Title: My Friend

Rating: G

Spoilers: none

Summary: A S/J poem

Author's Note: I didn't write this to be a S/J poem at all. In fact, I wrote it a last year ago as an original piece of poetry about a friend of mine. But when I was looking it over tonight, it struck me how it could be interpreted as a S/J piece. I guess it just goes to show much much fandom can take over your subconscious!

Date: 14/12/08

Disclaimer: Paramount et al owns Stargate. No names used, but they own them all the same.


My Friend

I like to think I know you
know what you think
know how you feel
but I'm not sure I do

I know the look in your eye
when you laugh
when you rage
and the soft shudder of your cries

I know the shape of your hands
large palms holding mine
childish fingers waving
they make me laugh in spite of myself

I know the length of your frame
towering over my head
warming my side as I lean
soft and warm, it protects me

I know your words
so familiar to my ears
phrases fraught with history
I know what you'll say every time

I know when you'll visit
whether I ask you
or not
and we'll sit, silent and natural

I know when I cry
your arms will encircle me
your words will enfold me
you comfort better than anyone I know

But who are you
when you're not with me
when it's not our time
Are you still my friend?

I do not know
how you think
how you feel

I do not know
how you move
how you act

I do not know
how you love
how you live

You do not tell me
who you are
when you're not with me
and so I'm left with half of you

I do not know the whole
I'm not allowed
for reasons I don't understand
but I love the half I have

And I'll cherish the pieces in my possession.


December 14, 2008