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I woke up feeling refreshed the next morning. The sun beamed through my open window as I stretched my arms high above my head and I swung my feet over the edge of my bed. I placed my feet on the floor and shuffled groggily towards the bathroom. I hopped into the shower and let the hot jets massaged out the knots from the long plane ride.

I stepped out of the shower and bounced to my wardrobe and shifted through all my clothes before remembering I still hadn't unpacked all my clothes. Deciding to unpack the rest of my clothes first, I put on a pair of jean shorts and an old t-shirt. I put on my music and started sorting my clothes. Before long I was singing along with the music and dancing my way across the room. I finished unpacking and headed down the staircase towards the kitchen.

I walked into the brightly lit room and the smell of bacon filled my nostrils. Albert was seated at the counter reading the newspaper with a cup of steaming coffee by his right hand. Albert glanced up as I entered the room. He nodded towards the stove,

"There's bacon in the frying pan and toast in the toaster. Help yourself."

I headed towards the stove and picked up a plate next to it.

"Thanks. Where's my aunt?" I asked casually picking out a couple pieces of bacon.

"She regrettable had to go into work. There's a big project coming up she's in charge of and couldn't get off of work today." Albert responded from behind the newspaper. "I'll be around today if you need anything."

"I'll keep that in mind," I munched a piece of peanut butter toast, "I'll just stay around here today. Maybe take a walk to get familiar with the neighborhood."

Albert grunted from behind the newspaper. "Enjoy yourself."

I walked out onto the patio with the rest of my toast and bacon and gazed around the scenery in front of me. The hot sun shone down on the buildings creating long shadows over the rest of the city. There were cars crowding the roads and people milling on the sidewalks on cell phones or chatting with the people next to them. The air was hot and I would see the heat rising from the sidewalks and roads. I continued admiring the scenery when from below the patio I heard the gate creak open. I quickly glanced down and saw Jasper enter. Remembering my plan to make amends with him I rushed into the house, put away my plate and hurried down to the pool area.

I found him right where he had left me the other day. His back was to me as he worked on trimming the bushes. I cleared my throat as loud as I could and he stopped his actions as he turned towards me.

His face registered shock and then grew hard as he looked at me.

I stared into his brilliant blue eyes before timidly saying, "Hey."

He continued to look at me and I grew uncomfortable under his glare. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say. After about a minute of awkward silence I started rambling,

"I'm really sorry about yesterday. I had no idea that I had offended you and I certainly didn't mean to. I'm so sorry. I really want to just forget it and move on and be friends. I mean if you're okay with that. If you're not okay with that then we won't be friends and I'll leave you alone, but I want to—''

"Stop talking."

I immediately shut up and stared up at him in shock. He was looking down at me in utter annoyance. He turned back towards the bushes and I continued to look at his back as he started working again. I took his action as his way of rejecting my offer and defeated, I headed back to the house. I was about to reach the sliding glass door when he spoke.

"I accept your apology." I turned back towards his direction smiling. He quickly glanced at me and then back at the shears in his hands, "but we can't be friends. We're just too different." My smile quickly faded from my face. I couldn't believe it. What century were we in? Did it really matter if he worked for me?

"Why not?" I demanded.

"It just won't work, okay? Just let it go." He said shortly before going back to work. I knew that was the final word and dragged my feet across the stone and pulled open the door.

I trudged up the stairs and flopped into my bed. I had no idea what was up with Jasper. How come we can't be friends? I'm not that bad of a person and this house isn't even mine. I just arrived here. He doesn't even know me or who I was or where I was even from! I let out a frustrated sigh as I stared up at my ceiling, my eyes starting to slowly close…

I woke to a sharp knock on my door. I blearily struggled to get upright as the knocking continued. I stumbled to the door and opened it to find my aunt behind the door.

"Oh! Where you sleeping? I'm sorry. I just got home from work and wondered if you possibly wanted to eat with me, but you can go back to sleep if you want to…" She trailed off.

I realized my aunt was making an effort to make my stay here comfortable and I decided that she had no say over the matter so I shouldn't hold anything against her.

"No! I would love to. If I go back to sleep I won't be able to sleep at all tonight."

Aunt Karen beamed down at me. "Lovely! How about some fish on the grill tonight? I'll get George to make it."

"Sure, sounds good." I replied. I wondered who George was. I hadn't seen him this morning, but if he was the cook then he must have made my breakfast. I was curious as to who he was and was looking forward to finding out.

"I'll let you wake up and Albert will come up when dinner is ready." She turned around and headed back down the hall. I heard her heels clack down the stairs and I walked back into my room for the bathroom.

I splashed some cold water on my face and brushed my hair. I changed my clothes before deciding to take a walk before dinner.

I bounced down the stairs and called out to my aunt. "I'm going to take a quick walk. I'll be back in ten minutes!"

"All right, but be safe!" She called back to me.

I opened the front door and walked down the driveway to the street. The sun was just beginning to set and there were deep shadows covering the sidewalks. A slight breeze blew against me and I shivered slightly. I should have brought a jacket, I scolded myself. I continued down the block hugging my arms across my body. I quickly crossed the street to a full of different businesses. I noticed the buildings looked a little shabby but didn't think anything of it.

The sound of a can rolling across the ground broke the silence. I jumped at the sound but mentally chided myself for being so jumpy. The sky got slightly darker and I decided that maybe it was time to head back. I was getting more nervous by the minute and I quickened my pace until I was almost jogging. Suddenly, there was another shadow joining mine and I started to run. My heart was pounding as the footsteps started to get louder as whoever was behind me started to catch up. A hand reached out and grabbed my wrist. I screamed but a large hand clapped over my mouth.

"Shut up!" The male voice hissed. I struggled against his vice like grip but found myself failing. I started to panic as two more people closed in on me and my captor. A sweet smelling cloth covered my mouth. My eyes felt heavy as my body began to go limp. From the haze of my vision I heard a shout as a body appeared out of nowhere and my captor dropped me. As I lay on the ground I could hear shouts and a scuffle. All of a sudden it was quiet and I felt somebody drop beside me. The person pulled me into an upright position.

"Come on, you have to get up. I need to get you back. Come on," The person begged me. After a couple minutes, I felt myself lifted off the ground and everything went black.