An Angel's Tears
Part 10: "Changes"

~Three Months Later~

Marron sighed as she took the elevator down. She was so tired from an exausting board meeting.
All she wanted to do was relax. The elevator music played "Jingle Bells". Marron thought this
was very late indeed, and that someone would have to talk to the elevator programmer.

"Just someone but me," she said aloud.

The elevator got down to Floor 1 and Marron got out. She smiled to the receptionist and wrote
her name and leaving time on a piece of paper on a clipboard next to the desk.

"Hard day, Marron?" said the reciptionist.

"Very hard, Lyan."

"Well, it's better than trying to reach that elevator programmer all day!" Lyan said.

"Yes, I think that Christmas music is a little late, huh?"

"A little? Try a lot." Lyan laughed.

"Besides, my Christmas was horrible, with all the flight delays because of the snow."

"Hmm," Marron said, remembering her own Christmas.

"Well, I guess I'll see you---" Lyan thought. "Monday then?"

"Yes, tomorrow's my birthday."

"Is it really? Happy Birthday!"


"How old are you going to be turning?"

"Um, 25."

"Oh I see. Well, I'll see a 25-year-old Marron on Monday, huh?"

"Yes, Leann, see you."


Marron pushed the door on her way out. Christmas...she remembered everything about it. Christmas
Eve, AND Christmas Day. She and Trunks had kissed under the mistletoe...and then after their
kiss, they just walked away from eachother and haven't spoken since then. It sounded so stupid
just thinking about it.

As Marron got into her car and turned the engine on, she thought about calling Trunks and the
rest of the Briefs. Now that she had thought about it, she had been very rude on Christmas Day.
After the kiss, she just picked up her stuff and left, not even saying good-bye to anybody.
They had been so nice to her, giving her clothes to wear and making her breakfast. She did
write a letter of recommendation for Bra and mailed it to her...but haven't seen any of the
Briefs in person.

"I should come see them." Marron said aloud, and made a left turn, rather than her usual
right turn home.


"AHHH!" Bra screamed. "It's here, it's here, it's really here!"

"What's here, honey?" Bulma asked, coming out from the kitchen.

"The letter from St. Mannahsama University! Finally it's here!"

Bulma laughed. "Well ok, why don't I get the letter opener and we'll open it together."

Bra nodded and sat down on the couch. had been three months! She had been eagerly
checking the mail ever since she sent her application in. She had double-checked the envelope
for everything, and now, the letter was finally here.

Bra read the huge red letters that said "Open Immediately" on the envelope just as her mother
came back with the letter opener. Bra seized it.

"Careful, Bra, that's sharp." Bulma said.

But Bra wasn't listening. She had now torn open the envelope and was scanning the letter.

"Dear Miss Briefs...yada yada..." Bra was reading fast.

"That's wonderful, Bra! Congratulations!" Bulma cried, hugging her daughter.

"Ooooh this is great!" Bra screamed, jumping up and down.
"I gotta go and call Marron! And tell her!"

Just then, the doorbell rang. Bulma got up and opened the door, and Marron smiled at her.

"Marron, dear, how wonderful. We haven't seen you in ages!"

"Life's been busy, Bulma-obasan." Marron said. Bra came over and invited her in.

Bulma went to the kitchen and returned with tea and biscuits for the two, then she excused herself
to go her lab downstairs, leaving Marron and Bra alone.

"So, Marron, what's been going on?" Bra decided to post-pone the news.

"Oh nothing much. Hey, I'm so very sorry about not seeing you guys since Christmas. I feel so
guilty, you guys are so good to me---"

"Nah, don't sweat it, girl! Anytime! By the way, Happy 25th birthday! That's tomorrow, right?"
Bra giggled.

"Yeah it is." Marron grinned and bit into a cream-filled biscuit.

"Are you going to do anything? Oooooh I know, I'll plan you a party! I know it's kind of last
minute but with the cooks' help I---I mean we---can whip up a super par-tay!!"

"Thanks but no thanks Bra." Marron said. "I think it'll just be a quiet dinner with the folks."

"Oh. Oh well then. So um, guess what?"


"Just guess!"

"You got a new boyfriend?"

"NO! I would never dump Goten! Guess again!"

"You aced a test?"

"Yeah right." Bra scoffed.

"Aww, c'mon Bra, tell me!"

"Well..." Bra smirked.

"Remember the time I told you I applied to St. Mannahsama's?"

"Yeah...oooh! Did they respond?"

"You betcha!"


"I didn't get accepted." Bra decided to lie, to see how Marron would react.


"Yeah, I was just pretending so you wouldn't feel sad for me. I didn't get accepted."

Marron hugged Bra. "Aww, that's ok..."

"Um, yeah..."

"It's ok! We'll have plenty of fun here!"


"Yeah, you know, amusement parks, brownie-making, it'll be fun!"

"Just kidding, Marron!"


"I was just pulling your leg!"

"So you..."

" accepted!!"


"No seriously, look!"

Bra shoved the letter into Marron's hand and she read. Then she smiled and put the letter

"That's great!" she said at last.

"Sorry I lied to ya I just wanted to see how you would react."

"Well, ha-ha, you really fooled me. Congratulations."

"Thank you so much! Hey, if it wasn't for your letter of recommendation I wouldn't have made it!"

"No, nonsense, you did this on your own."

Bra smiled. "But hey, it's ok, we can still go to amusement parks and make brownies during my

"Yeah, sure." Bra and Marron hugged.

Then Trunks walked in.

"Hey what's all this noise?" he asked. Then he saw Marron.

He looked at her, and she looked back.

"Marron-chan..." he said. "Long time no see."

"Yeah, Trunks." Marron answered, with apparent difficulty.

"WELL!" Bra put her letter back into its envelope. "I'll let you two catch up. BYE!" and she
ran out of the room, leaving Trunks and Marron alone together.

"So..." Trunks said, sitting down on the chair across from her. "What's been going on with you?"

"Um, nothing really." she answered, not looking at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh you know, work, home, buisness dinners, charities..."


"So um did you hear Bra's news?" Marron said.

"Yeah, Mom told me. That's great for her."


"Marron, I have something to tell you..."

"What is it, Trunks-kun?"

"Bra's not the only one leaving in July."


"I---I---I'm going to be in the States for a while as well." Trunks said, looking away from her


"Buisness. Capsule Corp is going to partner up with some company there."

"Are you going to go?"


There was a long, still silence.

"Well, then, congratulations."


"Oh, sorry, I've got to be going. Tell your mom and sister goodbye. Bye!" Marron picked up her
purse and coat and rushed toward the door.

"Marron, wait!" Trunks said, grabbing her wrist. She looked up at him. He let go.
"Um, sorry..."

"It's ok."

They both stood there for a moment. Trunks was looking out the window, Marron looking at her
feet. Then they both looked at each other.

"Well---" Marron said.


"Good bye, then."

"Marron, wait. Are you angry with me or something?"

"No, why?"

"You seem like it."

Marron put her coat and her purse down and sat on the sofa.

"Well, Trunks, I haven't seen you in three months and when I do you tell me that you'll be

"It's not like---wait, do you want me to stay?"

"Of course I want you to stay! I l---" Marron stopped there. "I would really miss you."

There was silence again.

"Marron, do you remember Christmas Day?" Trunks said suddenly.


"You can't pretend that that kiss didn't happen."

"Trunks, it didn't mean anything! Just because we were under the damn mistletoe---"

"It meant something to me."

Marron looked up at him.

"It--it did?"

"Yeah. You may not know it, Marron, but I've changed a lot between then and now and my feelings
for you have changed too---" Trunks paused. "What's the point of explaining? You don't

"But I'll try." Marron said quickly. "And what do you mean when you say that your feelings
for me have changed?"

"Never mind, it's stupid anyway."

Marron nodded. Then she picked up all her stuff again.

"Ok, but I've really got to go." that was a lie. She just wanted to get out of there as soon
as possible.

"Bye then..." Trunks said.

Marron half-smiled and went out the door.


Later that night, Marron was lying in bed filling out her tax form. The thunder outside crashed
and the lightening shone off the windows in bright flashes. Rain beat heavily on the windows,
which were covered in dew and ice because of the cold. Marron sighed and took off her glasses.
She looked at the digital clock on her nightstand.

"10:47. I'll finish this up tomorrow." she decided.

She got up out of bed and put all the forms and the calculator away. Deciding she would have a
glass of water before she went to sleep, Marron went to the kitchen of her small, but cozy
and warm apartment. On her way to the kitchen she stepped on something.

"Ow!" Marron exclaimed, rubbing her foot. The she picked it up.

It was the angel figure Trunks had given her for her 24th birthday. The angel had blonde hair,
blue eyes, and a halo with 24 stars on it. The angel was praying, with big, innocent eyes
looking up at the person holding her. The inscription said,

"For a true angel on her 24th birthday." Marron read.

She smiled and put it on the shelf, where it had fallen off. Then her smiled faded, remembering
her trip to the Briefs' today. Trunks...he hadn't even wished her a happy birthday. She didn't
want her birthday to be a big deal, everyone knew that. But still...even a little "Happy
Birthday" would be a appreciated.

Marron took small, uncomfortable sips from her glass of water, still thinking about Trunks.
How could he be leaving? She knew his job would be demanding, but leaving Satan?

"Marron, you baka!" She scolded herself. "Stop thinking about him!"

She put her glass back in its place and turned off the light to the kitchen. She checked that
all the locks were locked, and climbed into bed. Then she reviewed everything that had happened
that day. She was going to be turning 25 tomorrow...Bra wasn't going to be here anymore, she
would be going off to college...and Trunks...

Marron sniffled, holding back the tears. Why is everything changing? She sounded like a little
kid, all upset about change. The truth is, she had been through change. Lots. Then why...she
asked herself...why is the

....end of Part 10!