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Happiness hit her like a train on a track, coming towards her, stuck still no turning back - Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

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Busy day, I thought to myself.

People were coming in and out of the store constantly, moving rapidly through the aisles. Considering I own the only bookstore in La Push, and one of the few around Forks, I get a lot of customers. It might have something to do with having your father as the chief of police. Or maybe something to do with having your boyfriend's father as the head of the La Push council. It lets people know that you're important, and that you should come here for books. Plus, it's only better when the head doctor at Forks General Hospital still thinks of you as a daughter, funding the store while filling the little shop with more books than an Indigo Superstore. It's something I don't accept, but everyday there are two boxes sitting in front of the store before I pull into work. Then again, after three years of owning a business, you establish your customer base, which has a high demand for books, you just can't refuse. It's not like the Cullens would actually take back the books.

A flash of blonde hair was now resting lovingly on my glass counter, beside a pile of books that had accumulated miraculously.

"Working hard, Bella?"

I smiled, "Always am, Rose."

"So doing great with Jake?"

It took Rosalie a full year for her to stop her urge of calling Jacob "mutt", but after that, they had become the best of friends. They even worked on my truck together, after it had died on me while I was driving on the highway. Thanks to them, it works better than it did before, if you give a little punch and kick here and there.

"We're perfect, as always. I'm curious as to why you would be interested in that?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm secretly going to steal him from you."

"He is rather good with his hands."

She smirked, "And I thought Emmett and I were dirty."

I laughed along with her.

She sighed, "Well, I am looking for a specific book, Alice sent me here to get it. It's the-"

" 'Fashion Throughout the Years – 1920s to 2000s'."

Rosalie almost looked shocked as I handed her the rather large book in her hands.

"Isn't Alice the psychic?"

I laughed, "She is, but when you think about it logically, this book wouldn't be something I would usually order. It's not like I only get my books from one place."

"Point taken." She said, ready to leave.

"Rosalie," I said, waving another book in my hand.

"Do you think Alice would want this?" She said, pointing to the small book.

"The Life of Coco Chanel? Well, if I'm trusting my gut, then yes."

Placing the book on top of the pile, I noticed Rosalie digging into her pocket.

"Anyone with the last name Cullen gets a discount, Rose."

Rosalie stopped.

"How much?"

I shrugged, "Jasper set it at a hundred percent discount and I don't mind."

"Which I adore Bella, thank you again." Jasper quickly said, walking past the counter and towards the door with a large amount of books in his hand.

"You're welcome!" I said as he left the store.

A mess of bronze hair came to join us at the counter.

"I'm rather glad that Jasper takes more books than he needs. Gives us an actual reason to give you more books, Bella."

I slightly laughed, "Always got to think of the positive, right Edward?"

He smiled crookedly, "It's a curse and a blessing."

"Well," Rosalie said, "I need to take this to Alice before she decapitates me. See you in a few, Bella."

She leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, which I returned.

"I'll pay for this next time!" She said, leaving the store.

I sighed, "Oh Rosalie. You can't live with her..."

"...And you can't live with her." Edward finished.

I shook my head, "You are so evil."

He smiled, "I try."

I took a deep breath, taking in my surroundings.

"Isn't it weird, that all of this happened by chance?"

"Not really, you did plan everything beforehand, Bella. It was no surprise the bookstore sky-rocketed."

I shook my head, "No, I don't mean that. I mean, the bookstore happened because of what happened to Jacob, and what happened to Jacob is because of what happened to Victoria, and what happened to Victoria is because of what happened to James, and what happened of James is because of what happened to you."

He laughed, "And what did happen to me?"

I tilted my head, "You met me."

"Which was the greatest thing of my life."

"Meeting me in a biology class was the greatest thing in your life?"

He shifted his weight, "You taught me how to be strong Bella, which is something a lot of people can't teach."

"Well, then you're welcome."

We were quiet for a while, but I broke the silence.

"I guess I have to thank you too, since you sort-of, well, change my life, in so many words."

"You're quite welcome, Bella."

He shook his head, "I have to leave."

I rose an eyebrow, "Got a hot date?"

It looked like Edward got his hand stuck in a cookie jar.

My jaw dropped.

"What's her name?"

"Another time, Bella." He said, grinning like an idiot.

As he was leaving the store, a tall, russet skin man came walking through the door, a paper bag in one hand, a tennis ball in the other.

"Hey Eddy-boy! We're having a movie night. Stick around?"

Edward was grabbing his coat, "Uh, rain check?"

I didn't know if it was me or not, but I swear I saw Edward smiling.

Jacob snorted, "What? You got a hot date?"

Edward sighed, almost agitated.

"Goodbye Jacob. Goodbye Bella."

"I will figure out her name!" I shouted before the door closed, causing some of the customers to turn around in confusion, shake their heads, and go back to browsing.

"What's got his boxers in a bunch?" He said, placing the good-smelling paper bag on the counter. I stuck my hand in the bag, grabbing an item and pulling it out.

Fries. Yum.

"Brody! Come here boy!" He said, clapping his hands.

Brody was our two-year-old German Sheppard, who kept the store safe when Jacob wasn't around. I adopted him at first to originally to get a dog just so it could piss Jacob off, but after I looked into those cute puppy dog eyes, I fell in love. Jacob couldn't resists Brody's cuteness as well, and treated him like it was his little boy. Throwing the tennis ball lightly, Brody navigated his way through the books without hitting one of them, which is why I deeply appreciated Embry and his secret dog whispering skills.

"Edward's got a hot date."

Jacob stole one of my fries.

"How hot?"

I shrugged, eating another fry.

"He wouldn't tell me her name."

He stopped eating.

"Oh yeah, then she's hot."

I laughed, looking into the bag, finding the boxes of burgers

"Which one's mine?"

Brody came back, bringing the ball with him.

"The one with the red lid."

I pulled out my milkshake, enjoying the vanilla swirling in my mouth.

"What's with the movie night?"

He shrugged, throwing the ball again, "What? I can't celebrate one random night?"


He grinned.

"How's work?" I asked him.

He rolled his eyes, "It was good, Mom. The mechanic shop is doing fine."

He leaned in, "How's the bookstore?"

I rolled my own eyes, "Black's Books is doing fine, Dad."


I shook my head, picking into the bag and grabbing my box with the red lid.

"Hey Bells, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," I said opening the box.

"I was wondering, you know..."

At first, I was hoping that I would grab my big, juicy burger. But instead my hands caught on something else.

I picked up the small velvet box.

"...Will you marry me?"

I opened the box, looking at the simple diamond ring.

I couldn't speak. I was shocked. It hit me like a train, and I was stuck. But I didn't want to get off of the track; I was too happy. I knew Jacob was going to pop the question to me one day, but I never would have thought that he would do it like this. I thought Jacob would do the romantic thing, like drive us in his black Mustang to the highest cliff in La Push, feed me the finest cuisine available, serenade me as best as he could, and just slowly pull out a ring and ask me to marry him. But when I thought about it, and thought of how this situation was something Jacob would do, it made sense. Jacob probably thought that doing the whole "romantic thing" wasn't really how I would have wanted to be proposed to. I would have done something small and intimate, just like what Jacob did. It was perfect for me.


"Yea?" I said, somewhat in my thoughts.

"You wanna help a guy out?"

I was confused.

"You're killing me here, you know that right?"

I realized what he was talking about.

"Oh! Of course! Yes! Yes!"

I ran around the counter, through the middle opening, into Jacob's arms.

People around us started to clap, and that was when I realized the entire pack was there with everyone's imprints. Angela was there with Embry, and Faith was there with Paul. But also there was Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper, even though I thought they had left. While I was hugging Jacob, I noticed Edward in the window, smiling. Before he left, he mouthed a few words.

'Thank you for everything.'

People said their congratulations and slowly left the store, leaving me with Jacob and a few other customers. Jacob and I were behind the counter, embracing each other. After a long kiss, he couldn't take his hands off of me.

"So, Mrs. Black, how are you feeling now?"

"Pretty good, but let's stick with Ms. Swan for now."


I shrugged, letting him read my mind.

He burst out laughing.

"Only you Bells."

He brushed some of my hair out of my face.

"Listen, I've got to go set up for the movie night, I'll be back."

I gasped, "I should have known you were up to something with that movie night."

He laughed, "You're not the mind-reader in this relationship, Bells."

"I know, I know. Now get out of here before I end up kicking you out."

His eyebrows rose seductively. "Ooh, kick me where, Ms. Swan?"

"Out," I said, hurling a pencil at him. He used the door as a shield.

"You gonna talk crazy dirty talk for me, foxy lady?"

"Jacob Black!" I said, chucking the entire pencil holder at the door.

"Okay, I'm gone, I'm gone. I love you."

"I'm sure." I said, fixing up some of the books in the display.

He stood by the door in an unamused stance.

"I love you too." I said, caving in.

He blew a kiss for me, and left the store.

I shook my head, moving around some books, while placing some new releases on stands, when I saw several hands reach the table.

A group of kids from the elementary school had come straight here after school to pick up some books. I took a good look at the books, realizing they were all written by Dr. Seuss. They were familiar, since they had been regular customers.

"Hey guys, how are you doing?"

"Pretty good," a little voice came from behind the counter.

Leaning over, I noticed it was a small girl by the name of Sara.

"Ms. Swan, how do you have so many books?" asked one of the little boys.

I smiled at the small group of kids. Three tan boys and a little girl with lighter skin than the boys, almost as light as mine. Two boys were right in front of the counter, along with Sara, the girl, while the last boy was off to the back.

"Because I love to read, Mason." I said, wrapping the three books in parchment paper, tying it with a small piece of string. I like to keep things as authentic as possible when it comes to my book store.

"We know that," Mason, the short-haired boy said. The two boys were most likely in grade 8."We wanna know where do you get all the books from?"

"Well," I said, hitting the keys on the cash register, "Everyday I come to work, and there are these two boxes sitting by my front door. Sometimes they're little, sometimes they're not. But they are always there."

Sara had her feet hanging as she put all her weight on the top of the counter, resting on her elbows. She was definitely around the 6th grade, but she was much shorter than she should be.

"So, this person is like a fairy godmother?"

I leaned down smiling, "Exactly."

One of the boys, Gabriel, laughed at her.

"There's no such thing as a fairy godmother."

Sara got defensive, "Yes there is! You just don't understand!"

"No there isn't," Mason said in a demeaning tone.

"Yes! You guys aren't letting me speak!"

The last boy spoke up.

"Shut up guys. There are fairy godmothers out there. Not all of them have wings."

"How would you know, Logan?" Mason said.

Logan pointed to me.

"Ms. Swan gave us a bookstore where we can buy our own copy of The Lorax and not use the broken ones that are at the school."

He smiled to me, "That's a fairy godmother."

Wow. Good kid.

Good parents, I corrected myself.

I handed the books to the two boys after they handed me the money, and they were off like buffoons in a tree.

Shaking my head, I realized Logan was still here with Sara. He was almost a head taller than her. He looked at her as if he needed to protect her. He stood his ground and defended her, even though he knew his friends would think he was a freak. He was wise beyond his years, grown up, even though he was probably just a year older than Sara. By the way he was looking at her, I knew he had a school-boy crush on Sara. Maybe even something more.

"Sara, do you want me to walk you home? It is getting late out."

I smiled. He was so much like Jacob.

"But Logan, how are you going to get home then? You live two blocks away from my house. It'll be dark by then."

I smiled even more. Sara was almost exactly like me.

He shrugged his shoulders, "I'll think of something."

She smiled, "Okay. But I wanna ask Ms. Swan something."

"Yes?" I said, pulling my full attention towards her.

"Do you have any romance novels?"

I caught myself before I let out a chuckle.

"Tons. What is your choice? Mystery, Suspense?"

"I was kind-of hoping for a story about how a girl falls in love with a boy who changes her life."

I almost laughed.

"That story is still being written, sweetheart."

She pouted.

"But," I said, quickly ducking into the backroom, pulling out a book from my private box, "there is one book that may be what you're looking for."

I gave the book to her. She held the book, reading the title.

"The Silver Kiss?"

"Yep," I said, holding my laugh.

She turned the book, reading the back of it. Sara snorted after finishing reading.

"It's about a girl falling in love with a vampire."

I nodded, almost giggling.

"It's more important than that." I told her.

"Is it a good story?"

I suppressed my chuckle.

"It is an interesting story."

She shook her head.

"So what? It's not like once you fall in love with a vampire your entire life is going to change."

I laughed.

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