When It's over

Summary: There's little better than having someone there after a nightmare

Hodgins knew Heather Taffet was rotting in federal prison. The bitch deserved no less. The FBI must be pissed since she was throwing her authority around. He knew that those hours with Dr. Brennan were over. The worst was that everything still bothered him. He missed Zack like crazy. He can still feel the room vibrate as the experiment blew. He still smells the flesh burnt beyond recognition as his best friend's hands became worthless.

He is still so angry. He can't shake the heavy feeling of regret and betrayal.

He still can't let go of feeling truly alone. It has been a few months or so since they were buried.

He is ashamed. He has forked out wads of cash to repair water damage. He can't bring himself to shut the shower screen. It will still happen again despite the guilt . He feels so absolutely god damned weak. He can't escape that he is still so afraid.

Small spaces are frightening . He hates it. His closet and his shower. Elevators and small crime scenes.

He has been riding the bus because his sports car is tiny. He remembers the shame when he drove Booth and Brennan to a crime scene and he had to roll down the windows. It was fall, and chilly. He didn't know if it was worse that his friends were freezing their asses off because of him or the understanding etched in their expressions. He thought round and around guiltily. The bug and slime guy fell into a restless sleep.

He woke up later in a cold sweat. He couldn't remember anything other than subject matter of the dream. He let the shame wash and tears fell angrily. Angela stirs next to him. He woke her up. Great boyfriend, huh? He stares dead ahead. She always looks cute with bed head but he can't look at her.

Slender arms turn him around as she pulls him forward. She rubs his shoulder blades and rests his head between her breasts. Her muscles are sleep warmed and he smells the vanilla lotion she favors. He knows that his nightmare is far from over, but that she is on his side. He feels some shame slip and lets her hold him. He lets her support his weight like she's his backbone. Sometimes she truly is.

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