A/N - This is something that came to me after reading Betrayal ยป by Diamond-Raven and is actually dedicated to everyone who has ever and will ever serve in the armed forces. Thank you Diamond Raven for inspiring this with your story.


In fear, we hide

In sorrow, we mourn

In love, we run

Together, we stand

Together, we believe

Together we are strong

With the love around us

The fear is conquered

The sorrow chased away

Though we won't forget

We try to carry on

There is hope

There is faith

And the feeling of you

The feeling that you are still here

You will be remembered

We will continue the fight

In your names

Who sacrificed every thing

So that we may live

Without the fear

Without too much sorrow

And with the love you had for us

Together, we stand

Together, we believe

And most of all

Together, we fight

To live for what you believed in

Together we carry on your strength

So that all may live

Knowing you do not

And that we have our freedom

Because of your courage

And your belief

Of what was right

And we continue that tradition

Of fighting

In your names