Ch.12: This is it

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It had been a few weeks into mine and Bella's relationship before Alice finally stopped bugging us about not listening to her. I had to admit, it might have been better if we had, but I was just happy to be with Bella at all.

But with the good, there came the bad.

I had gotten several calls everyday from the same person who had threatened me the first time. It was scaring the hell out of me, but I chose to keep silent. I figured that it wasn't worth worrying people over, so I didn't and I knew that Bela would have worried enough for several people alone. She did notice that I was a little off on some days, though, and tried to get me to tell her but I just couldn't. She had been through enough.

"I'm going to freak out soon, Edward." Bella and I were cuddled up on my bed, just laying and being together, when she spoke up.

"What are you talking about, Bella?"

"You. You come home with this look every day and it's starting to scare me. If there is something going on I would like to try and help. So...please?"


I could tell something was going on inside his head but he was keeping it locked up to protect me. Well, I was tired of everyone having to protect me. So I took matters into my own hands in a way that I was sure would elicit some kind of response.

"I wanna know..."I sat up above him and, with all of my strength and my pride thrown out the window, I straddled him, causing him to gasp, then groan, then give me a look so full of confusion it made me giggle.

"What...what are you doing, Bella?" He made no move of protest so I leaned forward and captured his lips with mine for a slow and sensual kiss.

"All is fair in love and war baby." I had absolutely no idea where my gall was coming from but I took advantage of it and continued my kissing, moving from his lips to his cheeks to his neck. And once there, I bit down slightly, earning a deep moan from him. One thing that caught me off guard from his reaction, though, was what I felt from him. He was obviously aroused and I had no idea what to do.


"What's gotten into you Bella? This isn't you. Well, it isn't the normal you at least." I sat up at that and looked at his quizzically, unsure if I should be insulted or just confused. I chose both.

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying I cant be sexy or alluring or whatever the hell it is man like?" His eyes grew wide at that and he immediately tried to remedy the situation.

"No! No, Bella, that's not what I mean at all. You are sexy and alluring and all of that without having to try. I'm not implying...I mean...I don't know. I guess it just came out wrong. I'm sorry." I smiled, enjoying seeing him squirm, and decided to just forgive.

"Edward...this is me. This is the me that no one ever sees." I took hold of the hand that was covering his eyes and guided it up to my chest, pushing it onto one of my breasts. I moaned at the sensation and he his as well. "Cant you feel that this is me?" He nodded, unable to speak.

"Oh god, mean..."

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I whispered into his ear, taking his lobe into my mouth and nibbling after he shuddered. He shook his head. "No? Well then..." I moved my lips down and back to his neck, nipping and sucking gently until he was gasping out. And when he still wouldn't say anything I moved lower, lifting his shirt up and over his head in the process.

"Bella..." he moaned out. I felt a wave of pride that I could make him feel so good. that alone urged me on. I took my time at his chest though, making sure each and every inch was covered, before moving even lower. When I reached the top of his basketball shorts though, he pulled me back up so I was level with him. "As good as this feels, Bella, I don't want you to do this just to get answers from me. It isn't fair to you." I smiled at his logic and saw the sense in it, but was still determined to do things my way.

"Oh, I know. And it isn't just to get answers, Edward. I love you and want to share everything with you. This included. And I will get answers. I'll make sure of that." With that said, I kissed him hard and moved my hand down as far as I dared before giving myself a mini pep talk.

You can do this, Bella. It's Edward. Smokin hot Edward who loves you and cares about you and would do nothing to hurt you. Man up!

After I felt a little less like a jellyfish, I pushed myself to move my hand down the last few inches and onto his throbbing erection. I gasped at the feel of his and, even though I was completely inexperienced, I knew it was big. I started to rub on him, feeling it all slightly more out of curiosity, and earned a long, throaty moan from him as well as a shudder.

"Bella...oh my god, that, don't stop." I could feel the evil smile on my lips as it forms and, much to his disappointment, I ceased all movement, causing him to groan.

"You gonna tell me now?" He gave me a long look before shaking his head again fervently. "Okay. You're choice." I began to stroke him through his shorts at a faster pace, making him squirm and hold himself back. That made me smile genuinely.

But I was on a mission. No time for sentimental.

I stopped moving my hand just long enough to sit up and remove the large shirt I was wearing. One of his, naturally. I was glad at that moment that I chose to wear one of the facy bras Alice had made me get. It was lacy and white and actually really comfortable, but I would never tell her that.

When he saw me so exposed he gasped before moving his hands to each of my sides and moving them up and up until his hands were right under my breasts. He looked as if he were having an internal battle within himself about to feel or not to feel. It certainly was the question. However, I was, for some reason unknown to me, an impatient woman this night and make the decision for him by taking his hands and placing them each onto my breasts. It took him a few moments but he did react, kneading them and causing me to moan.

"Mmm...that feels really good, Edward. Please don't stop." He looked up at me with shock and I blushed. I hadn't realized what I had said until it came out. I looked back down at his chest to avoid eye contact before just giving up and kissing him all over again.

"It's okay to voice how you feel, Bella. In fact, it's more than okay. It's fucking hot." I looked up at his lust filled eyes from my position at the beginning of his V, one of my favorite things about his body, and smiled. He liked it. I felt so happy, no words could describe it. But I kept at it until he relented.

"Please tell me Edward. I want to know so I can help you. Don't you want me to help you? In any way?" With all of my will power mustered up I rolled my hips into his obvious arousal and he froze for a few moments before giving my breasts a good squeeze. We both moaned in time with each other from the pleasure.

"God! Bella this isn't a fair fight at all, no matter what you say. I...cant possibly be doing to you what you are doing to me. hands, oh my god..."I sped up my movements gradually for a while before he twitched in my hand, making me gasp in surprise. I removed my hand at that and he groaned again, but this one sounded slightly pained.

"Tell me, Edward. You'll just suffer if you don't" He laughed slightly at that and I frowned, crossing my arms under my chest.

"If this is suffering, Bella, the please keep punishing me." I smirked at that, his remark only making me more daring. He had no idea what he had just asked for.

"Okay. Have it your way." I sat up, still straddling him, and reached behind my back tot he clasps on my bra and with one flick of the wrist it was unhooked. I pulled the bra off of me slowly and watched as his eyes grew wide as saucers as he gazed upon my exposed flesh. When I was rid of the piece of fabric I leaned down and placed my hands on his shoulders, my breasts in his direct view. "Now?" He took longer to respond that time but it was still the same. I sat up completely, frustrated, before going back down south, fingering the hem of his shorts before forcing them down and off. He shot up at that, bringing his exposed flesh in contact with mine, making me shiver.

"Bella, please." He begged me with his eyes but I didn't give in; he knew what I wanted. And, unfortunately or fortunately for him, I could feel what he wanted and took advantage.

"You know what to say for me to stop." He sighed and placed his head in the crook of my neck.

"I don't want you to stop, but I don't want to tell you either. I don't like seeing you upset." He was certainly conflicted, I could tell, and needed someone there for him. He just didn't grasp the fact that I was here. I needed him to see that.

"What if I promise not to be upset?" He smiled at that but it wasn't full.

"I don't think that's possible, Bella."

"Try me."

"Okay! Okay. Just...not that I don't love seeing you in this position, but I cant focus with you on me like this." I laughed lightly at that and moved so that we were both cross-legged and facing each other.

"Okay. Go ahead. What's wrong?" He sighed before staring at me hard. Then, in one swift motion, he had turned me around and pulled me close to him, my back to his chest.

"Someone had been calling me for the last month or so, giving me threats. I don't know who it is but...he keeps saying stuff like 'I took his toy' and 'I stole what belonged to him'. It doesn't make any sense." I froze immediately, knowing full well who was threatening him. However, I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be when I came across James again. In fact, the only thing I felt was fury.

"That bastard." I turned around and sat in front of Edward, who looked both shocked and completely lost. "It's James. I'm sorry I drug you into this mess." He shook his head, but still looked confused.

"You aren't crying or hyperventilating or having a panic attack. Are you okay?" He began probing around for anything that could be wrong and I just laughed and swatted his hand away.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I'm perfectly pissed off. Cant I just be angry?" He nodded and said nothing more on the topic, choosing to just hold me for a while. Then, as I was thinking about how amazing he was for sticking with me, I felt something stir within me. Something wanting and...lustful.

Dang it. I was horny.

Without much thought into what I was doing, I let my hormones override my mind and pushed Edward down forcefully so that I was once again on top of him.

"What...?" My lips crashed down onto his with need and desire and love all in one. The desire, however, won out over all others and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to feel all of him so I kissed and sucked and nipped all the way down again and finally, with only minimal hesitation, stripped him of the only article of clothing left on him. When I looked down to gaze at all of him I was surprisingly calm. I didn't freak out at all at the sight of his naked body exposed to me. I was really just amazed that he could be even more beautiful fully exposed to me.

"You're so beautiful, Edward. I think that is the only way to describe you." He placed his hand on my cheek and looked up at me adoringly.

"You, Bella, are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love you so much I cant even describe it. It's like... I need you like I need the air to breath. I cant live without you. But Bella...we don't need to do this. There is time for all of this to happen."

"I know, Edward. And I am so happy that you are willing to wait for me, but I want to do this. Right now." Before he could get another word in I dove down and enveloped the tip of his rock hard length into my mouth. He moaned out but made no move to stop me so I continued on, swirling my tongue around the head and licking up the entire underside of his shaft.

"Jesus, Bella...please..." His moans and grunts pressed me on but after I had licked and sucked for a few moments more I froze, not knowing what to do next.

Oh shit. I nearly forgot I was a hapless virgin.

"Edward, I uh...I have no experience in this area so if I do something wrong..." He interrupted with a short laugh.

"Baby, there is no freaking way you could do anything wrong." His breaths came in short gasps after that, him nearly to the brink of ecstasy. So I took a deep breath to calm myself and took as much of him in my mouth as I could. From there I began to bob up and down at a painfully slow pace, his breathing becoming shallower with each turn. I then sped up, using my tongue to create different sensations for him and within moments he twitched again, causing me to panic slightly but not stop my pace.

" need to move, I'm..." I quickly did as he said and released him from my mouth, only to see him tense before cumming hard moments after. I watched in awe as the thick white liquid sputtered out and onto his stomach. I wanted to look away but I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from the scene. When he stopped, though, and his length became soft I looked up at his face, his forehead covered in sweat and his eyes closed peacefully.


"Mmm?" He opened his eyes leisurely and smiled, causing my own grin to widen. I moved up and cuddled into his side before I continued. "Thank you." He looked at quizzically before sitting up fast, pulling his discarded shirt out from seemingly nowhere, and wiping off his stomach. When he was clean again he laid back down and let me place my head on his chest, my arms folded underneath my chin.

"For what, love?" His hand tangled in my hair and massaged my scalp, making me moan quietly to myself.

"For being with me, for helping me, for...tolerating my uh...first, um...that." he chuckled at that.

"Bella, I love being with you and helping you. And I didn't have to tolerate it, because I enjoyed it. Immensely. I just hope I get to make you feel that good soon."

"Me to." I sighed in contentment and rested my cheek on his chest, suddenly feeling tired. And with Edward's hand still gently pulling through my hair, I was content and, within minutes, sleeping peacefully.

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