Bitter Truth, Alice's Story

Part I: Dark Veil

Author: Arwens-light

Rating: T


I know I am about to die and I do not care. My body and mind are broken. I would trade heaven in all its splendor and glory just to die and be free from this pain.

My vision is hazy. One of my eyes is swollen shut. I don't try to focus on the two men in the clearing near me. One I don't know. I recognize the voice of the second, whom I had considered my friend. They will kill me. I don't mind much; I have accepted betrayal as part of my world.

It has started to rain. I can feel the wet drops fall on my face. I close my eyes. It slashes hard and cold onto my cheeks, my chin, my forehead. It runs into my hairline. I wonder briefly if it will wash the sticky blood from my hair.

I hear a growl, dark and feral, echo in my mind. I don't know if it's real or not. I lay on the hard earth, motionless and cold. I've been cold for two years now. I suppose I should be terrified that I will die soon, but all I can feel is relief.

Something cold touches my neck. I feel breath on my ear. Perhaps they will rape me first. Lips are at my throat, pausing for a fraction of a second above the sluggish pulse in my veins.

This is it.

Death, I welcome thee.