heard my dad voice.

"Please no," I begged him. I didn't want them making a fuss over me.

"Bells just let him take us somewhere to eat, its better than his cooking." I heard Charlie huff.

"Okay you two, let's go now." I felt one of Jacob's hand on my shoulder leading me through the crowd.


"Bella?" I heard Jacob voice break through my sleep. "Wake up, school time." Before I could say something, I felt something jump on me. Stupid Neptune. I groaned and sat up, shoving my dog off of me. I heard Jacob stand up from sitting on my bed and walk across my room. A sound of a door opened filled the room.

"What color do you want to wear today Bella?" Jacob asked me like I would really care. "Brown?"

"Sure, why not. Brown is a warm color, unlike the town Forks." I heard Jacob let out a laugh.

"We have warm days," Jacob told me as he tossed me some clothes. I was whacked in the face. "Get dress." I heard him walked over to the door to leave. "Um you can dress yourself can't you?" He asked like he didn't know.

"Yes Jacob, I have been able to dress myself since I was five." I shook my head and felt for my shirt that was lay in lap. I heard the door shut.

After about five minutes, I was done. I brushed out my hair, but didn't bother with it. Why would I? I didn't know if it would look bad or not. My room door up and I heard Charlie walks him. His footsteps was more pronounced then Jacob's.

"Well looks like you already," He muttered to me and I nodded. "Jacob's going to drive you to school." I again I just nodded toward him. "Can you make it down stairs by yourself?" He asked me and I fought back a growl. Why was they baby me so much?

"Yes," I told him and brushed passed him, feeling my way down the hall way to the stairs. As I took each step, I counted to myself. I made my way through the living room following the sound of someone talking in the kitchen to Jacob.

"She's shouldn't be here. She's going to be in danger Jacob." The voice told him and I stopped at the door.

"I know, Embry, but I can't just tell her I can't have her coming home. She's my damn sister for crying out loud." I hear someone sighed.

"Sam already told you that you can't tell her anything. And for god sakes keep her away from Paul. You know how--" Embry stated to Jacob.

"I know what Sam said, and Paul never comes here anyway, so no worries about him changing here." Jacob snapped.

"But he's goes to your school. You know how he's feels about her. Being helpless and your not being able to help us because you have to look after her." I felt my blood starting to boil. I hated this Paul dude. How dare him to called me helpless.

"I don't care what Paul the ass thinks, he can drop de--"

That's when I walked in.

"Hey Jacob," I felt around for the table.

"Hey Bella, here let me help yo--" I cut him off.

"I can do it myself," I hissed at him jerking his arm off of me. "I'm not a child." I heard Embry snort. "Who's he?" I asked nodded toward where I had heard Embry.

"Oh sorry, Bella this is Embry Call, one of my best friends and a pain in my ass." I heard Embry yell a hey.

"Nice to met you," I said politely and finally found the table so I could sit down.

"Same here," Embry muttered sounded somewhat shy. "Well I had better get going, I have to get to school before I end up late."

"You don't go to Forks?" I asked him.

"Nope, I go to La Push High School. Sorry, but I have you go now. It was great getting to know you Bella."

"You too, Embry." I told him. I heard him whispered something to Jacob, but I couldn't make it out, then I heard his footsteps as he left.

"So Bella, what would you like to eat?" He asked me.

Today was going to be long one.

Paul's POV

Great. Just fucking great.

Jacob's sister was coming home. Now he had to help her handicap self around since the girl was freaking blind. Before we know it he's going to be asking Sam for us to cover his patrol. Well Jacob could drop dead before I covered one of his shifts. I had enough going on in my life without this Bella Swan getting into.

"PAUL STONER!" I turned to see my mom glaring at me. "I just asked you a question." I sighed and muttered her a what.

"Do you want to tell me what you did at school yesterday?" She asked me. My Dad just read the paper like nothing was going on.

"I punched a kid in the face for going me a druggie." I shrugged like it was nothing.

"Paul you know you can't go around punching people for the hell of it." My mom told me. "What if you shifted forms or something." Leave it to mom to bring me being a Werewolf into this.

"I didn't okay. The mike dude only has a broken nose. No big deal." That dude was a player anyway. Always going after every girl I tried to go after.

"It is a big deal. You could've been kicked out of school." Blah Blah Blah. I heard this so many times I just tuned it out now. After a few minutes, I tuned back in.

"And I want you to help Jacob with Isabella too." Wait, What?

"What?" I choked out. She had to be kidding right? I wasn't going to help the handicap.

"You heard me Paul. I want to you help show Isabella Swan around school and be nice to her." Ha, like that was going to happen.

"Yea, Mom whatever you say." With her being my mom, she knew I was lying.

"Paul, I mean it. She's going to have a hard time being blind and all as it is." Isabella Swan could drop dead and I couldn't care less.

"Mom, I don't help the handicaps." I stated to her, getting up to leave. "And you know what else? This Isabella girl could fall off a cliff and I couldn't care less. She's going to take Jacob way from us." I slammed my fist on the table.

"That's not true, he's going to be with her yes, but that's because she's his sister. When the other's imprint did they leave you? No. Jacob will not leave his brothers for her sister."

"Whatever," I growled and brushed passed her. I was already shaking with anger and I had to get out of the house.

"Paul, get back he--" Her voice was cut off when I slammed the door behind me. Before I was half way through the yard, I changed and was running with four legs.

Paul, get your butt to school. Great, Sam was the only one in wolf form. Kill me.

I'm not going to school with that handicap girl. She's going to ruin the pack. I growled in my thoughts.

Paul, she's not going to ruin the pack. I won't allow it for one and two, how can this Isabella girl hurt us?

She's going to need Jacob to take care of her. Didn't anyone see my point here? She is going to take one of our brothers away and no one cared.

She's not going to take Jacob away from us. Now, get your butt to school and that's an order. Damn it, now I had to go to school.