An Angel's Tears

Note: I've been working on this ficcy for awhile, it is Jennie-chan's long awaited
epic! Ok, ok, I'll shut up. Oh, BTW, I don't own DBZ/GT. Akira Toriyama does.

Another lonely Friday night. Another cheesy soap-opera and microwave dinner. Marron was
sick of being dateless every night, and she was friendless as well. The only friends she had
were Bra, Goten and Trunks. Bra: date. Goten: date. Trunks: office. Where was Marron? Home.
She hated that.

"Screw this." she muttered.

Marron got up and turned the television off. She went into the bedroom, and emerged twenty
minutes later dressed in a sexy pink halter top and black pants. She picked up the phone and
dialed. She didn't know why, but it was Trunks that she called. The phone rang three times before
it was picked up.

"Moshi moshi?" said a dull voice.

"Trunks-kun?" Marron asked.

"Marron? What are you doing calling my private line?" his voice was irritated.

"Geez, Trunks! Sorry. Bye."

"Wait, wait, wait!"


"What are you calling me for?"

"Funny you should ask."


"If you're not too busy..."


"...I was wondering if you would want to go to a movie with me."

There was a long pause. "Now?" Trunks said finally.

"Yes, now, but if you're too busy---"

"No, no, not at all! Thanks Marron!"

"For what?"

"Getting me out of work! See you in ten!"

He hung up. Marron groaned and hung up too. She went to find shoes.

"Yes!" Trunks whooped, standing up from his chair and grabbing his briefcase.
"Date night and I finally have a date!"

He paused. He thought about this carefully. A date? Marron? One of his best friends?
Well, I suppose it's a date, he thought, shrugging. But with Marron...she wasn't the little
girl who always tattled on him and Goten anymore. She had grown into a beautiful girl---no
woman, Trunks corrected. She had long, beautiful blond hair and deep blue eyes. Those
eyes. What is it about those eyes that always made him blush?

He blushed slightly now, as he pulled his jacket on. Opening the door, he wondered vaguely
what he was going to tell his secretary.

"Sir, where are you going?" the secretary asked the moment he stepped out of the office.

"Oh, I got something to take care of."


Trunks decided he had to tell the truth. "A date...with a friend of mine." he spat out.



Chuckling softly, he got into the elevator.

Marron sat there, holding her purse and occasionally looking at her watch. She had put her
hair into a pretty little knot at the back of her head, using pretty little butterfly clips
that were pink. She wore black high heel platforms, and carried a black purse. She wondered
if she looked good enough to go out on a date, being her first one in a long time. Suddenly
there was a knock on the door. Marron lept to her feet and opened it at once.

"Hey, Mar---" Trunks half-said. He stared at his friend, apalled by her beauty.

"Hey, Trunks! Oh! Are those for me?" she asked, staring at the bouquet of flowers Trunks
was holding.

"What? Oh yeah---" Trunks snapped back to reality. "Yeah, they are."

"Thanks! I'll go put them in water. Come on in." She beckoned him in and ran into the kitchen,
looking for a vase.

"Wow, so this is your new place huh?" Trunks asked, looking around.

"Yes, I'm sorry you haven't been by to see it." Marron said, taking a vase out of the cupboard.

"I know..." Trunks went into the kitchen and looked at Marron cutting the ends of the flowers
to make sure they fitted into the vase.

"You look beautiful tonight, Marron-chan." Trunks said in a strangled sort of voice.

"Thank you." Marron said quietly.

"You know, I feel really bad we don't seen each other that often anymore."

"Yes, well...we've both been busy." Marron said, filling the vase with water.

"You've changed a lot." Trunks said.

"Oh, really?" Marron said, blushing.

"Yeah, you've gotten prettier."

"I--I have?" Marron was adjusting the flowers in the vase now.


The two of them stood there, looking at each other for a while. Both of them were blushing
furiously, in silence. Then---

"Well, that's done." Marron said quickly, carrying the vase over to the dining table.

"Ok, I guess we should be going, my car's parked outside." Trunks said.

"Hang on---" she grabbed her purse. "Ok, let's go."

Marron turned off the lights and stepped outside, Trunks behind her. She found her keys in
her purse and hastily locked the door. She turned back to Trunks, who was smiling at her in a
strange way, she grinned back rather nervously, and started walking to the apartment elevator,
Trunks close behind her.

Marron pressed the '1' button and the elevator started moving, the music playing quietly. To
break the nasty silence between them, Marron talked to the silent Trunks.

"So did you get here from work?" she asked.

"Yeah, but I thought I'd be a gentlemen and get you some flowers first." Trunks answered.

"Well, it was very sweet of you," Marron said, stepping out of the elevator.

In silence Trunks and Marron walked to Trunks' convertible. Trunks opened the door for his
'date', grinning broadly. She smiled too, stepping inside buckling the seat belt up. Trunks
closed the door and walked over to the other side of the convertible, getting in himself. He
started the engine as Marron sat in silence. Trunks put the top of the car on as they sped
through the night street.

"Umm---" Marron began, pausing to think what to say. "Where are we going again?"

"To the movies remember?" Trunks answered.

"Oh---right." Marron said, rather embarrased.

"Are you hungry?" Trunks said suddenly.


"I was wondering if you'd want to go have dinner after the movie."

"Oh," Marron said. "Um, sure, I guess so."

There was a long pause as Marron became very interested in her purse and Trunks was pretending
to focus mainly on the road. Both of them wanted to ask the same, obvious question. Finally,
Trunks swallowed his pride and screwed up his courage.

"Er, Marron-chan?" he asked, his voice shaky.


"Is this, er, going to be, um, rather to say, um, if it isn't I---um, is this a date?"
he spat out finally.

Marron didn't answer, she just smiled out of the window.