Chapter One

A friend in need.

Misaki walked slowly through the park on the way back to Usagi-san's appartment. It was going to be so lonely and quiet there. He missed Usagi though he would rather die than let that perverted old man know it.

As he rounded the corner he noticed a boy his age sitting dejectedly on a park bench. His shoulders slumpped and his head was hanging down with his wild pink hair hiding his eyes. There was something about the boy that drew Misaki too him.

"Em...are you okay?" he softly said to the teenager

At the sound of Misaki's voice the teenager jerked but kept his head down his hair maintaining his privacy. A small slim wrist reached under his hair and discreetly wiped at his eyes. Misaki moved to sit beside the teenager pretending to have witnessed that betraying act of distress.

"Gomen" Misaki softly said appologetically. After a few minutes of silence Misaki made a move to stand up.

"Please stay." The teenagers musical voice pleaded. "I'm okay and it's nice to sit and talk with someone you don't know sometimes."

"My name is Misaki, I attend Mitsubishi University on the other side of the park." Misaki introduced himself.

The teenager looked up and gasped as he looked into the emerald eyes of Misaki. He had never seen eyes that colour before. They were like real jewels glowing in the sunlight.

"My name is Shuichi. I work and NG Productions. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"May I ask why you are so's none of my business...gomen..." Misaki desperately tried to backpeddal so as not to cause offence as he thought that he would like to be friends with this interesting looking teenager.

"I had a fight with my lover and he through me out ... again" Shuichi replied after a small awkward pause. "I could go and stay with my friend but he has his girlfriend visiting. I suppose I could always get a hotel room until Yuki cools off."

Eh...homo hormones. That is definately what this is. Am I sending out unseen signals or something. No...its just coincidence thats what it is. Misaki thought to himself shaking his head vigorously in denial not realising that Shuichi was watching him.

"No??" Shuichi asked in a puzzled voice wondering why this guy was so adament against him getting a hotel for the night.

"What sorry just thinking about something else." Misaki laughed awkwardly but then he paused. "You know ...landlord is away for a few days why don't you come stay wth me? It's not far from here."

"I don't know.." Shuichi declined slowly

"Please you would be doing me a favour. I was just thinking, before I met you, how lonely and sad I was going to be when I got home with landlord away." Misaki begged him. The more he thought about it the better he liked the idea.

"Okay then thanks, I accept." The two teenagers then rose together with more cheerful spirits and headed towards Misaki's home. "Are you sure he won't mind my staying over?"

Misaki had a sudden picture in his mind of Usagi's face if he ever found out about this. He gulped then gave a nervous laugh.

"Ha Ha Ha, He won't mind I'm sure." At least he won't if I don't tell him about it.