Okay, I have to admit this AU fic was an idea I had been thinking about for a while, but I'm not sure where it's headed so I thought I could maybe just post it and find out as I go along. I think once I really start getting into the story a little more I can plan an ending. :) Enjoy.


Catherine Willows: cheer captain, hottest senior to roam the campus and dating quarterback point guard Warrick Brown. Long, red hair down her back with stunning blue eyes that spoke volumes to even those less fortunate to talk to her. She seemed happy and had everything from the hottest outfits to the latest car she was parking in the best space available for senior parking. She had plenty of friends from more than her personal clique, but those that were nerds were only close enough to help her if she needed it and in return they would get to talk to her for at least a few seconds about the things they knew best.

Sara Sidle: one of the nerds Catherine knew, though with an unspoken closeness that couldn't be denied. She had somewhat long brunette locks flowing down to her breasts and stopping before her ribs. She was the cutest nerd any had seen and yet she was no social butterfly within her clique. She was extremely antisocial, but she did have a limited amount of friends. She was a junior that could slip through the cracks without anyone noticing and she felt like that most every day, but there was an upside to her life: she new a T.A. at the college of her choice.

Gil Grissom: T.A. with electric blue eyes to match Catherine's though they had never met. He was blisteringly intelligent and the kindest person if you took the time to get close to the bear. He was sensitive, but usually only scientific, impersonal and distant in his own way. His emotional cut off was his only real downfall, but that would be enough to off put the many he already had made turn around and think twice. The kind of people that didn't take too warmly to him without connections through another person that knew him were punks.

Greg Sanders: a rebel punk if there ever was one and a lowly freshman. His connection to the 'big man' was the darling geek, Sara. Truth be told, he had a bit of a crush on her, but she seemed interested in other things. He couldn't say she had her on Grissom because she seemed to think it wouldn't work between the two of them, but he did notice a certain fascination with Mr. Dependable.

Nick Stokes: friendly and trustworthy junior that never even knew Sara existed. He was cute and she had a thing for guys who she knew would be there for her and help her to her feet if she were to ever take a little stumble. He was kind and reliable and Sara hated how some guys thought to pick on him for being so nice. He had never broken a promise to anyone and whenever some jerk played a little prank on him or teased him for being a true gentleman, he smiled, shared a little laugh with the guys and brushed it off his shoulders like it was no big deal. His entire personality had Sara feeling warm inside, her heart feeling as though it was on her sleeve twenty-four seven.

Warrick Brown: another junior to Catherine's loathing. She usually didn't like younger men because of the way it made her feel, but Warrick was different. When she really got to know him, he was everything she was looking for in a boyfriend. He was the stud most girls would only be jealous about not taking the time to hear him out if he was on some other girl's arm. When he was single, no girl in the school wanted to be his, but once Catherine scooped him up and claimed him the best kept secret for only her to enjoy, the others got painfully jealous and thought twice about thinking he was goofy and unappealing in his ways.

Lunch that day hadn't started out unusual, but as the time passed it got to be a meet and greet between the five science lovers. Sara and Greg sat munching on their hot plates in the grass under a giant oak tree they had been enjoying all year. It was peaceful as the afternoon breeze refreshed the couple.

"So, what's up with you lately," Greg asked Sara before he shoved another bite of turkey into his mouth.

"What do you mean," Sara tried to act as though she had no idea her spirits seemed a bit broken the past week.

"What I mean is, you seem less like the Sara who's up for anything and more like the timid Sara who's having issues at home and doesn't want to talk about it."

"Well, Greg, if you know that I don't want to talk about it…why the hell are you asking?" Sara played with her food, occasionally looking up and around to see classmates passing with glows about them and flaunted smiles.

"I care about you, Sara, and even though you don't want to talk about it…it's better you do! So tell me…what's going on?"

Sara sighed and set her food down on the grass in front of her as opposed to in her lap as it had been for a majority of the meal. She leaned back against the tree to pull up her shirt, revealing a large bruise and cut from what appeared to be car keys, diagonally stretching across the left side of her rib cage.

"Oh my god, Sara! Are you going to report them? You can seriously be thinking about staying with this family after that!" Greg's eyes widened and he violently shot his finger to point at the mark left behind from her foster parents abuse.

"But if I go back to the orphanage, the chances of me getting another family are slim and…who knows, I might have to transfer to a different school." Sara frowned and straightened herself out, pulling down her shirt before anyone saw. "I know you wanting me to live differently is you being a good friend, but…could you maybe not care so much so we can still hang out? I don't want to have to go back to the way things were before I moved in with the Johnson's. Please promise me you won't tell on them, Greg!"

Hesitantly, the dark brown, almost black, tease haired 'fish' answer with a nod and a weary, "Fine, but I swear if they try anything else…"

She cut him off by gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "I know, Greg, you'll get someone to bust their asses in."

Her smile was infectious and he shook his head. "No, I'll fuck them up so bad they won't even know I kicked the shit out of 'em."

His grin was that of the devil, but the protection he guaranteed her was something unmistakable and unforgettable. She loved how he cared and he never forgot to utter those three words Sara had lost hope on through her rough past until she met the spunky charmer.

"I love you," he smiled and took her hand in his, leaning over and placing a sweet kiss on her left temple.

"I love you, Greg, my long lost beautiful brother," they shared a low laugh at the expense of the joke. Things seemed as sunny as their surroundings. The lush green and the warming sun was something Sara never wanted to forget and with Greg as her best friend, she knew he would never let her think about anything else ever again.

Sara focused her attention on the crowd passing her and Greg by, noticing Nick and his close friend, best friend, Warrick heading to their table in the sun with their plates. It seemed they were so close they never went anywhere without each other.

Sara smiled and say the 'Queen Bee' and her unimportant 'worker bees' swarming over to Nick and Warrick only to be with tall, dark and handsome for Catherine's sake. She envied the life Catherine put on display. It was one of painless encounters and plenty of people to support and love you. Sara had never had that in her life except for Greg, of course, but never blood relatives caring so much as Catherine's mother appeared.

Her life on the surface seemed flawless, but Warrick being so close knew that wasn't the story. Her mother was arm candy for some mystery man of Vegas and was of course a nice and good mother, but usually never home. Catherine's younger sister, Nancy, became Catherine's concern when she got home and with college less than a year away, she was happier with an extra bounce in her step.

"What do you say we crash the party," Greg joyfully suggested to Sara, mischievously raising his eyebrows.

"I couldn't do that, Greg, I mean…not to Nick or his friend." She was more than happy to attack Little Miss Perfect and her posse, but Nick was another story. He was too sweet for her to mess with and any friend of his was equally okay in her book.

"Then maybe we could be a little anti-Catherine," he persisted, continuing to grin.

Sara finally grew the same grin and started getting to her feet, slapping Greg's arm with the back of her hand as she stood. "Come on, let's do it."

Greg smiled, stifling a laugh, and ran towards the jubilantly jogging brunette. He loved it when she let loose and had fun. He didn't like her being too shy and she needed to vent somehow if she wasn't going to do the right thing and get herself out of dangerous situations.

Sara ran right up to the table and launched herself onto the top of it, being careful even through her rapid actions not to spill the food and waited for Greg to cue the music. She looked insane in her black, stripped at the shoulders, hem and midriff shirt that read: If the music's too loud, you're too old, in dark red, dripping letters and a haunting font.

Her jeans by definition were skinny jeans but she made modifications. The ends of said jeans were folded over to make them shorter and also revealed her entire shoe on either foot. Her shoes were standing out against the black she covered herself in, as they were light blue Chuck Taylor high tops. Her hair cascaded around her face and she grinned, releasing a breath that made a few strands of hair on either side of her face move in the direction of Catherine. Sara looked straight down at her before she heard one of her favorite songs blast through the speakers of Greg's almost always-handy boom box.

Immediately, she began to bang her head to the beat and smiled thinking about how crazy she must have looked. She let the words fill her head and waited for the speed to pick up for her to jump around. She jolted her body in sync with the punk styling.

'Sinister Rouge coming back for more

Sinister Rouge to even the score'

She jumped once on the table and flipped off it, baffling Catherine. Sara had the audacity that she had never noticed before that she wished she had seen earlier. She stared at Sara dance slash jolt and head bang to her music toward Greg. She looked content with herself and definitely not as timid as Catherine had pegged her to be when they first met at the computer lab over an assignment.

Although the song was hardly two minutes long, the principal caught the act and sternly made his way over to the rebel without a cause. He looked angry, but Sara had seen worse. She was certainly not afraid of a little fly like him and she never had been. She tried to hold in her anger though because the principal she was facing down with flames erupting from his ears and the flaring nostrils that were completely unattractive would have no problem calling Sara's foster parents. When they heard about her tiny outburst, they wouldn't be pleased and Sara was on the losing end of that situation. Of course, Principal Pollack had no clue as to what went on at the Johnson's house nor would she tell him, so she remained a beaten girl.

"Ms. Sidle, what the hell were you doing up there, dancing like a drunken fool," he bitterly asked through gritted teeth.

"Nothing, sir, I was just acting out again." She acted as though she were in a boot camp though she was calm and collected. He hated when she responded like that.

"Nice to know someone's finally gotten through to you, Sidle. Keep it up and I'm going to have to do more than call home."

What home? It's no fucking walk in the park or a Sunday brunch fag! You go to that place and you live in it for three days, see what it's like! Then you tell me, you arrogant bastard, is it a home!?

She knew she couldn't say that, but it would definitely good if she could. Instead she grinded her teeth for a quick second and refrained from giving Principal Pollack an evil glare stating, "I've heard it all before and you know if I cared even the tiniest bit I wouldn't still be running around here like a chicken with it's head cut off."

The anger inside her didn't come dripping out in her voice thankfully, but she knew how to sugar coat the sentence with dribbles of information that she was in summation to plenty of authority figures: a hood rat. He knew that about her as well, but it wasn't something he admired. It was one of the many things that he loathed about her character.

"Come with me to my office and we'll get a hold of those parents of yours," he lifted his finger and curled it toward himself in a come hither manner. She rolled her eyes and sighed. She took one look in Greg's direction and saw how he wanted to go with her in his eyes. He could only shrug and mouth a 'good luck' as she followed the principal inside the facility.


"Hey, Sara, what's…wrong," Greg greeted his best friend, concern written all over his face.

"Nothing," Sara quietly answered, not looking her best for the day. She appeared defeated and tired. The bags under her eyes demonstrated how much sleep she had gotten the previous night and it didn't look too promising.

Greg was worried beyond belief. He had no idea what went on at Sara's place, but he could take only one good guess. And the fact that Sara didn't want to talk about it only made him more curious as to how bad it was. He tried to stop her by pulling her back, yanking at her forearm, but Sara shuddered and attempted to run away with fear. Greg instantly let her go and she fell to the ground with the saddest and most terrified eyes he had ever seen.

Her shirt had rode up in all the chaos and Greg took a quick glance over the burn mark and multiple slashes to her body. He then took the time to scan over her arms and could see bruises popping up and finally claiming her body as their home. He dropped his jaw and widened his eyes at the sight.

When Sara noted his expression, she shot her hand over the hem of her shirt and pulled it down in a hurry to cover the damage. She got up with hesitation and pain bolting through her body from the night's torture session and brushed off the dirt from her jeans.

"I told you…if they tried anything else I was going to fuck them up," Greg's fury set in and made itself known.

"No, Greg…please…don't? You think you can take it, but it's not your battle and they're hardcore, so…do me a favor and don't get involved."

Greg snapped his mouth shut and held back the angry tears he wanted to shed for her, but he knew he had lost the argument already. He looked around for other people who might have seen. No one seemed too worried about the two of them and just in time the first bell of the day rang.


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