Ch. 1: Another long day

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After Bella is rescued from a traumatizing incident, she begins to realize that bouncing back is not as easy as it looks. Edward, her rescuer, doesnt quite know what to do to help her. But with a little assistance from his friends, he learns that love isn't always found in the most obvious of places.

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He was done with me, for the time being. I should have been happy but the only thoughts running though my mind were wishes of death. I couldn't make myself wish for any kind of salvation, especially when I was in this hell.

He had been particularly rough with me today, albeit sticking to his still unknown method of never actually touching me himself unless it was with his hands. I said a silent prayer for that while still counting my blessings while I could. She still wasn't here, whoever she was, so he wouldn't do anything yet. He had told me after I had awoken here what his plan was. It wasn't premeditated, he had seen me walking down the street and 'couldn't resist' me. He told me he and his girlfriend were going to enjoy her as their new toy. I cried for an hour straight. Then he began a torture unimaginable; even the thought of it made me shrink back into my little corner.

That was last week.

So I gave up on ever being found. Every time I would glace out the window or chance a look out of an open door, I could see we were in the middle of nowhere.

I was trapped.


I had an odd feeling. All week, it crept up my spine and into my brain, picking at me for hours and raising my suspicions.

She knew. Of course she knew. But who told her? How did she find out? Did she go through my drawers again? No, Tanya wouldn't do that. I took a deep breath to calm myself. I was going mad.

"Dr. Masen to the ER! Dr. Masen to the ER!" I sprung from my chair and my thoughts and got back to business. Another long day…


"Tanya?" I set my keys down on the side table by the front door and paused, awaiting an answer. Nothing. Continuing on into the living room, I scanned the area to see if she was hiding somewhere, which she wasn't. I decided to halt my search and just go right to bed. I had worked a double shift at the hospital with overtime and I was practically dead on my feet. The moment I saw my bed, I smiled and stripped off my clothes, eager for rest. The last thing I remembered was darkness as it overtook my sight.

I awoke to the bright, blinding sun from the window I forgot to cover. Groaning, I rolled over and bumped into a soft form. I opened one eye and smiled at Tanya's strawberry blonde hair splayed around her pillow. She let out a soft sigh and rolled towards me, looking even more angelic. I knew a while back how strongly I felt about her. She lit up my life when it was at its darkest and we helped each other thrive. It was love. And that was why I had the ring ready in my jacket pocket. I just needed the right time.

"What are you thinking about so much that's got your eyebrows pushed together so much?" She giggles while poking a finger between my eyes. I simply shook my head.

"Just thinking about you." Her devilish grin appeared on her face, making me both curious and scared. That look could go any direction. "What?" With a slightly maniacal giggle, Tanya sat up, revealing her naked form, and straddled my bare chest so she was above my erection. She moved her hips back and forth, causing me to groan in pleasure. All the while she moved her hands around her body, stopping to pinch her already hardened nipples. I couldn't stand it any longer so in one fluid movement, I switched our positions. "That…was not nice." I grinned at her and gave her a wink before giving a sideways glance at the clock. 10:57.

"Shit! I have to meet Alice in half an hour." I moved off of Tanya and ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I was finished, I re-entered our room in a towel, brushing my teeth. I pulled on a pair of boxers, cargo pants, and the latest button up from Alice, hoping it would distract her from the fact that I was late. When I was ready to go I put the tooth brush back where it belonged and kissed Tanya on the cheek. "See you tonight, baby." She half smiled at me, looking distracted, but I let it go. My ass was grass and Alice was the lawn mower.


"You're late." I ran from my Volvo and into the small boutique Alice owned breathing like I had run a 10k. I was only two minutes late.

"Only two minutes my dearest darlingest favoritest sister of mine." She tried to maintain the glare she was giving me but her façade cracked and she gave me a smile that radiated bliss and euphoria. It kinda creeped me out and made hundreds of questions pop into my mind. Nevertheless, I hugged her and sat with her when we reached her office. "So."

"So…What?" She cocked her head to the side, confused.

"Is there a reason you called me here three days ago, full of energy, at three o'clock in the morning telling me it was urgent you needed to talk to me? I believe the words you used were, 'like, life or death important, Edward!' ha ha." She punched me in the shoulder, still all smiles, and took a deep breath.

"Edward. This is very important. You are the first person I'm telling so that means a hell of a lot. So don't spoil it by being a jerk." Her tinkling laugh was contagious, making me chuckle quietly before she continued. "Okay. So…well…" She hesitated. Alice never hesitated. It could only mean one thing.

"You're pregnant!" Her eyes grew wide before she burst out laughing, clutching her stomach to ease the sensation.

"No you idiot! Jasper proposed!" Her left hand instantly shot out into view. And damn was that a huge rock!

"Wow. Well it's about time! And I'm sorry I couldn't be a girl so you could be all 'Oh my god!" with me. But I am really happy for you Ali and I'm glad Jasper's good enough for you or else this would not be allowed." Her sapphire eyes glistened with tears as she embraced me in a fierce hug.

"Thank you Edward. It means everything to me that you are happy about this, more than everyone else." I felt the tears already start to prickle the back of my eyes. I would not cry, I'm a man damn it.

"Love you Ali."

"Love you to Eddie." He laughed and pulled her tighter before letting go.

"You know how mad mom is gonna be when she finds out she wasn't first to know? You are in big trouble young lady." The little pixie laughed her bell chime laugh again before walking over to the window.

"Yeah I know. But maybe she doesn't have to know. Hmm….I like that Idea. And who are you calling young? I'm you're elder!"

"Only by three months, Alice."

"Well, it's still older than you, Eddie." She stuck her tongue out at me and I charged at her, throwing her over my shoulder. "It doesn't matter. You will forever be this short you little pixie."

She thrashed around and laughed at the same time, sounding out of breath for speech. Somehow, like always, she managed.

"Jerk! Put me down you giant!"

"What's the magic word?" I loved mine and Alice's relationship. We could tease and make fun all day and still have an incredible amount of love for each other at the end of the day.


"What's going on in here?" The familiar sound of a slight southern drawl brought us out of our jesting; however I refused to let Alice down.

"Your fiancée doesn't know the magic word." I smiled at him and walked over to the door to shake hands, Alice still on my shoulder. "How's it going, man?"

"Great. In fact, I was coming over to tell Alice some news but since you are already here it saves me a trip or a phone call." He bent slightly to his left to get a better look at Alice. "I got the job as head of history department at the high school." His smile was a mile long and only grew when Alice bent upwards to kiss him.

"Jazz that's great! I told you you would get it!"

"That's excellent man." We pounded fists and Alice giggled at our 'manly exchange of appreciation' before letting out an adorable little sneeze.

"Eew. That felt really weird. Can I please be let down Edward? I would like to properly congratulate my fiancée." I smiled and nodded, sliding her down to the ground. She wobbled a bit but once she was fully composed she ran to Jasper and jumped into his embrace, wrapping her small legs around his waist.

"Right. I am going to leave before this gets rated R. Congrats Jazz, Ali. Love you." I gave her a quick peck on the cheek before leaving them to their own vices.

On the way home, I decided I should finally ask Tanya to marry me. I loved her and she loved me. I was ready to start a family. I had always had these goals, my whole life. Finish school, Become a doctor like my father, get married, have children, life the rest of my life happily, end of story. I was so sure this would be it. I felt for the small tiffany's box in my pocket and smiled. She would love it.

When I arrived home, I called out her and got the same response as last night. It was about the same time. She wasn't working, so she couldn't be anywhere like that. I decided to try her cell.

Hey this is Tanya! You know the drill. Beep!

Where could she have gone? I noticed then that she had left her cell on the counter in the kitchen. It must have been on silent. I walked over and flipped it open, wondering if I were doing the right thing. I scrolled through her messages and one that looked like an address.

Old Oakmont Road.


Last on the Right

Can't wait to finally have fun with our toy

See you there baby.


Mouth agape, I looked for more messages from this James guy. There were hundreds. Some saying things I shuddered to think about and dating a few months back. I dropped the phone and backed away from it like it was the plague. It probably was. I didn't know. I didn't know anything anymore.

Exactly how long had this been going on? We had been together for three years and not once did I ever suspect anything. Except…she never had a job. She was probably using me the whole time. And she was hardly ever at home. Also our relationship was mostly sexual, which made me slightly uncomfortable. Partly because she was into weird shit that I wouldn't do. It all made sense and I felt a sinking feeling in my gut at the thought. I should have listened to Alice all along. She had told me to 'Kick the mooching bitch to the curb, where she belongs.' But I just couldn't. I loved her. Or I thought I did. Apparently she didn't love me.

I wrote down the address, not in the best state of mind, and decided to go see what she was doing. Must have been pretty good if she was out every night doing it.


I was in the middle of nowhere. Down the long, deserted road I was surrounded by trees and shrubs that went on for miles. I felt lost even though I knew that if I turned around and kept going I would end up exactly where I started.

"What the fuck are you doing, Tanya?" I was talking to myself now. I knew I was past the point of anger-instigated insanity, but I couldn't help it. And this plan was bound to be futile but I was desperate to know why I wasn't enough for her.

After driving all the way down the road, I spotted an occupied house. Tanya's car was there and she was still in it. I had to restrain myself from going up to her and slapping the slut out of her. I turned my headlights off so I wouldn't be seen and parked in the forest. I could still see the whole house and Tanya, but not who she was supposed to be with. Suddenly another car parked in front of hers, coming from the opposite direction. After a few moments a man climbed out of the giant truck and strode over to Tanya, who had gotten out of her small black Focus to await James. When he was within grabbing distance, she pulled him close and locked lips with him for several moments. When they broke apart, they spoke. I was close enough that I could hear.

"How's the toy doing? I hope you didn't hurt her too much before I could play with you." What the hell? What were they talking about?

"No, not too much. I didn't fuck her, just like you said. I waited for you. She was damn hard to get here though. She struggled more than I expected." James let out an evil laugh that echoed in the night. Tanya just stared at him hungrily.

"Thank you so much baby. Before we get to her, though, let's go get some other things. I was in such a hurry to get to you I forgot something special." She purred.

"And what was that?" She stood on her toes to whisper in his ear and his eyes grew wide. "Let's go." They piled in Tanya's car and sped off, leaving me confused and slightly nauseated. But I knew I had to check out the house to see if there really was a girl in there. I got out of my car and silently made my way to the small, cabin like house. The door was unlocked so I pushed it open and waited a moment before proceeding inside. I had to make it quick; I didn't know how long they would be. Without making a sound, I made my way through the kitchen and living room, bathroom and first floor bedroom, finding nothing. I climbed the stairs taking two at a time and opened the first door I saw.

I couldn't even comprehend what was right in front of my eyes.

On the floor in the left corner was a small, very thin, shaking brunette woman. She looked up at me and gasped, trying to push herself into the corner even more. It broke my heart.

"No! I'm not like him. I won't hurt you. Please." She seemed slightly more reassured, but not completely trusting of me. It was understandable, though. "If it helps, I'm a doctor. I'm going to get you out of here." Her eyes lit up at that. She tried to stand on her own, but collapsed the moment she was out of sitting position. I walked towards her slowly so I wouldn't scare her and picked her up bridal style and practically ran out of the house.

She was shaking in my arms and for the first time I noticed she was wearing nothing but a long men's shirt. When we got to my car I wrapper her in the extra blanket I kept under the passenger' seat and strapped her in.

"Are you okay?" She nodded and curled into a tight ball, pulling the covers closer to her. I shut the door and strapped myself in before taking off.

When I was about half way home I called Alice. It wasn't too late but I felt bad for calling and possibly interrupting a celebratory night between her and Jasper. She answered on the third ring.

"Hello dear brother! What can I do for you?"

"Can you meet me at my apartment?" I looked over my shoulder and noticed the girl had fallen asleep. She looked peaceful. "It's an emergency."

"Of course. What's wrong?" I sighed, knowing this would blow up in my face some day. But I had to admit it at some point.

"You were right about Tanya." I heard her take a deep breath over the phone while she started her car. This wouldn't be pleasant.

"What happened?"

"It's an extremely long and creepy story but to sum it up she's a cheating freaky bitch from hell. Was that how you put it last month? Or was that January?"

"Oh Edward. I'm so sorry. But at least she is out of your life now and you can start over." I smiled. She was always the optimistic one.

"I guess you're right." I looked again at the sleeping angel in my back seat. "I can start a whole new life."

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