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He sat there in the same place, completely still and unmoving apart, the almost rhythmical rising and falling of his chest was the only evidence that he was still alive.

Time passed.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Criminal. Dangerous Convict. Arsonist. Murderer.

The words hit him mercilessly, but the last word struck a much deeper blow. Roy had not applied that word to himself since the days of Ishbal, the time when each and every day was worse than a living hell.


You killed innocent people who didn't deserve to die.

You wanted to change the country after Ishbal but look what you're doing now!

You don't deserve to live anymore.

You don't deserve even this life after what you've done to Riza.

She trusted you and you scarred her.

She trusted you and you abused her trust and used it to kill more innocents.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if you just died?

The voice in his head taunted him. Over and over again those thoughts invaded his head and taunted him over and over again.

He was a murderer. He was unworthy to live on. His life was a waste of the pure air around him; his existence was just polluting it. He couldn't do anything more for the country that he wanted to protect so much. He couldn't even protect the one who was most important to him.

Roy Mustang, no longer Flame Alchemist, no longer colonel, no longer the person he once was and no chance of becoming the person he wanted to be.

"Hey! Riza! Miss Hawkeye!"

Riza was woken up by the yelling and screaming that seemed to be issuing from behind her closed frond door. She yawned, sat up, and then looked over at the alarm clock that was still on the table next to her, the alarm had somehow failed to go off, or maybe she was just too tired to think about turning if off after last nights events. It was already very late in the morning and midday was fast approaching.

She now knew why there were people outside of her door knocking. She had slept right through a lesson that she was supposed to be teaching and her students had to come find her instead of meeting at the usual place at the shooting range. She yawned again, quickly getting out of bed and walking over to her closet.

"Yes, I hear you, I'll be out with you in a minute" Riza called out towards the main direction of the door.

White blouse with grey pants with her hair clipped up in the usual bun, she walked over towards the door and pulled it open, and, as expected, were the members of her class.

The members of her class, accompanied by a soldier.

Riza looked quickly at him, her eyes lingering at his shoulders where his rank would be displayed and saw that he was a major. Riza froze, thinking quick for a reason why he would be there. A major would not be outside her house, simply for keeping a few young people in order in an apartment building, even normal soldiers would not be doing such duties.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the person in question speaking out.

"I believe you are Miss Hawkeye, formally known as Lieutenant Hawkeye?" He said.

"Yes" Riza replied, her mind wondering why the corporal referred to her former title, as she was not even in the military any longer.

"We have reason to believe that you have had unlawful contact with the criminal, Roy Mustang, the former Colonel and your former commanding officer"

Riza opened her mouth to deny the claim, but her voice was stuck, and the inside of her mouth was dry as she tried to think of a plausible excuse, the smile of the soldier got wider with every second.

It also didn't help that her students were staring at her, some gaping with their mouths open, they had not known her former status, or for that matter, anything about her, apart from the fact that she was good-natured and an uncannily good shooter.

"Th-that's impossible" She managed to stutter out after what felt like to her, an hour, but in reality, no more than half a minute, but the damage was already done, she had already hesitated too long.

How did he find out? What will happen to us now if he doesn't believe me?

"We have found solid evidence that the two of you have been in contact, please come with me to headquarters" He said, turning his back to me and walking down the corridors, expecting me to follow.

-Riza's POV starts here:-

"Arrogant bastard" one of the boys in my class muttered, and I almost laughed out loud.

I started to walk after the Major, if I refused to go, they would simply say that I had something so hide, which I did.

Hell, I thought I had already left behind the military.

The journey in the car was timeless, and stepping out I had no emotions to speak of.

I will not tell them anything, under any circumstance.

I kept on repeating those words, over and over again in my head.

Then I saw the front gate.

A wave of familiarity swept over me. I had tried my best to avoid this place for two years, the place where I had spent some of the most important days of my life, and most of my days had grown to be part of my life.

Was it really at this gate where I waited for Roy the entire night while he went inside? That time when I defied his orders and said I would keep on waiting for him?

The nameless major walked forward inside and I followed. Through the main offices, the corridors, nothing had changed. Receptionist was still the same, she seemed startled and gave a small gasp as she saw me, I smiled at her, the two of us used to talk before I left.

Up more stairs.

Turning around another corner.

We walk in silence until the doors on either side start to fade out, becoming less and less and the noise was starting to die out.

Maybe he's just going to take me to some dark corner and attempt to murder me. Too bad they didn't search me for weapons when I entered.

Reaching the end of the thought, a pair of double doors came into site.

The major stopped in front of them, knocked and opened the door, and gave me a look that told me to enter.

I stepped inside and I heard the door shut with a snap behind me.

"Well, well, Lieutenant Hawkeye" A voice said from behind a desk.

My head jerked around to look at the source of the voice.

I had only heard it a few times but it made a burning impression in my head.

King Bradley

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