Summary: The AU from which all the age-regressed Sams and Deans come from, and where all the older!Sams and older!Deans go to whilst their younger counterparts are in their place. Oh yeah, I'm nuts. Crack!fic.

AN: So, I was on an age-regression fic-reading binge, and then I thought, "Where do all these wee!Sams and Deans come from?" And then, ta-da!--this fic.

Really, really, not meant to be taken seriously. Seriously.

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Growth Spurts and Shrinks and Spurts Again

The first time it happened, they went, "Who the heck are you? You're not Sammy! You're too big to be Sammy!" Then they dealt with it and got used to big, lumbering Sam-not-Sammy until one day cooing, drooling, happy baby-Sammy was mysteriously back in his place, leaving large, empty shoes to fill.

The second time it happened, they (well, more John, because baby Sammy couldn't talk yet and Dean was currently blinking at them in disbelief and running a hand over his stubbled chin) went, "Again?! Wait a minute, Sammy's gonna grow up to be taller than Dean? Taller than me? Really?" and "Man, big-Dean eats a lot. And cusses a lot." John reminded himself not to use bad language in front of the boys and went to the store again to stock up.

The third time, they threw up their hands and said, "What the hell. Might as well get used to this." They made sure they had big-Sam- and big-Dean-sized clothes ready for use whenever their tall counterparts dropped in, stunned and usually naked as the day they were born.

The fourth through seventh times were roughly the same as their previous experiences, give or take a few choice words and tantrums, but the eighth was a doozy. The remaining Winchesters had no idea where this alternate Winchester came from. "I am sooo not changing Dad's diaper," said Dean. He ended up doing it anyway.

And so it went on. It was interesting, meeting all these different Sams and Deans (and sometimes Johns, too)--some of them were still their younger selves in everything but their bodies, but others brought their memories with them. As puzzling as it all was, Winchesters were very adaptable, and these (the ones we're talking about) took it all in without much fuss. They knew from experience that they could basically go about their usual business even with these strange interruptions.

The other Winchesters were usually pretty adaptable too. After the initial "I gotta get back to Sam/Dean," panic, they generally calmed down and relaxed once our Winchesters explained the situation to them. Some of them even appreciated the vacation from their hard life.

As Sammy and Dean got older, the other-Sam and other-Dean swapping tapered off, and by the time they were in their mid-teens, the incidences were far and few in between.

Until…Sam woke up one morning to find a red-faced baby boy on his brother's bed, bawling his head off, and chubby fists flying angrily in the air.

"Aw crap. Not again."


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