Hopefully the people reading this have read this story and it's other version, because I have a strange favor to ask. It's difficult to think of how to word this...I need objective opinions. I was looking over the dates for this story and the second version of this story, trying to see if they matched up at all, or gave any clues through my writing of some things that were going on personally. I don't want to say much because I don't want to taint anything...

What I'm wondering is this: In this particular story is there a point at which anything at all in the writing seems to change? Tone, etc? If I were just to go by the reviews, it seems as if it did, but that's just me. I need other perspectives besides mine.

AND, for those of you who have read the second story, do you find there is a change specifically in tone between that story and this one?

I know I was writing this story for a specific reason- I wanted to make it as long as possible to last as long as a situation I was going through, because this story was the only thing that kept me going oddly enough. I don't know if dates are available, if it tells at all when exactly each chapter was uploaded, but I'm wondering if I can match up certain chapters with certain not good events that took place during the writing of this story. I may have mentioned one instance specifically when I mentioned that I went back home, but I didn't say why. Hmm. I'm wondering IF my writing here DID change, if it changed after that specific point in time?

Anyone up for the task?

I tried reading through the second version of this, which was written during quite possibly one of the worst times of my life and just reading a couple random chapters had my body in knots and in so much literal physical pain I had to take several strong pain meds, causing me to have to stop for my own health. Does that story seem different than this one? It may just be me, because I know the literal hell going on around me when I wrote it. I'd hate to think that story has all the rage and pain I couldn't express verbally wrapped up in it.

I don't want this story or the other one to take up FF's feed, if you'd like to contribute to this task, PM me please.

Also I made a forum "It's A Southern Thing" so other readers can weigh in get opinions, and I can give you more info! it's in forums divalicious2/946634/