Title: No, You Can't Borrow Ianto

Author: Wereleopard

Rating: PG at the moment

Pairing: Jack/Ianto,

Spoilers: Ummm all of Torchwood and Dr Who

Summary: UNIT have set up a base outside Cardiff in case anything happens, Martha is based there and wants to borrow Ianto. What is Jack jealous of that Ianto gets to spend time around hot military men or the fact that Ianto is dressed up as a hot military man????

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood or Dr Who. I wish.

N/B I know I shouldn't start another but I am catching up, really. Also Owen is not dead, Martha was there for Reset but everything when fine and Owen was not shot. Tosh and Owen will get to go out on their date.

Chapter One

"No, you can't borrow Ianto." Jack said matter-of-factly.

Martha sighed. "Jack, please we need someone with great local knowledge and you always speak highly of Ianto."

"Martha find another Welshman you can't have mine. We are in Cardiff you can't swing a cat without hitting one." Jack said stubbornly.

"Well we also need someone who can keep a secret."

"How about Gwen? Take her."

Martha shook her head. "We want Ianto, please Jack you know he is the best man for this job. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

Jack glared at her. "It's the last time I promote how good my team are; you just come along and try to steal them."

"Jack I am not stealing them all, I am only 'borrowing' one. Ianto."

"Yeah but it's my Ianto." Jack sulked.

"Thank you Jack." She said with a smile and hugged him. "I'll take good care of him, I promise."

"Well you'd better see if it's ok with him. I don't want to have no Ianto, and then him coming back pissed off."

Martha laughed and headed off into the main hub. They were all in the conference room. "Ianto can I talk to you privately please."

Everyone turned to him in confusion, the young man just shrugged his shoulders.

Jack walked into the room as the other two walked out.

"What's going on Jack?" Tosh asked.

"Martha wants to borrow Ianto." Jack said sadly.

"Why?" Gwen asked surprised. Jack and Tosh glared at her. "What? Why would they want Ianto?"

"UNIT have set up a base outside Cardiff, they want someone to go and help who has local knowledge. They wanted Ianto, I tried to get them to take you Gwen but, nope, they wanted Ianto."

Gwen narrowed her eyes at Jack as Owen and Tosh sniggered. Then she smiled to herself. Ianto wouldn't be around. That meant she would have time to talk to Jack to find out what was between them. There was definitely something there but Ianto was with Jack 24/7 so that meant nothing could happen but now….

Ianto walked in laughing with Martha, the smile faded as he saw Jack's face. "So are you going then?" Owen asked.

"Yes I am, so you have to make your own coffee and pick up after yourselves." Ianto grinned walking around to Jack.

Owen and Tosh looked at each other in horror. "Maybe Gwen could go?" Tosh asked hopefully.

"Sorry Ianto is coming with me." Martha laughed.

"But coffee, you're taking away our coffee." Owen muttered.

"Not only the coffee, but my Ianto." Jack mumbled.

"Owen the coffee will still be here and Jack I will talk to you privately ok."

"It's not just the coffee; it's you who makes the coffee. No one makes it like you do, ever. I mean who can go back after having Ianto's coffee." Tosh sighed sadly.

"Who could go back to having no Ianto when they've had Ianto?" Jack glared at Martha who tried to look solemn and failed.

Slowly the others headed out Martha grinning because she got the man she wanted, Gwen smirking because she hoped that she was going to get the man she wanted. Tosh and Owen looked sad because they were going to get caffeine withdrawal.

Jack sat at the table looking desolate.

Ianto sat on the table to the side of Jack.

"They need me Jack." Ianto reached out and stroked Jack's face.

"Why couldn't they take Gwen?" Jack said sulkily.

"Jack I am the one with the local knowledge, I am the one who organises things. I am the one that got you from A to B and then sorted it out."

"You are the one that I am going to miss most." Jack looked up.

"I'll miss you too." Ianto stood and pulled Jack to his feet, he moved closer and kissed him with all the love he had and couldn't tell the other man. Ianto knew Jack didn't feel that way, he knew Jack was miss him they did talk as well as shag but that didn't mean he was in love.

If Gwen professed her love Ianto knew that he would be dropped like a bad habit but he was happy because he had Jack for now, he had his captain and that was all that mattered.

"Don't be gone to long." Jack hugged him tightly; even though Ianto was more open to him the man was still a mystery.

"I won't Cariad. Rwy'n dy garu di" Ianto whispered unintentionally and a little sadly and not knowing what he said. He pulled away and walked out of the door.

Jack felt lonely already, what was he going to do all alone. Jack heard the cog door go Ianto was gone. He frowned, what had Ianto whispered to him? He ran to his office and computer and typed it phonetically. Cariad = darling, love. Rwy'n dy garu di = I love you.

Ianto loved him. Jack forced himself to not go after the other man and then it hit him. The reason Ianto had not said anything was because he didn't believe that Jack could or would love him. Then the conversation he had overheard made sense. Ianto was talking to Tosh and they were talking about him and Gwen. There wasn't a him and Gwen but Ianto obviously believed that he was second pick.

When that damn Welshman got back Jack was going to have to prove that all he wanted was what he had. Ianto Jones.


"Ahhhh one thing Ianto." Martha mumbled.

Ianto looked at her suspiciously. "Yes?"

"You would stand out a little in those suits and be the first person someone would attack."


"We have to put you in a UNIT uniform." Martha grinned.

"You what?" Ianto shook his head. "Kill me now and don't tell Jack."

"How about a few pictures though, I know he only wanted to see you in the cap but the whole uniform." Martha laughed.

Ianto paused and imagined Jack's face with him dressed up like that. "Well red is my colour." He said joining in with Martha's laughter.

"Well imagine what it would do for your 'dabbling'. I'll see what I can do about you keeping it."