"MOVE!" Darren yelled to his companion stabbing backwards with his sword. Yael dashed out of the way sending a blast of lighting shooting off at an advancing troll. There were too many.

"Just the time for Atanasio to leave." Darren cussed.

The troll Darren was fighting was backing away trying to stop himself from being injured. It pulled its arms up to shield its face, exposing its soft belly. Darren shot out with his sword stabbing the Troll in the stomach. The troll doubled over and hit the ground with a bloodcurdling crunch. Yael Turned around. That sound always sickened her.

"Darren Duck!" she yelled over the advancing creatures as she shot a low area fireball off. It rushed over Darren's head hitting a troll behind him. Ammon drew his bow to take another shot. He let off shot after shot, perfectly aimed. He was shooting from a ledge above where Darren and Yael were fighting below.

"Darren? Is that it?" she yelled over to him. Their backs were together scanning the trees around them. For some reason the trolls had fled into the bushes. The grove started to fill with mist. There was a noise, like clapping hands.

"Good job." A voice said. A man emerged from bushes.

"Yael!" Darren yelled.

"Already there!" Yael responded shooting a frost spell at the wizard. He clicked his tongue and raised a hand. Yael's spell disappeared in mid-air.

"Now, now, be nice." The wizard said. Yael stood in horror. Only one magician she had know could ever do that. His robes were all black. He approached them.

"Yael, I can't move." Darren spat a level of stress layering his voice.

Yael found that she couldn't ether. She glanced up to the ledge where Ammon was standing. The wizard had forgotten that there was a third member. She pulled her eyes away from him. They would all die if Ammon couldn't do this. Ammon pulled his quiver back. The wizard's eyes glanced over to when Ammon was standing and he sighed. He sent a gush of fire in Ammon's direction. Ammon screamed with pain, and his body fell from the ledge shaking. Yael cringed even before Ammon's dead body hit the ground. The Wizard chuckled as Ammon's body struck the ground with a sickening crunch. The wizard approached Yael. He ran his fingers lightly down her face. They were rough and unpleasant.

"Yes, you will be left." He muttered as she stared at him in shock. Tears were trying to well in her eyes. She held back, she wouldn't show weakness. He motioned with his free hand and six large trolls came out of the forest.

"You will be spared my dear girl." He murmured in Yael's ear. "But, I can't say as much for you companion." He said glancing at Darren who was struggling to free himself from the spell.

"Yael…" Darren said the nervousness in his voice at a high. The wizard pulled Yael away from the advancing trolls. She stood completely immobilized away from Darren. Her Darren.

"No, please." She begged trying look up the cloak's hood to see a twisted face beneath. His eyes were soft, but had an evil side to them. He ignored her request.

She looked back at the advancing trolls on Darren.

"Yael!" he said. A sword shot through his stomach making him recoil. The troll stabbed the sword in again causing Darren to shudder. Blood gushed from his mouth and he let out a cry of pure agony. A dagger sliced easily through one of his arms. His body fell to the ground his head smashing into a rock.

"No!!" Yael screamed breaking free of the spell. The wizard let go of her dress to let her free. He chuckled. She ran to Darren's side.

"Darren. Please!" She begged. She waved her hands over her body looking for what she could do. She pushed magic through her fingertips trying to heal him with a spell. His hand reached up to her face. His hand still felt soft. She put her hand on top of his hand. His pulse was weak.

"Yael. I love you." He choked. He spat up blood. One of Darren's hands reached for his neck pulling off the necklace he always wore.

"Take it." He managed to stutter out putting the necklace in Yael's hand closing her hand with one easy movement. His arm fell back to his chest, and his eyes closed.

"Darren?" she asked. He wasn't breathing. "Darren!" she yelled through tears. She let her head fall to his blood-covered chest. She sobbed. Darren and Ammon dead. Why not her? She looked up to see the Dark wizard still staring at her.

"You always loved him more than me." He said pulling down his hood.

She couldn't believe it. She just couldn't he was the kindest sweetest magician she had ever known.

"Atanasio!" She said stunned by his appearance. His face was contorted with evil magic. He smiled, revelling a scar under his lips.

"I've always loved you." He said sending a wave of magic toward her.


That was four months ago, and she could never live it down. It was her idea to go to the grove. Darren had agreed, but Ammon was wary. He climbed the ledge so that if something went wrong he could ether spilt of help his friends. He should of split. Yael had only been fifteen when it happened.

Yael was sitting in bed. The memory always haunted her while she was asleep. The darkness was where she couldn't ever hide from the memory. She lit the fireplace at the end of her bed with a simple flick of her hand. It erupted into flames. She pulled opened the drawer to her bedside table. Darren's necklace sat in the corner of the drawer.

She took in a jagged breathe. Yael pulled the necklace out and looped it over her wrist. It sparkled in the light. She opened the clasp to the necklace and put it on. It was a very close fitting necklace. She felt the pendant on her bare skin. It was warm.

Darren had explained to her when they first grouped up, the four of them.

"When I was eight, my father, grandfather and my older brother all went out to hunt a dragon. My father gave me my first sword. I still have it now. It's an enchanted sword, named ShadowGlide. When we hunted the dragon I was shocked by the size. It was massive, a huge beast reaching to the top of an extremely large cavern. My brother went in with a bow, my grandfather with magic, and me and my father with swords. When we had killed the dragon, my father collected some of its blood. He put it into a vial at took it home. I had no idea what he was going to do with it until he gave it to me in a square pendant."

Yael nodded at the memory. He had also explained when the pendant was green you were in full health. Red you're injured, and black you are dead.

"It was a very good doctor." He would joke around.

She pulled on her usual outfit. A green and blue mage's dress. The end of the dress reached about down to the middle of her thigh and under the dress she wore skin tight leather shorts. The sides of the dress were a starchy material with a yellow ribbon holding the seam together. Any heavy armour would disrupt her magic flow. Yael never wore shoes, most of the time she didn't even walk. When she was younger she would, but since Darren died she took up serious magic, only nature and combat. She would spend hours forcing herself to learn new skills and put them to the test.

About five times a week she would return to the Hak'u jungles and fight any beasts who would try to attack her. She found the forest relaxing. There she could think. She would be alone. No one would bother her there.

She was in the town of Eirulan, the town where she grew up. Aman'lu was her original home but it had been attacked many years ago, and had almost all recovered. Yael was but a child when that happened. Her mother was killed in the attack, but her father managed to escape with Yael in his arms.

Yael was a dryad, like a sot of tree person or nymph. Her hair was a deep brown and reached down below her shoulder blades. Her ears were pointed and her face was as Darren had explained, like a sculpture.

She walked out of her hut. The sun was still rising in the sky. Yael brought her hand up to her face to block the sun from her eyes. Her fingers were small and delicate. Most likely from magic.

Eirulan was a treetop town. The village homes were surrounded by sixty to the hundred foot tall trees. The main part of the town was a wooden walkway with buildings built into the side of the forest's trees.

She stepped onto the lift and pulled the lever. She checked her bag, six large mana potions sat in the back surrounded by cloth so they wouldn't break. The lift slowly moved down the line. It stopped at the forest floor.

"Hey!" one of the Eirulan guards said to her with a wave. She nodded her head and gracefully walked over to an open field.

Grass felt soft and calming under her feet. She took a deep breathe in letting the natural clean air fill her lungs. She sat down letting the softness of the moss and dirt compact under her body. She closed her eyes and listened.

After a few minutes Yael paused. Something was coming. No, somebody was approaching. She lifted herself off the ground and hovered in the air. It was a man, a human.

"Yael? Is that you?" he asked. "Oh, of course its you, you're the only one who knows how to fly." He muttered.

She lowered herself closer to the ground. "What do you want?" she asked the man still ready in case he was to attack her.

"It took me many months to find you but hey, I'm here now. My name is Lucious." He explained holding out his hand with was covered in a thin layer of dirt.

"You're…" Yael started letting herself float down to the ground.

"Yes that's right. I am Darren's older brother." He explained

Yael nodded and sat down on the ground crossing her legs. She picked a pieced of grass and rolled it between her fingers.

"I've been looking for you for about four months. You are the only one who is still living from my brothers group." He explained kneeling in front of her.

She continued to look at the distorted grass between her fingers.

"Why are you here Lucious?" Yael asked finally looking up.

"You're the only one who knows how he died. You're the only one who was there," He explained.

"Ammon was ther…" She started looking up.

"Who is still alive." Lucious explained.

"Ahh." She muttered looking down.

"Listen to me Yael. I know that since Darren died, you've been taking up very difficult magic. You've been training and training and I believe its because somebody killed Darren and you want revenge. Am I right?" He asked.

Yael looked down and nodded.

"Yes." She muttered her voice cracking as the memories came flooding back.

"Will you tell me, what happened to Darren, Ammon and you?" he asked.

"Yes." She said looking up.


Yael's name is pronounced (yah El) It means god's power.

Darren's name is pronounced (Dare en) It means Burnt land (or) hill.

Ammon's name is Pronounced (Am on) It means the hidden one.

Atanasio's name is pronounced (ah tah NAH see oh) It means without death.

Lucious' name is pronounced (LOO see us) It means light

The town of Aman'lu is pronounced (A man loo)

The town of Eirulan is pronounced (ir u lan)