Max's POV

I had my kipling backpack stuffed with my jacket and t-shirt for school. I had arrived on my motorcycle, and was wearing skinny jeans and a tank top under the leather jacket and pants. I had slipped off my helmet. All my clothes where specially designed just for me. I guess you could say we're rich, but I don't like to brag. My life is practically perfect but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. Cause I don't. Even if Nudge and Angel do. Nudge's real name is Naomi, but Angel couldn't say that and started calling her Nudge. It just sort of stuck. Angel's real name is Bethany, but I refused to call her that. And since she was so angelic, it's been Angel since before she was a month old. I'm fourteen, in 9th. Nudge is 12 but in 9th cause that girl's a super genius. Angel is only 6. she is in 2nd grade, she's really smart too. I, on the other hand, get B's, a few C's and the very occasionally A. So they got all the smart genes. We all have different dads. Mine's Jeb. He left. Nudge's was Joe. He cheated on my mom. Angel's is the current husband. We actually like him this time, he gave us each unlimited credit cards. I redid my room, and HE ACTUALLY LIKED IT. It is so COOL! I painted it a nice green, then spray-painted all the walls. There was graffiti all over them. Then, I got a bed and stuff and did the same to that. Anything fabric was the same green, but I used fabric paint. Mostly glow in the dark. Even the spray paint was glow in the dark, which involved a special mixture of stuff. And so I have a glowing room. Also, I spray painted my name on the door. Each letter a different color. Purple, green, and brown. It's awesome and Steve liked it so I was set.

But back to going to school… Nudge pulled up in a pink convertible with Angel in the back seat. Don't worry- it was chauffeured. We wouldn't let her drive. I, on the other hand, have a special license that will let me ride my bike around, as long as absolutely nothing happens, in which case my license to drive anything will be suspended a year after I get it. I was willing to take the risk. I saw Ella, Nudge's and my best friend, waving to us. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress with light blue and green suns on it. Very Ella. I walked over to her, and she frowned when she saw what I was wearing.

"Max," She sighed. "You have got to stop wearing the same outfit in different colors."

I thought what I was wearing was fine. I always wear a tank top and jacket of the same color, with a white V-neck t-shirt, and knee-length boots the color of the tank top and jacket. I always wear this. Today, my boots, tank top, and jacket were a forest green. My jacket's sleeves were up to my elbow and the 2-inch long elastic at my waist was close to my skin, since I had zipped up my jacket. Up top, the 2 inch elastic collar was looser on my neck, but under my hair. The jacket was baggier due to the elastic. It was perfect.

"I like my style. It is, after all, MINE." I replied.

"And you really need to do something to your hair." She said.

Right now, my hair was in a long braid, since I had gym first period today (which I only have 3 days a week, but it's always first period so it doesn't really matter.). Normally, It was hip length, and dirty blonde, with green, brown and purple streaks in it. But since school was starting up again today, after Summer vacation, I had a few light blonde streaks in my hair from too much sun.

I got in line for my schedule behind Angel, Nudge, and Ella. Yes, the six year old gets a schedule. Yes, we all got in the same line together. Yes, it was the entire school in one line. And, yes, it was actually a line.

I had spaced out, but I realized someone was poking me and yelling at me.

"Hey, the line started moving five minutes ago! MOVE UP!"

Then I realized that yell was really quiet. Nobody at this school is that quiet. I whipped around, a witty retort all set and ready. But when I turned around, I realized I didn't know him. Or did I?