Okay so Hinata is going to an all boys school to become an artist.

I was inspired by College Quirks.


Goodbye Pain, Hello Mercy

BEEP BEEP BEEP, "Ugh" Hinata groaned at her alarm, then she saw the time, 6:30. Her bus was leaving her small home-town at 7:00! "I'm gonna be late!" Hinata screamed running to the bath room. She was going to a school that would help her become an artist, something her father didn't approve. Hinata hated thinking of that man, the man who was and is supposed to love her, but no. He hates her, because Hinata is to sweet. While thinking, Hinata almost fell on her face. Nightmare, Hinata's oh-so-loving cat, decided that him would sleep in the hall. "meow" was all he said. Hinata shook her head, "Sorry Nightmare." She and Nightmare have been doing this since Hinata was eight. She hated that she would have to leave he behind. She new was the St. Mercy School it was one of the best artist schools in Japan. But there were these problems Hinata has to deal with:

1. It's an all boy school. So Hinata has to pretend to be a boy.

2. She has to leave Nightmare behind.

Hinata thought about how she was going to fool a bunch of then went into Neji's room to get some cloths. Finally, by 6:45, she was ready. "Hinata?" Neji said with a very confused look on his face. Hinata was wondering why he was looking at her like that, to only realize that she was wearing his cloths and had a suitcase full his cloths as well. "Nii-san" Hinata whispered, when she was younger, Hinata stuttered, now it was only Neji who could make her stutter."What are you wearing and why do you have a suitcase and drawing stuff?" Neji questioned, he was one to get to the bottom of things. "Umm-well..Nii-san..I..umm...j-j-ust was...umm-" Hinata stuttered, while shifting her wieght from foot to foot. "SPIT IT OUT!" Neji yelled, which made Hinata flich.

She took a deep breath and said "!" Hinata finshed in one breath. Neji stood shocked, "Your going to an alls boys school?" Neji said his face getting red with anger. Hinata looked down and muttered "They gave me a solarship." Hinata looked up when Neji didn't say anything. "Nii-san?" Hinata asked. "So your going to share a room with a boy?" Neji yelled, while panicking. 'Is that he cares about? Jeez it's not like Im' gonna sleep with any of 'em!' Hinata thought while rolling her eyes at her overprotective cousin. Finally Neji said, "You can go..." 'yes! I'm free' Hinata thought reaching for the door, "but.." 'but' Hinata whined in her head. "I am going to call you and visit you when the time is right." She would have stay and fought for her freedom, but she only ten minutes.

On the bus Hinata fell asleep, only to wake when bus driver shook her. "This is your stop." He said to her. She thanked him and left the bus. Her suitcase, backpack, and art supplies were waiting for her on the bench. As she got close her backpack started to move. She froze in her tracks 'backpacks don't move on their own...' Hinata thought as she slowly started to move forward "Meoow" Hinata heard "wait a minute..." She thought out loud. She unzipped her bag to find the one and only Nightmare. Sitting happily, staring at her.

She swore she could see him smiling. She would've been mad but she was to happy. "Nightmare! How did u get in there?" Him slowly started to climb out when Hinata pushed him back in. "Nightmare, students aren't allowed to have pets here." Hinata watch Nightmare's ears fold back. He did this when he thought he was in trouble. He golden eyes sparkled at Hinata. 'How can I get mad at that?' Hinata thought cursing her soft spot for Nightmare's cute side. She signed "Okay you can come with me but you HAVE to stay hidden. No one can see okay?" Nightmare curled up into a ball has if he could understand what she was saying. She zipped up her bag and swung it over her shoulder, carried her art stuff and suitcase in her hands she started walking to her new school and new home.

The building was beautiful! tree and bushes lined the school walls and a medium sized court-yard sat in front. the building its-self was an old gothic styled catholic church. It beautiful stain glass windows were still in place. And the bell tower, towered high over seeing every thing in the campus. The dorm, on the other hand, looked like modern style dorms. Other newly built brick buildings surrounded the area, but Hinata's attention was on the main building or at least the bell tower. "It must be a view from up there.." Hinata said/whispered as if a single sound would cause the tower to fall. And the next sound Hinata just might have done that, "SASUKE-KUN!" 7-25 girls circled around one. Hinata scowled at them. ' How can they pay so much attention to that guy when there is a landscape just asking..BEGGING even to be draw!' Hinata's thought filled with rage. "One day someone will draw you.." She whispered to the tower,"And that someone is gonna be me." Hinata finished her sentence just as the crazy-ass fan-girls began screaming again. Hinata slowly shook her head at the girls and man, "They such hoes, those girls. Hopefully that guys got a brain." She said to Nightmare, "Who knows maybe he'll be the first men to use it." Nightmare meowed in agreement.

Sasuke looked over to the building where he could see a boy starting at him or maybe the girls surrounding him. He didn't know why but for some reason Sasuke what to go talk to that guy main to tell him to stop staring it creep him out. And as if the boy could read Sasuke's mind the boy started to walk towards the main building. 'If only these girls would just walk away like he did.' Sasuke signed which made every girl squeal. He hated when his fan-girls did that, hell he hate HAVING fan-girls. The bell tower began to ring as if saving Sasuke or answering his prayers, it was time for everyone to return to their dorms or schools, for the girls, in other words, DINNER TIME! The girls sighed and said good-bye to Sasuke, not that he was paying much attention.

He was staring up at his bell tower. 'Why does every girl or guy stare at me? They could be staring at you!' Sasuke shook his, all his life people, female and male, have been kissing up to him because of who his father and brother were. 'I just wish I wasn't a Uchiua some times that way I could tell who was my real friends were.' He once again looked up at the bell tower, sighed and went inside for some dinner.

Hinata was wondering around trying to find the deans office. She decided just to ask someone, but no one was around. She sighed, then she spotted the front door opening. 'YES! Finally someone I can asked directions from!' She started to run towards the door until he stepped through. 'Great! It's that guy, the one with all the fan-hoes!' Hinata started to turn around when she then thought, 'Okay this unfair I need to no where the dean is soo I just have to asked him no matter how much I hate it.'

Sasuke just walked through the door when he saw someone running to him. He groaned but then was shocked when the boy stopped in his tracks and turn around and started to head in the other direction. 'Wait..isn't that the boy who was staring at me before?' Sasuke wondered. The boy stopped once again and turn and headed straight for Sasuke. ' What does he want?' Sasuke got a really good look at the boy this time. He had three bags, a suitcase, a backpack, and..'This guy can't really be an artist can he?' Sasuke then looked at the boys face pale skinned, with lavender/white eyes with no pupils. 'Weird..' Sasuke thought, the boys skin very perfect not a pimple in sight..almost like a girls...and his lips were plump..like a girl as well. 'Is this guy a he or a she?' Sasuke wondered one more time, ' Even though I hate to admit it he looks kindof cute...WAIT want am I saying...ugh I've been hanging out Deidara TOO much.' but Sasuke couldn't help but stare some more.

'Whats this guys problem?' Hinata thought after she realized he was staring at her. She decided that she would be nice but this was making very hard to be. She looked at and that he had jet-black hair, plae skin(not as plae has her but pretty close). She couldn't see his eyes, but she could feel them, going up and down her body. It made her want to cover her-self very badly. She shook off the feeling and continued forward, and also seeing more about the guy staring at her. he was carrying a laptop bag and another bag that she could place, but she felt like she'd seen it before. He was wearing dark wash jeans that had rips on the upper left thigh, black cow-boy/bicker boots, a gray v-neck t-shirt, and over his tee and a plaid shirt left open that also showed off his muscles. Hinata dared to say he looked oh-so-fine. "Excuse me?" she called in her best "guy" voice. "What?" the guys voice was deep and sexy, but he also sounded like he just woke up. "Um...could you, please tell me where I could find there deans office?"

"Um...could you, please tell me where i could find the deans office?" The boy asked, Sasuke looked at the wall behind the boy, little confused, 'Is this a joke or Excuse to talk to me?' Sasuke thought. He looked at the boy and realized that he really didn't know where he was or was going. All Sasuke could do was laugh.

'He's laughing at what? Me?' Hinata thought. " umm Excuse me?" She asked but the boy continued to laugh. Now she was getting pissed. ' How dare he just laugh like that!' Hinata wanted to tell him off,but decided against it. "Whats so funny?" She asked. The guy stopped laughing for a minute only to start all over again, harder this time. ' That does it!' Hinata yelled in her mind. She shoved to guy into the wall, which left him shock and surprised. "Now could you please answer my question?"

'He didn't just shove me did he? Who does he think he is!' Sasuke was mad. How dare this random stranger just shove him and ask for an answer. "Hn." was all he said. That only made the boy madder. He got into Sasuke's face, which to do so he had to stand on his toes, and asked "Who do you think you are? Some god or somethin'?" Now Sasuke was really surprised no one has every talked to him like that. " Who do I think I am? Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?" Sasuke replied, in return getting into the boys face. "Hinata Hyuuga" Sauske raise his eyebrows in confusion "Um..isn't 'Hinata' a girl name?" He asked. Hinata sighed "Yes, but my parents thought I was going to be a girl."

Hinata had already thought of an excuse for her name. That her parents thought that she was going to be a girl. "Sasuke Uchiua" the guy replied with a smirk on his face. "How I'd like to wipe that smirk off your face!" Hinata shouted, even though she thought it was kindof sexy, not that she'd admit that. " The deans office is right there." Sasuke said blankly. "uh.." Hinata said and then turned to see what Sasuke was pointing at..and sure enough it was the deans office. Hinata slapped herself for missing that. She turned to thank Sasuke but he was already gone.

The dean was sitting at his desk reading something when Hinata walked in. She was surprised how messy his office was. Books and papers lied on the floor and chairs. The dean's desk, however, was spotless. When Hinata was eyeing the desk that's when she realized what the dean was reading...it was some porn manga. Hinata cleared her voice, in her guy voice, the dean paid no attention to her. This went on for a while, 'This guy is some perv...what about the rest of the teachers.' Hinata suddenly didn't want all male teachers and began praying for some female teachers. Hinata then clear her voice in her normal voice and the dean dropped her book looking around for a woman but all he saw boy Hinata. "what?" the dean said sad that there wasn't a female in the room, in her mind Hinata said 'Prev.' but aloud she said in her guyvioce, "Umm...I'm Hinata Hyuuga..and I'm new..sooo.." Hinata sentence trailed dean stood and said, "Welcome Hinata! I am dean Juraiya. How may I help you young lady?" Hinata stepped back, "Umm..sir...I'm..a...boy.." Hinata said slowly backing up hoping that this Juraiya guy was stupid. The sparkling in Juraiya eyes disappeared and realization come over him. "Oh...sorry 'bout that. Well heres your classes and your dorm key." he said handing Hinata a piece of paper and a key. "Thank-you." Hinata said and then left Juraiya in discomfort.

Hinata sighed in relief. She had her key and classes and starting tomorrow she was going to be one step closing to becoming an artist! Now all she wanted to do was go to her dorm and go to sleep. But then again she was to excited to sleep. She was free from her father and sortof from Neji, and she was free from the pain of being disowned.

All she could say was "Good-bye Pain, Hello Mercy...St. Mercy."


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