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Chapter 14

Shuichi quietly let himself into Hito's apartment. He had come earlier than usual today because he hoped, after Nowaki's visit, that he could finally get Misaki to come out of the apartment for a picnic at the park. After what had happened to Misaki he felt that he needed to create some good memories in the park or else those thugs would have won.

He took a moment to smile softly to himself before entering the apartment. It felt strange to rock up unannounced at Hito's apartment without having had a fight with Yuki first. Strange but good.

He dropped the grocery bags on the kitchen table before popping his head into the bedroom to check on Misaki.

He was surprised to see Misaki awake and staring out the bedroom window. The early morning sunlight shone through the window and lit up Misaki's face. When Misaki didn't respond to his greeting he walked up to the window and looked out to see what had caught his friend's undivided attention.

The window looked out onto the park where Misaki had been attacked. Shuichi sucked in his breath in concern and looked again at Misaki's face. However, the look on Misaki's face was not one of fear or anxiety but of a deep longing. Shuichi looked again out the window and noticed, for the first time, that the apartment where Misaki lived with his 'landlord' could clearly be seen.

Shuichi quietly left the room to make breakfast. 'It's time to do something,' he thought to himself. It was clear that Misaki was deeply missing his lover. 'It's definitely a misunderstanding but how can I help him if he refuses to talk to me about what happened.'

He finished making breakfast and sat it on the bedside table. Misaki hadn't moved from the window. He didn't even acknowledge Shuichi's presence at all. It was as if he was in a world all of his own.

Shuichi heard his cell phone ringing and returned to the kitchen. When he looked at his caller id he was surprised to see Misaki's number there.

"Eh, er Hello? Who's this?"

"Who's this?" A belligerent young voice came over the phone.

"I asked first,"Shuichi asked whilst trying to keep from smiling.

"Oh, right." The young voice responded hesitantly. "My name is Shinobu I'm a friend of Misaki. He's gone missing and I've found his broken phone in the park and…and…your number was the last number he dialled."

There was a slight pause before the voice continued. "Do you know where Misaki is? We want him back? Please…please tell me you know something."

Shuichi could clearly hear the fear and pain in the young man's voice. He was telling the truth. This young man clearly held affection towards Misaki. He looked towards the bedroom thinking of the young man sitting in the bed staring out the window. Misaki certainly had a way with him. He seemed to draw people to him.

"Eh, hello. Are you there? Oi?" The voice on the other end of the phone was becoming increasingly agitated.

"Eh, sorry." Shuichi apologised. He took a moment to make a decision then continued, "Let's meet."

"Where," the young voice responded immediately.

Shuichi smiled to himself. He could come to like this guy. "How about where you found Misaki's phone?"

"Okay, when?" the voice agreed immediately.

"In an hour?" Shuichi suggested.

"Ok, see you there." There was a slight pause. "How will we know each other?"

"I've got bright pink hair."

"You're not serious, "the voice stated shocked.

"Yep," Shuichi confirmed with a smug smile. He was really proud of his hair.

"This I have got to see." The voice laughed, "See you in an hour." Then there was silence.

Shuichi sat motionless as he thought about the phone call. Misaki loved his Usagi-san. Misaki was his friend. As his friend he had every right to meddle to ensure his friend's happiness. His conscience was clear. He was smiling to himself as he rang Yuki. Shuichi grinned broadly when he heard Yuki's voice answering the phone.

"Yuki, Yuki, Yuki," Shuichi sang out happily.

"What is it brat? I'm busy. Got a deadline you know." Yuki asked grumpily.

Shuichi smiled at the bluster from his lover. "I need you."

He knew that with just those words his Yuki would drop what he was doing to help him out. Of course it helped that he also knew that Yuki's latest literary offering was almost completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

"What's wrong?" The concern in his lover's voice sent shivers down Shuichi's spine.

"I need to meet someone and I need you to sit with Misaki. He's acting a bit strangely."

"Who are you meeting?" Yuki asked possessively. Shuichi felt a shiver of desire run through his entire body. Mind you that soon dissipated and had Shuichi pouting with Yuki's next words,

"What's wrong with Misaki?"

"He's sitting up in bed staring out the window. He's so far into this world of his own that he doesn't even know that I'm here. "

"What do you think he's staring at?"

"His apartment or more importantly where his lover lives."

"And the person your meeting?"

"A friend of Misaki. I'm working on a plan to get him back home with his love where he belongs." After a short pause Shuichi added slyly. "Then there will be no stopping us."

"Go. I'll be there in 5 minutes." Yuki demanded then the phone went dead. Shuichi could just imagine his Yuki charging from the apartment to get to Hito's as soon as possible.

Having Misaki hadn't been a bother, however, the stress of the assault and the distraction of caring for Misaki had put a slight temporary strain on their "together time".

Misaki didn't know when he first woke up or what woke him. Just that it was a feeling that he had done something terribly wrong.

The view outside the bedroom window was pitch black with only the streetlights flickering like stars against the night sky. As he looked he noticed that one light seemed to be brighter

than all the others. The sky began to lighten as dawn drew closer and slowly he began to make out the outlines of the buildings.

His breath caught as he realized that the bright light had come from the apartment where Usagi-san lived. It was as if Usagi-san had lit a beacon to light Misaki's way home.

As that thought took root another thought joined it. He had been an idiot. Worse than that he had acted like a child and been that which he had always tried not to be. A bother. He

thought back at the conversation he had had with his brother when he had finally told him his relationship with Usagi-san. He had tried so hard to convince his brother that he was an

adult and yet here he was at the first real hurdle in their relationship and he'd run away like a child.

Not only that he was only just now realizing that something about the whole letter affair was bothering him. That is what had woken him. There was something wrong about that letter

but for the life of him he couldn't put his finger on it. What annoyed him the most though, was the suspicion that when he realized what was wrong it was going to be obvious. So obvious

that he was going to hate himself for not realizing it sooner.

Misaki barely registered Shuichi's entrance to the apartment. So focused on his problem that he didn't notice his breakfast being set down or even the sound of Shuichi's phone going off.

In the distance he heard Shuichi saying goodbye and something about Nowaki or was it Yuki coming soon but Misaki didn't respond. He felt he was closing in on his problem but with every

sound it drifted away again.

He almost had it when the sound of Yuki entering the bedroom scared it away again.

Misaki had had enough. He had spent hours trying to figure it out but everyone seemed to be determined not to let him have a minute's peace to solve the puzzle.

"Will you just shut up?" He yelled out in frustration. The minute the words left his mouth he was shocked. He didn't yell like that, except at Usagi-san. It wasn't in his nature to be so rude

to others. What the hell was he doing?

He looked in horror at the shocked face of Yuki then burst into tears.

Yuki let himself into Hito's apartment. He had met Shuichi at the bottom of the stairs to the apartment. Now he was as confused as ever. A normal state of mind since hooking up with that

brat. Speaking to Shuichi was sometimes like speaking a whole different language.

He did understand however, that Shuichi was concerned with Misaki's behaviour. Apparently he had ignored Shuichi when he had arrived. Yuki thought that was impossible himself. He

had tried many times to ignore Shuichi himself and had never been able to do it. The thought that someone could would have to rate up there with the realization of world peace. Not in

his lifetime.

He entered the bedroom and stood silently watching Misaki. Shuichi had been right. Misaki was acting strangely. Just as he opened his mouth in greeting Misaki turned to him.

"Will you just shut up?" Misaki yelled.

Yuki was stunned. Not many people had the nerve to yell at him let alone tell him to shut up. He stared at Misaki and watched the shock and horror cross the young man's face. Then he

burst into tears.

"God, why does this always happen to me?" He moaned in disgust before sitting on the bed and pulling the unresisting sobbing young man into his arms. Trying to give comfort to the teenager was a strange and unnerving experience for Yuki.

As the sobs began to get weaker Yuki gently rubbed Misaki's back. It was something that he knew Shuichi liked when he got upset.

"Misaki, what is wrong? Can you tell me?" He asked in a soft voice. Although he had only known Misaki for a short time he had come to like the quiet teenager.

"I'm sorry Yuki. I..I don't know what came over me. I..I didn't mean to yell at you. I am such a horrible person." Misaki sobbed.

"Misaki do not worry about it. Something is bothering you. Shuichi knew it and I could see it as soon as I entered the bedroom. What is it? Maybe I can help. What were you thinking about this morning?"

"Something woke me this morning."

"What was it? A noise?"

"No. It was like a sense that something was wrong. That I was wrong. But I don't know what I've done wrong."

"You haven't done anything wrong, Misaki."

"That's just it. I feel that I have and it's got something to do with that letter."

"Letter? What letter?"

Misaki said nothing but looked again out the window. Just when Yuki began to think that Misaki wasn't going to say anymore he began to speak again.

"Yuki?" Misaki asked in a soft hesitant voice. "If Shuichi had got a letter from a past lover wanting to get back together with him would you just walk away?"

"Hell no. Never." Yuki stated firmly. Absolute refusal to accept that possibility written on his face. His eyes became hard as steel and as cold as ice.

"Not even for Shuichi's happiness."

"Not even for that. I would fight for him. If you ever tell him I said this I'll strangle you. If I didn't have Shuichi that would be the point. Everything would be various shades of grey. He brings colour into my life. Besides I trust in Shuichi's love. He shows it to me in hundreds of little ways every day. Don't you believe in Usagi-san's love for you?"

Misaki hung his head. He was beginning to think that he was the biggest idiot on the planet.

"Misaki?" Yuki asked gently. "Does this have something to do with that letter you were talking about earlier?"

"The letter was addressed to Usagi-san from his..tutor..lover…whoever." Misaki muttered miserably.

"I didn't think you would be the type to read someone else's mail." Yuki was a bit shocked at this behaviour. Shuichi wouldn't dare read his mail.

"I don't read Usagi-san's mail." Misaki stated affronted that Yuki would even think that of him.

"But you just said you read a letter addressed to Usagi-san," Yuki was starting to get confused.

"It was addressed to me."

"You just said it was addressed to Usagi-san."

"The letter was addressed to Usagi-san but the envelope was addressed to me."

"Why would it be addressed to you?"

Misaki stopped. This was it. This was what was bothering him. Why was the letter in an envelope addressed to him? Could the author of the letter merely have made a mistake? But why would the author have written to him in the first place?

"What is it Misaki?" Yuki asked concerned at the silence coming from the teenager.

"Your right. Why would the envelope have been addressed to me?" puzzled Misaki. It just didn't make sense.

"What was so important about this letter?"

"It was from Usagi-san's tutor who was returning after five years to reunite with Usagi-san." Misaki said softly. He was beginning to have doubts about that letter.

"Misaki, tell me about Usagi-san. What is he like?"

"He's arrogant, bossy, abrupt, rude, a sexual harasser…." Misaki muttered with pretend anger. His cheeks flushing a bright pink.

"Eh, that bad huh. Looks like you've had a lucky escape." Yuki said with a smile he was careful to keep hidden from Misaki.

Misaki was quite for a few minutes before he sighed softly. "No. He isn't like that."

"Then what is he really like?"

"He's kind, loving and very loyal. He had an unrequited love for my brother for ten years. In that time he did nothing that would offend my brother. Preferring to stay by his side as a friend rather than be ostracised by him."

"But I thought he was in love with this tutor who wrote the letter. Or did he love both of them."

"That's it." Misaki exclaimed excitedly. "That's what has been bugging me. That letter was clearly a fake and was sent to me to cause trouble."

Yuki smiled at the excited and relieved look on Misaki's face. He could see the joy blazing from his beautiful emerald eyes. Slowly the excitement left Misaki's body. The joy turning to fear and despair.

"What is it Misaki?" Yuki asked concerned.

"Why didn't I see it sooner? How is he ever going to forgive me?" With that Misaki again broke into tears. Not the gentle kind but great wracking sobs that tore at his chest and his throat.. Yuki again pulled him into his arms and tightly held him. Slowly the sobbing slowed and stopped. Soon Yuki realised that Misaki had fallen into a deep sleep.

"God I need a cigarette," Yuki muttered before he leaned against the bedroom wall and closed his eyes. Soon he too fell asleep with Misaki leaning against his chest and resting gently in his arms.

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