Chapter One: re-write

Author's note: This chapter was re-written

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000 000 000

Rule No. 1: Always remember that no matter how normal your day starts chaos can happen at any moment.

Uchiha Sasuke is a man who firmly believes that he is on the list of one of the most promising businessmen that is bound to be extremely successful.

He found his calling in the jungle they called the corporate elite world.

He came from a family of law enforcement and political lineage. They are known as a clan who has served the Fire country for centuries and still continued to do so. Having a father who is the commissioner in general of fire country and a prodigy older brother in the law enforcement career had him struggling just to keep up with their achievements.

He knew that his father would object his decision so he earned a soccer scholarship for college and graduated with honors. He left his family's home at eighteen, determined to be independent and away from his father who pressured him to join the police academy. He took a part-time job at a local jazz café to pay for a small apartment and other expenses during college. He was determined not to depend on his family that refused to accept his existence.

At the young age of twenty-one, Sasuke was able to land a job in the sales department as a field sales representative at Konoha Corporation, the largest if not the richest corporation in the entire country on his first attempt. If you ask any aspiring employee if that was possible, their eyes would widen the size of dinner plates, scream bloody murder and then sob in a corner. Yes, it is a cut throat world.

Three years later, Sasuke Uchiha has managed to climb up to Sales Director at the young age of twenty four. A recent business magazine did a full page spread about him as the youngest director the firm has ever promoted. He was also the only one who reached up to this position at such a short amount of time save for the former president before Jiraya. He was damn proud of his accomplishments and was confident that he could handle any kind of hurdle fate threw at him

Well – until today

It started with like any other business day. The raven haired male made his way towards the 15th floor in a neatly pressed black suit. His office was at the end of the hall and it gave time for women to rush over and swoon over him. They had tried numerous of times to make their intentions known but the offending band wrapped around the gorgeous male's finger made them halt with hesitation. Well that was how it appeared to the jealous bachelors. They could do nothing but angrily grit their teeth as they typed away in their respective cubicles. Despite the obvious tension, the center of interest had not even noticed and continued on with double checking his schedule on his tablet.

He barely acknowledged his assistant's too cheerful greeting as he murmurs his infamous "Hn."

He entered his neatly furnished office and sat down. He immediately began signing and reviewing the papers that was laid out before him.

"Lately, you became so boring to watch."

The young Uchiha halted his hand and slowly lifted his face to meet the source of the voice. He is greeted by a silver haired man who sported a bored look.

But this was never the case with Hatake Kakashi, his mentor and now colleague.

The older man was a senior marketing director. Despite his lazy and slacker-like appearance, Kakashi is definitely not someone who you should mess with lightly. Although eccentric, his works and the product that he promotes always came out on top. He is also the very reason Sasuke is in this company right now.

Kakashi took a seat on the opposite end of the desk and made himself comfortable. He met Sasuke when he was invited as guest speaker at Sasuke's college. Sasuke made a deep impression on him because he was the only student who actively participated in the lecture. He wanted to learn. He dared to ask questions no one would. From that day on, the silver haired man knew that this kid was going to go places and he made sure that he placed him close enough where he could see it happen but free enough to let him fly.

"Have you hit a dead end with your team? Or maybe you're just too lazy to get your ass working." Sasuke cautiously inquired. If this man wasn't in a slump this means he was here to pester him.

"Ah it seems like yesterday when I found a little bird very eager to fly away from his mother's nest. Who would've thought that little chick was a predator eagle." Kakashi sighed and sobbed in a clearly fake manner.

"What do you want Kakashi?"Sasuke massaged his temple, trying to figure out what the other wanted so he could get rid of him quickly.

"Well I just wanted to see how my favorite entertainer is doing but you seem so boring lately. It was a lot of fun the first few days when the ladies started crying and pretending that they will jump out the window to die, but now they're keeping their distance."

"Well that's good isn't it? I have managed to finish a lot of work when they stop trying to get me to ask them out."

"Noooooh. Ever since you wore that ring your I'm-so-pissed-I'm-going-to-explode-but-I-won't-because-I'm-an-Uchiha poker face hasn't appeared. It's boring." Sasuke stared at the ring. He almost forgot that he wore one. It didn't take that much time to get use to it.

It started when Kakashi used Sasuke for the face of the company by arranging a two page spread about the young Uchiha, despite the other's total refusal. He even went as far as suggesting to the CEO that Konoha needed a young and attractive face to represent the corporation. It would most likely attract their youthful consumers. And who could refuse such orders that came from the higher up?

Not long after the sales doubled but it came with a price. Women even outside their company started pestering Sasuke out and more than eager to bait the perfect catch. Sasuke was almost at his wits end when Shikimaru came with a suggestion.

Well it was more like, "Troublesome. It's because you're single and available for the kill."

The next day Sasuke bought a ring and placed it on his ring finger. This caused uproar in the entire building while they tried finding out just who the lucky bitch was. The "bait" was somehow left alone to continue his work and eventually gave him the distance he needed to do his work.

But of course he wasn't married. Having relationships means decreasing the time to focus on his career. Something he didn't want to do. The ring was just a convenient prop for aspiring spouse hunters to leave him alone or at least keep their distance.

"Hmm…" Kakashi rubbed his covered cheek. Sasuke never understood why the older man needed to hide his face.

To help him come up with stupid ideas perhaps?

"…cold and aloof as always, Sasuke. Do you even know the name of your assistant?"

"The one with thick framed glasses?"

"I didn't ask if you can description her. See what I mean."

"Well if I knew her name will it increase her productivity rate?"

Kakashi laughed. "Probably not. She'll probably squeal and say 'Uchiha-san knows my name!'" Kakashi held another set of laughter when he saw Sasuke's eye twitched.

"What are you really here for Kakashi?" The younger male sighed. He was getting tired and it wasn't even lunch break.

"Ah." The other started. He turned his curved eyes at Sasuke which was never a good sign. It always meant that this man was going to be entertained at his expense. He could only discreetly swallow.

"Sarutobi-sama is calling for you." He wanted to pass it as a joke but since the CEO of Konaha Corp. was mentioned he forced the thought off.

"You could have told me sooner!" Sasuke stood up and proceeds to the top floor with Kakashi trailing behind.

That happy whistle was not a good sign.

"Come in." A wise old voice came from the other side of the door. Sasuke and Kakashi entered the elegant top floor office of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Ah, Uchiha Sasuke-kun. Have a seat. He gestured towards the sofa sets in the middle of the room. There, already sitting on one of the chairs was the company president, Sanin Jiraiya.

When they were all seated, Sarutobi began to speak.

"As you all know Jiraiya is retiring in three months to pursue his writing 'cough' career and his position in the company is open. Upon Kakashi's suggestion and your outstanding performance, you are nominated as one of the candidates for this position."

"…" Despite Sasuke's stoic and stiff appearance his mind was in total and complete chaos. It took almost a minute and a half for the young prodigy to come up with a reply. "It is an honor to be considered but isn't the vice president more suitable?"

The old man simply smiled. "I understand where you're coming from but I always maintained the company for equal opportunity and since 2 of my most trusted friends have put your name in I see no reason why not. Most of the board agrees."

Sasuke could only nod.

"Good. You will start training under Jiraiya tomorrow morning. I'd like to use these couple of months to get to know you and how you work. I insist that you have dinner with my family and please bring your wife along."

"My what?" Sasuke could feel Kakashi shaking trying to suppress his laughter beside him.

'So that's what it was'

"You're wife. Didn't you get married recently?" He points at the ring.

"Uh yeah I'm sorry your news gave me quite a shock that my mind is still trying to cope."

The old man smiled in understanding.

Kakashi gave the young male a 'good save' sign.

"So it's settled then. Does Saturday night sound good?"

"Yes sir. Thank you for the invite."

"Great can't wait to meet your wife. She must be quite the lady to win you over." Jiraya laughed

"You bet she is." Kakashi egged on.

"Hahaha…" Sasuke tried to choke a laugh then whispered lowly with gritted teeth for only Kakashi to hear. "I'll get you for this."


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