Human Where it Counts

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Altogether its 491 words, as there are five drabbles I'm going to say there about 100 words each.

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They didn't know how or why, but they couldn't stop it. From the moment they met in the corridor outside Pete's office they had been fascinated with each other. Or at least, she had been fascinated. She thought she had finally found someone who she could talk too. Most of her friends had been werewolves so long that they'd forgotten how to be teenagers.

"it shines out of you," she had said, "your humanity."

She had sounded bitter because she knew that anyone that human would be disgusted by a werewolf.

When she found out he was a vampire she had died a little inside. She thought he would now hate her. If as a human he wasn't repulsed, then now it was certain. He would hate her now. She didn't know him, but she knew that if he hated her it'd break her heat. She would have to pretend that she hated him so that no one would guess she was in love with a VAMPIRE.

She was sure he would hate her. So the betrayed look on his face as she leapt away him had been too much. He had tried to talk to her to reason with her. But she felt betrayed. The one person she had thought she could talk to, someone she thought could be her friend, or even more... was now a vampire. A filthy blood-sucking leech. He had been stolen from her.

She hated the thing that had taken his place. She told herself that she hated the thing that had taken his place. She DID hate what had taken his place.

Then her instincts had leapt in and her claws had scraped across his face.

In the boat from when they brought him in she thought he was dead. She cried so hard. She realised that she didn't hate him. She realised that hate was the opposite of how she felt and that there was nothing she could do about it. But then he breathed and she knew all was not lost.

They talked. It was the first time she had talked to someone seriously for a long time.

When he gave her his jacket she felt a little burst of happiness.

She tried to tell him how she felt, how sorry and guilty and happy he was with her if she was going to die. But she chickened out and said she was glad he was with her.

When their fingers brushed in the darkness she knew she was hooked.

When they dragged him out she whispered "I love you." And prayed he heard

After the fireworks in Idris they had talked for hours.

He was kind and sweet and funny and before the night was out they had kissed twice. They didn't tell anyone, just in case. She knew her friends would be repulsed.

She told him she really liked him. He said he liked her more.

They fell in love.