Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction I have ever written, so I'm excited to start posting it and see what you all think!
I know this part is really short, (It's like a prologue/teaser) but I promise it gets much, much longer. The next part should
be out within a few days, as it is almost completed. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed and appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own Aaron Stone. I am not making any money off of this story.
I am just enjoying the pleasant dip into the wonderful world of Aaron Stone


The latest headquarters for the Omega Defiance were quiet at three o'clock in the morning. An abandoned underground Soviet submarine base,
it had once been a secret storage station for nuclear bombs. The rusting facility was still undergoing remodeling for the new tenant, and was mostly
deserted. Only the half-functioning communication and security room was completed.

The room was dark and vacant, save a lone figure sitting in front of a TV screen. The picture playing flashed eerie light spectacles on the
motionless observer's face. Through the speakers, a fuzzy voice could be heard: "… I'm calm, cool, collected." Static interrupts the feed right
before another video clip begins, featuring the same main character.

In the footage, Mr. Hall's boy hero, Aaron Stone, expertly wields his gauntlet, taking out Helix's savage mutants. Another clip illustrates how
the boy defeated Kronis' son, as both suddenly appear and disappear in different places and positions within seconds. Stone wins. The next
clip is of Xero's Japanese base, and the traps Stone cleverly navigates successfully. The clips continue to play in succession, each showing a
similar scenario: Aaron Stone, a teenaged boy, defeating members of the Omega Defiance.

Elias Powers does not move as he silently watches, staring intently at the screen. The next image is impressive, displaying Aaron Stone fighting
off four of Cerebella's best men, flipping and dodging them all easily as he disarms them, one by one. Elias remains impassive, simply observing.
Next is an image of a warehouse Elias remembers all-too personally, and he finally moves, a slight twitch, as he watches himself easily disarmed
by the mere teenager.

He jerks forward and shuts off the video. In the soft blue light cast from the screen, he peers down at the console in front of him, at a small disk.
Across it is scrawled: 'Hall Holding Facility'. Gingerly, he picks it up and inserts it into the player. A new image appears, one of his former prison,
and he scowls. He fast-forwards, going through several hours of footage until a single figure enters the frame. He hits play and turns up the volume,
listening intently. "… Do you like it? Aww man, I love it, me and my brother, we play all the—."

The corner of Elias's mouth curves upwards slightly. He reaches out and rewinds it again. "Aww man, I love it, me and my brother…" He rewinds it
again. "… me and my brother…" He stops it, zooming in on Aaron's face. Leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed, he takes in the moment when
the "great hero" realizes what he gave away, his fear emblazoned across the screen. Elias grins.

So, it's not much. But it gives you an idea of where I'm going with the story and I wanted a scene with the very creepy (but awesome) Elias Powers
conspiring against Aaron Stone and figuring out how to take him down. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!