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Roy Mustang. Those two words were one spoken with admiration, jealousy, or hatred. Now, those two same words were always whispered by people in small groups, whether on the road or at a workplace, in hushed tones as if the person in question could actually be listening in. The Roy Mustang in question that had made headlines many, many times, all for the wrong reasons and roused so much fear and reverence in the people was a former Colonel of the army, and also, on top of that former State Alchemist. However, the name Roy Mustang now, belonged to an extremely dangerous convict. The public had been warned to stay away from him at all costs and sightings of him must be reported with all due haste. They had no leads on him, the public had been told to keep a eye out for him, but most of them had no idea what he looked like, after burning a building, he would escape quickly and into the night.

Everything had gone wrong. Instead of him exposing the military for what they really were, they had cornered him. He had been given the death sentence for high treason. Even now, he could still see the smirk on his enemies faces as they caught him and his sentence was read out. His loyal team, his closest friends, Hawkeye and the others, had gotten off easier than him, because they were the only working under him and taking orders from a superior officer, or so they had thought, he was grateful that all that had happened to them was that they were forced to resign from the military. They had new lives now; Roy only hoped they were good ones as he had not risked visiting them. They were now just civilians, but people like them could probably quite easily rebuild their lives from nothing.

He himself was still rebelling against the military, the only difference was that he was alone now. He would break into, and after gathering information, burn down any building that was associated with the president he was trying to overthrow. This was not only satisfying, but useful. He was now an arsonist, and his name, unsurprisingly, was now spoken with fear and in amazement.

Riza groaned, and then looked over at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It was still early, the numbers on the screen told her it was only three in the morning. She had been having that same old dream again. For weeks and weeks those dreams had haunted her after Roy disappeared, then, two years later, just as she was starting to accept that she might not see him again, the dreams came back. One by one, all the memories she had of him came flooding back,

"I'm Roy Mustang; I've been honored with being the student of your father." A young boy said to the girl standing opposite her.

"I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, my name is Riza Hawkeye" She replied, equally polite and formal, despite being a few years younger than him.

The scene changed

She saw two soldiers walking along the dead bodies of the Ishbalans, they were laughing and joking. Idiots she thought, don't they value their lives? One of the Ishbalans lying there could still be alive.

It was amazing was people could go to get revenge,

Someone yelled from down on the ground. An Ishbalan was alive as she had suspected. She acted on reflex and shot him through the head and the man fell to the floor.

Then she focused on the faces of the two med she had just saved. One of them was called Hughes if she remembered correctly, a nice man, they had spoken a few times. She then froze as she turned her eyes to the face of the other man. He looked the same, yet so different.

"Don't you remember me?" she said

"How could I forget?" He replied.

It had already been 2 years since she had settled into her new life and she had almost adjusted to her new job of teaching at a local school. She, most unsurprisingly, taught, military tactics, fighting, and most importantly, shooting to the older students. She had made new friends, well as keep in touch with her old ones. Her life was now laid-back, relaxed and could not be more different from when she worked in the military.

Maybe it was just that Roy had been making the headlines again, more active then usual, every time she saw his name in the newspaper, she felt a slight swooping sensation in her stomach. She missed him, and even missed the paperwork with the office work that came with it. The newspapers were all that she had to know whether he was alive or not. She was still in touch with the other members of Mustang's old team, and they were doing extremely well in their new lives.

She fell back onto her pillows but sleep didn't come. She wondered where the Colonel was, he was probably still in the area, as all the crimes committed by him was in Central itself but she hadn't seen hide nor hair of him in the past two years. She wished that he would at least visit her once just to let her know that he was alright but another part of her knew that it was too risky, she didn't know who might be watching and it was common knowledge among the military that she and Roy were good friends and trusted comrades. She brooded in these thoughts until her alarm clock rang for her to get up.

She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and got dressed, setting up her guns as she still carried them with her out of habit. Her breakfast consisted of just a few pieces of bread with coffee then she stepped out of her house. For some reason she was looking forward to teaching her students today, even if the school she taught at was connected and funded directly by the military.

At three in the morning, sitting his bed of the small run-down house he had taken over, Roy Mustang was already planning his next exploit. He needed to get the public on his side; they had been told that he was the villain, the evil merciless alchemist who killed innocent people. His next target was a school. Full of children, he decided to burn some of it up in broad daylight while everyone was at school. But no-one would be killed. That would get the public talking. They would start to question the word of the military. If he was such an evil murdering person, why was no-one harmed in the school, and why does he never kill anyone? Roy grinned evilly again. Better yet, the school was funded and connected directly to the military.

He planned it out carefully, if no-one was to be killed, his best chance was to burn one of the gathering halls as they weren't used as often as the classrooms, or he could set fire to the entire school, or maybe just the front block just to make a huge scene. Or, he thought evilly, all the people in the school could be drawn out and while they were outside, their school would mysteriously burst into flames behind them. That would, not doubt, raise questions as to why he blew up the school while no-one was in it.

He changed his clothes, making sure that they looked as business-like as possible, as to escape any suspicion on the way to the school. He sighed, and brushed back his hair, taking further precautions not to be recognized. He hated his hair gelled back, it just brought back memories of the day which they had buried Hughes, he then picked up his gloves and carefully put then into a pocket. Then, he walked out of the house, onto the streets as if he had a perfect right to be there, and he wasn't one of the most wanted criminals in the country. His plan was working, he was already halfway to the school and no-one had suspected him, but then again, only a select few knew what he had looked like. His team had taken the trouble to hack into the military database and delete all data of him, especially the pictures.

It was midday, and he had reached the school. He had been there once before, when he was escaping from some soldiers after they had caught a glimpse of him taking off after blowing up a laboratory. It was a complete school, with children, around 5 years old to young adults who could already work. They even had military train here. That was all the more reason to blow the school up but not hurt anyone in the process.


Gunshots, Roy recognized the sound and his mind immediately sprung to Hawkeye. I wonder how she's doing he thought, his mind wondering off for a few seconds.

He snuck into the school then slipped on his gloves.

Riza smiled as she observed her class, they were in their last year of school. In the college part of the school, they were quite close to her age. They were all around twenty-one years old, and at first, they had not respected her, knowing that she was only a few years older than them and a women. After the first few lessons, winning their respect had been easy, she had after all, once been the best sharpshooter in the military and served as a sniper in the Ishbalan war. She had now become good friends with most of them and they accepted her judgment and opinions as if she was one of them, which, in a way, she was. Only a one of the eighteen students in her class knew about her past, she had stumbled upon it when she became interested in the arson of Roy Mustang. She was only twenty years old, and extremely bright. Her name was Hannah Lequa and she was already well aware of all the happenings around her, and she knew what Roy Mustang was trying to do.

"Raise your gun slightly," Riza said to Stephen King, a young man in her class who seemed to be excelling in politics and written military tactics but struggling slightly in practical work.

"Yes Miss Hawkeye" he said formally. "I told you" Riza said, sighing, "It's Hawkeye or Riza, you don't need to bother with this 'Miss' stuff"

I saw that he had corrected his stance and position so I moved onto the next group of people.

"Hannah, Grace, Amelia, how are you doing?" These three young adults were they among her close friends. She had been teaching them for 1 and a half years and they had come to her for private tuition. They nodded and smiled at her and they exchanged a few words and gossip.

"Well then, lets see you shoot"

Unsurprisingly, as they had been taught by her privately, they hit the target without any difficulty at all.

She was about to set them something more challenging when.

The alarms went off. They never went off unless it was a serious emergency, and the entire school was panicking. They all ran out, onto the street outside. Riza swore and thought quickly. They were in the wrong side of the school.

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" she yelled to her students, and they started to run back through the school.

Through the corridors which were already deserted and then out the door. Riza saw her students panting just outside the gates. She counted then quickly in her head.

15..16..17…… She froze, then counted them again. Still seventeen, someone was still inside.

"Who's still inside?" She shouted, trying to make herself heard. Than she realized who was missing. Hannah was still inside.

She turned back to the school gates, about to run in, just as the school burst into flames.

Roy Mustang she thought.

Then she ran into the building without another thought.

Roy saw that the last group has reached the gate, then clicked his fingers and the school went up in flames. Then, on a whim, he decided to walk inside, and leave a message somewhere in the school. He froze as he saw a body of a young girl on the ground, and another women who had her back to him, she was kneeling at the girls side, shaking her…

He walked over to the two women quickly,

"We have to get her out, and quick" he said, wondering why they were still inside.

The women with her back turned to him jumped at the sound of his voice, she had obviously not been expecting company. Also, that voice was so very familiar to her.

She turned around and their eyes met.

Hawkeye he thought. We finally meet again.