So, I super duper love Alice and Jasper, and they need more stories. (:

Thus, my Alice and Jasper story.




"Last call for Flight 28 to Los Angeles, California. Please bring your tickets to the counter."

I sighed, took one last look around the airport, and gave the woman behind the desk my ticket. She checked it over, probably making sure I wasn't some terrorist, and I thought about everything I was leaving behind.

"Miss? Your ticket?" The woman behind the counter interrupted my thoughts, giving me a weird look.

I grabbed my ticket, ignoring the giggling of two girls behind me, and entered the long hallway onto the plane.

As I was making my way down the hall, I kept thinking about why I was leaving my home to this stranger who never even cared about me. What would she even want with me? Did she even know I was coming? I wondered if I would even like California.

I boarded the plane and looked for my seat. I made my way down the aisle towards 11B. I was craning my neck around a rather tall guy in front of me, trying to find my spot.

"Oof! I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going," I apologized to the guy in front of me.

He let out a booming laugh. "Maybe I need a sign on my back. Don't worry, it happens a lot!"

I laughed with him. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. I noticed he had stopped in front of Row 11. I had a sneaky suspicion about this. "Are you sitting in 11A?"

"Yeah, I am! It looks like we're going to be plane buddies!" He helped me put my luggage in up above and sat down with me. "Why are you heading to Los Angeles?"

"I'm moving out here," I said.

"That's great!" Was it really? I didn't think so. "What school are you going to?"

"Um, John Marshall High School."

"I go there too! You can meet my friends. They're great and I can see you getting along with them."

"You think so?" I asked. "It'll be really great to know some people before I go to school. I would hate for everybody to think I was a freak!" He laughed at me again.

"You look like a pixie, I doubt anyone could think you were anymore of a freak." I glared at him and did the most mature thing I could do, I stuck my tongue out at him. This, of course, sent him into another uproar causing the entire two rows in front, behind and to the side of us to turn and stare at us.

"Stop it!" I hissed. It was bad enough I got called a pixie, but now everyone else on the plane knew I looked like one. I smacked the guy in the arm, but it ended up hurting my own hand. "Ow! Oh my gosh, ow!"

He looked at me, amazed. "You are a freak. You'll fit right in with us!"

It was then that I realized I knew nothing about this guy, even though I felt completely comfortable around him.

"I realized I have no idea who you are. I think introductions are in order!" He said, "I'm Emmett Cullen." He held out his hand for me to shake.

I took it. "Alice Brandon. Nice to meet you." He shook my hand and nearly crushed my hand. "Emmett! My hand!"

"Whoops! Sorry, pixie. I forgot how strong I was." He flexed him muscles and I giggled at him.

"Are you laughing at me? I really don't think you should do that…" He gave me an evil look and I shrank away from him. "Just kidding!" He laughed.

I let out the breath I was holding and glared at him. "What a mean thing to do, Emmett!" He shrugged and let out a yawn.

"Man, I am tired. Wake me up when we're there." With that said, he fell asleep. I chuckled and looked out the window, wondering what was waiting for me when we landed.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are twenty minutes away from landing. The weather in Los Angeles is sunny and it's 87 degrees outside. Thank you for flying with AirTran." The captain said over the intercom.

I looked over at Emmett and saw he was still sleeping. I poked at him and he let out a grunt, but didn't wake. I poked another time, but this time it was harder. He shifted a little bit. I poked him one last time as hard as I could without hurting myself and he said up with a jerk.

"I didn't do it!" He shouted. The people next to us gave us a peculiar look. I giggled at him. "Damn, Alice. You really know how to wake a guy up."

"We're about to land, just thought you should know." I shrugged.

Ding! The light for your seatbelt came on and I knew we were about to land. This was my least favorite part. I closed my eyes and clutched the arm of my chair.

"Don't freak out, it'll be okay. We are not going to crash and die. I know we won't." I muttered to myself.

I felt Emmett's curious gaze on my face. I opened one of my eyes and simply said, "I hate landing." He nodded and I closed my eyes again. However, I felt his hand take mine and I felt reassured. I knew I could grip it as tightly as I could. It wouldn't hurt him one bit.

The plane was nearing the ground and I felt a great bump as the plane's wheels touched the ground. I squeezed Emmett's hand tightly and wished for the best. To my relief, the plane slowed down and taxied towards the boarding station.

I let go of Emmett's hand and let out a big sigh. "Thanks, Em. I might have died without you."

He smiled at me. "I doubt you would of, but I'm glad to be of service."

We got off the plane and headed towards the baggage claim.

"Is anyone waiting for you?" Emmett asked me.

I shrugged. "I think so." We got off the escalators and headed towards Carousel 4, where I saw a large sign that said, Alice Brandon. "Yeah, right there. The big sign that nobody could possibly miss." Emmett laughed at my sarcasm. "Whose waiting for you?"

"I hope Rose. I haven't seen her in weeks!" His eyes went off into the distance and I was sure he was imagining her.

I waved a hand in front of his face. "Earth to Emmett? Calling Emmett Cullen!"

He snapped out of his trance and smiled at me sheepishly. "Sorry, I just miss her so much." I looked at him, slightly confused. "She's my girlfriend, probably the best girlfriend out there. I count my lucky stars everyday she puts up with me."

"I hope she's here then." I said. All of a sudden, a thin figure ran past me and nearly tackled Emmett.

"Emmett!" She screamed, hugging the lights out of him. He hugged her right back, probably not as tightly, not wanting to harm her.

He pulled back and gazed at her lovingly. "Hey, Rosie, I sure did miss you."

She smiled at him from under her eye lashes. "That's an understatement, considering I missed you more than you would ever know."

They just gazed at each other and I turned away, feeling like I was intruding. I continued my search for my luggage. I had just spotted my bag when Emmett turned towards me.

"Alice, this is Rose. Rose, this is Alice." He introduced.

I held out my hand. "Nice to meet you, Rose. Emmett wouldn't shut up about you for the longest time."

She took my hand. "He's such a goofy," She said affectionately, "It's very nice to meet you. I'm impressed you put up with him the whole way here."

I giggled. "Me too." The guy carrying the large sign walked up to me. I looked at him.

"Alice Brandon?" I nodded, "Time to go." He grabbed my bags from me and started to walk away.

"See you guys at school!" I said, walking backwards for a bit, before turning around and starting a whole new life.

I followed the driver all the way out to a black Towns Car. He popped open the trunk and maneuvered my luggage into the trunk. He closed the trunk and opened the backdoor for me, motion for me to get in. He went to the drivers' side and started the car.

As he pulled out of his parking I asked him where we were going.

"We're heading to your aunt's house. She only lives a couple miles away from the school you will be attending so you can get a glimpse of it as we pass by."

I was satisfied with his answer and leaned back, looking out the window at my new home. We stayed on the highway for the longest time, taking multiple exits until we took our last one called World Ways. We passed by the high school, and it appeared pretty normal, but I would have to wait until actually attending the school to pass my judgment.

The driver was correct when he said my aunt only lived a couple miles away from the school. He pulled into a turn around driveway and I gasped when I saw the house.

It had clay walls and there was a small fountain by the front door, which was framed with a huge building. There were two garages facing each other, and plants surrounding the building. It was beautiful. I couldn't believe I was going to live here.

I got out of the car, slightly blinded by the sun, and stood there gaping at the house.

"Miss?" I jerked back into reality and looked at the driver. "Time to go inside."

I took a huge breath and walked in, waiting for what would happen next.



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