I claimed the Lime Table at the community citrus_taste on livejournal. Their are 50 prompts and all must have smut in them of some kind. :D so this will be devoted to those 50 prompts and to MugenxFuu, of course! :D

this is prompt #9 - no more teasing, baby

Fuu giggled as she slowly bent over to pick up her belongings in the abandoned hut she was sharing with her two traveling companions.

She knew she was driving one particular companion of hers crazy and she kind of liked it. Fuu could feel Mugen watching her every move and she giggled again at the thought of what kind of effect she was having on him. All afternoon she had been doing things like this to tease the pirate. She liked knowing that he was watching her with those dark eyes.

Fuu yelped in surprise when two lanky arms wrapped themselves around her and held her in place.

"You want me don't ya, girly?"

Mugen's voice sent shivers down her spine. His breath was hot on her neck and it was all Fuu could do to keep calm.

"Um-um, no. Whatever gave you that idea?" She bit her lip and waited for him to release her.

"Liar. Quit this teasing bullshit and lets get to it."

Mugen spun the sunflower girl around and kissed her hard. Fuu gasped when she felt his hands begin to roam her body. They were warm and his kiss was powerful and full of desire. She didn't want this to stop. She moaned into the kiss and began to do a little exploring of her own. Mugen growled as she brushed against his chest and continued in almost a hurried pace.

The pirate had managed to get up under her kimono when they were interrupted. A disgusted "hnnn" was heard at the door of the hut and the two almost lovers looked up to see Jin standing with his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Mugen smirked playfully. "Save it fish face, she wanted this. Didn't ya, babe?"

Fuu didn't answer. She just stood their with her hand over her swollen lips and a smile on her face.