Children of Apollo

A collection of short stories about Apollo, his lovers, and his children


Author's notes:

Hello, all my dear readers. Usually I place my commentary in the same chapter as the story itself, but I didn't want to break up the mood of my anthology with commentary, thanks, or notes. I was recently informed that doesn't like note chapters, but I'm hoping that you guys won't begrudge me one. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't have an opportunity to credit my sources or explain what was going on or thank all my lovely people.


First off, I'm sorry to say that I've currently run out of ideas for stories about Apollo's kids. I've already written twice as many as I had originally planned and now I don't know what else to write. I might pop up every once in a while and add another story when I think of it, but the nice, quick updates are done. Don't worry too much, though, for I am cooking up another PJatO story thing which will be longer and have a bit more of a plot, I hope. I haven't read the series in a while so I can't promise it'll be as accurate to the series as my fanfics usually are, but I shall certainly try.


Secondly. I'd like to thank all my friends and reviewer and friends who reviewed and friends who listened to me rant while I was coming up with these stories. I'll keep writing as many as I have ideas for. You guys are so good to me. As vain as this sounds, sometimes I go back and read all the reviews you wrote me and it makes me want to cry. You people are so special to me and your comments of enjoyment fill me with such happiness, I can barely contain myself. Thank you so much for all your support. You're all wonderful people. You make me wish I had more ideas to give you.


Thirdly, I'd like to thank the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Rick Riordan. I haven't met him, but I adore the sense of character he creates with dialogue. I attempted to imitate Apollo's character's dialogue. I'm not sure how well I did since I've only read the books once and had returned the books to the library several weeks before I started writing these stories. I think I did better in some stories than others. I'd also like to acknowledge the D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. I've studied Greek and Roman mythology a lot when I was younger, but I have since forgot names and details of the myths and that book was a wonderful resource.


Fourthly, I'd like to comment on the stories themselves. As of right now, I've gotten very few comments on content or anything of the like, simply that it's a good idea and to keep writing. Believe me, no one appreciates these comments more than me. Even though no one asked, however, I still figured I'd tell you what was going through my head. If you don't care, then don't bother reading this section. It's all extra, anyway.

I chose to write about Apollo because he was really the only one worth writing about. Zeus isn't having kids, is not that hot looking and would just pick a pretty girl and sleep with her. Poseidon's in the same boat, but would pick a pretty girl near water or horses or both (and writing about Percy's siblings would be really cheesy). I had an idea for Hades, but when I found out that Rick Riordan made Persephone a total ditz (or a total cold biiznatch), my ideas crumbled. I was hoping that the one woman that Hades ever wanted, enough to piss off all the gods and potentially destroy the world would've been a better person to be around (he also made Hades into a huge jerk). Athena's kids would've been nice, but she's smart and likes smart people so that would've required research, which I'm wasn't going to bother to do with these short stories. Ares would get a fierce, rebellious girl or one he could easily take advantage of. We all know what Aphrodite's story is (she'd practically get pregnant by looking at a dude). Hera and Artemis aren't having kids. Demeter's obnoxious and would just have farmer's kids. Dionysus isn't pretty enough and doesn't have enough kids. Hephaestus I just don't want to write about because Rick Riordan made him into kind of a huge jerk too. And Hermes I really, really like, but I wouldn't want to screw up his stories so I didn't write his. All that left was Apollo, the hot, fun, charismatic one with the lots of kids. Perfect.

I wanted to write enough stories for account for the rough dozen kids I'm saying are in Apollo's cabin before the 5th book. I've got 1 son, then two girls that joined the hunt, then twins (so that's 3), random son is 4, Lauren's kid came after the war, Doctor kid makes 5, then the three from Lucille is 8, and the bunch of random ones from the Orchestra. I'd assume that the rest of Apollo's kids were created in a manner similar to the occurrence in Chapter 4, I just didn't want to write four more tiny chapters about Apollo's one night stands. If you can think of anything else as cute and/or unique as my preexisting stories that I might be able to use as inspiration for another short story, let me know.


Now onto the stories themselves: The stories turned out a bit quirkier than I originally thought they'd be, but I figured it's because they're about Apollo's romantic escapades, not his musical adventures and successes.

The first story was my first idea and my favorite. It's cute, Apollo's not a scumbag, it's filled with music and kindness and it has a happy ending (none of my stories really have bad ones). Danielle and David had two more kids; a girl and a boy. Judging by my ending, I'd say that Jaren Rose eventually dies in the war. I found Jaren's name on .com. I was trying to find a name that meant something connected with the sun or singing that wasn't really cheesy sounding. Jaren's an English name that means 'singing' so it won. If Danielle had had a girl, there would've been a whole mess of names I could've used like Sunny or Melody or Phoebe, etc. but Danielle had a boy. David let her name her first kid all on her own since it wasn't his.

Story two, Man-Eaters, was originally a story about two daughters of Apollo (trying to act like the same person) that adore Artemis and wanted to be just like her. I wanted to get people staying in Artemis' cabin. I then read the book in the series where we meet Artemis' hunt (the third or fourth one) and I realized I didn't need that story. That story was then blended into my trying to decide if Apollo should pursue an actress or a musician. He got both and got two kids that joined Artemis! Problem solved. The kids are named after Eos, goddess of dawn, sister of Helios and Selene. These three gods sort of vanished in Rick Riordan's books so I used one.

Story three… I don't know. It originally happened because I wanted Artemis to argue with Apollo over something and then force Apollo to get a girl/guy pregnant. It was a gift to all those hermaphrodite cross-dressing transsexuals out there. Then a reread Hermes' story and suddenly he was a player in it and that's what happened (thank you, books). Sharron was attempting (and kind of failing) to break things off with her abusive lover and wasn't doing so hot when Apollo was trying to seduce her. Apollo's sweet and tender consistency eventually won her over, not that Shannon didn't want Apollo the whole time. She's a very proud woman.

Story four = the typical way Apollo becomes a daddy, just switch up the location and the girl's talent from time to time.

Story five, Day Sleeper, was inspired when I was out sun bathing. Inspiration can come from anywhere! It seems a little un-Apollo-like, but I figured that if I explained it really well, pointed out that he never does this, and continued to remind my readers that the gods care very little what they do to the lives of mortals, it wouldn't be so bad. Apollo can have a stupid day. Greek gods act very human like a lot of the time and humans have more than their fair share of stupid days. Lauren's a tough girl, though. I came to really like the idea of Morpheus trying to help by putting the babies to sleep. Oh, and the lizard thing that attacked the kids, but then they accidentally put to sleep was Ladon. Lauren will eventually find love again. I'm thinking that she'll hit it off with another single parent dropping his kid off at half blood hill, like an Athena daddy. I can just picture it:

"You married?"

"No. I was engaged at one point and I figured I should tell her about Sophie's mom, you know? Well, she left and stop answering her phone so that was the end of that."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, well, Athena's one heck of a woman to top. Goddess! Goddess to top. Sorry!"

Story six is there because I wanted to use the whole 'god of medicine' thing. Then a read the beginning of MORE cures 'they' don't want you to know about and everything just fell into place. It has a special place in me. I'm sorry it took me so long to write it. I couldn't get the facts and names that I wanted so in the end I kinda had to just throw something together. All the information about Zoloft came offline: .. (and from wikipedia, of course: .org/wiki/Serotonin#Increasing_serotonin_levels).

Story seven was me trying, very much on the fly, to come up with where the rest of Apollo's kids came from. I only had so many stories to tell and I felt that if I didn't explain all of them, I'd feel bad that I didn't come up with thirty odd stories. And this way we get Aphrodite involved. (So I've got Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Aphrodite.) I'm sorry it's such a cop out ending, although a part of me still kinda likes it. Aphrodite went after the well-to-dos in the audience and Apollo went after the musically talented people. It's a win win. And I completely made up the costs of the key cards. Sorry I skipped over all the fun parts. It was a random impulse story. (PRACTICE SAFE SEX! USE A CONDOM!)

Story eight came about after rereading the story of Orion. I've wanted to write something concerning Orion for a while and now I have. It's Artemis heavy, but I like her. I like the family. The dad's lived in the same place his whole life. The mom's parents emigrated over from Ireland, had her and she just traveled around until she met the dad and stopped. The dad's a devoted Christian. I wanted to name his son Luke, but it was already taken, so I named him after another Apostle: Matthew. Lucille was named after Luke instead. Orion was originally a giant son of Poseidon. I pretended that each item the constellation has was added for each time Apollo slew the man Artemis showed favor upon. One thing that confuses me about the whole monster reincarnation thing is Rick Riordan's way of picking and choosing which ones reform automatically. The only rule seems to be that if you're ugly, you're evil and you were involved in a Greek myth you can be reborn. It ranges everywhere from kids of titans to kids of queens and bulls. Some of those monsters (giants and cyclopes specifically) are kids of Gods, however: Sons of Poseidon and such and they come back. Cyclopes come back. That should mean that even Percy's brother should eventually reform if he ever dies. And if that's the case, why can't the gods' other kids reform when slain? The Minotaur wasn't created by a god at all. Why does that get to reform and not the demi-gods? Why, Rick? Why? I also don't know anything about Idaho, it just looked like it had good woods.

Plot holes, aside. That's the reasoning and extra things I didn't write to my stories. Please let me know if you have any more questions and have a wonderful life.